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Found 12 results

  1. LordDan

    Albion Bookstore

    Nestled in the busy streets of the city of Albion in Avalonia is a cozy bookstore. Although small in size, it is packed from floor to ceiling with books of all shapes and sizes, and is renown for being one of the best places in Historica to find knowledge. From ancient tomes to magical spellbooks, Nocturnus cookbooks full of questionable recipies to Varlyarian romances, any type of book can be found here, for the right price... Notes: Hi guys! This is a 8x32 Modular Bookstore I built for my LUGs build challenge . Of course, I decided to build mine medieval themed and set in Avalonia. I posted this a bit ago on Flickr, but hadn't gotten around to posting it here until now. Hope you enjoy
  2. The Capital of Albion is packed full of many things to encounter. There are shops, bakeries, houses, and libraries. Here is one example of a Library in Albion: And Here's some rambling Fellows: And an elf librarian coming to quiet them down. He looks rather upset. And a knowledge seeker, seeking knowledge. Here's the build, Figless, a bit blurry: A closer look at some of the props: And my first door technique: So yeah, any constructive comments are appreciated. Thanks all, ;) ~Windusky
  3. ZCerberus

    Norah's Noria

    Nocturnian Brethren... you did not see this. In the heart of Albion lies Norah's Noria, a place for those too far from clean water (or when the city is under siege) to get a barrel. This noria is ox driven allowing more water to be pulled from the well than any hand cranked noria would allow. Norah's ox is named Draema. Draema is known to be the most powerful ox in all of Albion. Norah's elder son, Forman, guides Draema along the path to drive the noria's wheel. After the water is pulled from its source, the barrels are stored or loaded onto carts for distribution around the city. Norah's husband, a carpenter by trade, helps load the barrels onto a cart for delivery. For any citizen that misses the noria sitting out front of Norah's house, the structure can be identified by the water barrel sign hanging out front. Norah's younger son, Frasen, keeps the barn and store house clean. ===================================================================================== I designed this build to complement the Albion Forge that I did as a remix to the DC's classic "Ye Old Forge". The landscaping colors and contours are similar, but this time the design is all mine. There are parts of this build that I like better than the Forge, but overall I still think the Forge is a better show piece. A bonus shot:
  4. Wedge09

    Albion's Hash House

    Hi, all; in this period of low inspiration I take the time to finish this: Albion's Hash House. In the capital city of Avalonia, Albion, there is an Hash House where travellers can find something to eat fast and cheap. Before you ask, the first floor's interior isn't furnished so I didn't photgraped it. As a part of The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program, I'd like to claim 1 credit for city scene and 1 for life in Avalonia. C&C are as usual welcome, Enjoy!
  5. -Carson Haupt-

    ALBION: Stables

    When the inner sanctum of Albion was built, a man and his wife decided to build a stables to house the horses of all the nobles, dignitaries, ambassadors and jesters that came to visit. As time went on, bigger and better stables were built elsewhere, and their business slowed down considerably. However, due to the recent conflicts, business is picking up again, and the stables are usually full. On the corner of the building are some wandering priests. Like the Sparrows in GoT, they are urging all anointed knights to join together to drive the Drow out of Avalonia. It seems someone has gotten into the wine storage... Side by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ogrestables 027 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Ogrestables 038 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew, glad I got that posted! I'd been putting it off for a while. This was really fun to build, and I enjoyed it immensely. However, I'm glad to be done. This is plot 4 on the Albion map, but I can't seem to link to that. Anyways, C&C is welcome, and I'd like to request the following credits: Interior design City scene As always, more pictures on my Flickr.
  6. The Great Tower of Albion, the capital city of Avalonia. Finally, I was able to find time to finish this project! This was a ton of fun to build, it was interesting to try out the angle on the walls, I had a lot of fun with those! I will let the pictures speak for themselves, enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  7. I finished the Hemresa Legion Recruitment Office (plot nr. 67) - the Hemresa Map Library (plot nr. 66) and the Hemresa Barracks (plot nr. 65) The Hemresa Street in Albion I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Anthropology (city scene)
  8. Brickington

    Albion Tower

    Lord Brickington was back in Avalonia. First thing he did once he was there was visit an old elf friend of his. This friend was a noble elf of a very serious manner. However, he was cursed with long blond. He hated his blond hair, for all respectable elves had brown hair (or at least he thought). At this point, he was a lord of an Albion tower and Lord Brickington went to see him. This tower was in the inner sanctum thus giving a rather enjoyable view from the top. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Well hello again everybody! I made this tower before my finals week, but just now uploaded it. I won't be building again until Monday, so this is my build for the week. Sorry for the poor pictures, it was a rainy day and week for that matter. This is Tower 1 in the Inner Sanctum of Albion. Well here are the additional pictures: And my favorite: ~Brickington
  9. Brickington

    Gaffon Bridge

    Lord Brickington was finally back in Albion! He was on his way to see Rex. When he arrived on the outskirts he realized that it would be a busy spring day, thus the main gate would be very crowded. To escape the crowds, Lord Brickington went to a alternative gate known as Gaffon gate. No one but guards and a few Albion citizens were around and he liked that. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another build from me. I will be building all week to make up for the next two coming weeks. Very sorry for the bad editing in the last photo. Enjoy!
  10. Brickington

    Albion Tower 4

    I will be away from my bricks for about a week, so I thought I owed Avalonia a build. Here is a build for Albion. I reserved the Tower 4. Not one of my best builds, because this was a quicky. Thanks for looking!
  11. ZCerberus

    House of Burress

    The home of Trian Burress is in Albion, the Capital City of Avalonia. Antonin, a woodcutter in Albion cuts down a weed tree outside the Burress estate while Fredrick, a stable boy, checks on the horse. An Albion council member and an Avalonia soldier drop by the house for a visit. Built for the King of the Castle title. Catch more views in my Flickr account
  12. Legonardo

    Wall tower - Albion

    Hey guys, here si my latest freebuild, one of Albions massive wall towers. In this build I tried to create a more traditional large castle tower, I think I did OK C&C welcome!