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  1. This set seems to appeal more to the non superhero crowd. It is one of the only marvel sets I bought. Mainly because I thought that the building was a nice return to the old style of city sets. I would love to see this sort of backdrop for a more realistic agents theme... I also liked that most of the figs in this set were easier to merge into other (non-super) uses... Thanks for the review! God Bless, Nathan
  2. Norro

    Hi From Belfast

    Welcome, we're finally adding a few lads from NI (although I'm currently abroad with work). You should check out as well! All the best and God Bless, Nathan
  3. Norro

    Where do Rare/HTF Parts come from?

    Your "2451" is a very interesting part, it seems the most 'lego ready' of everything you've posted and I can really picture it being used in a lot of small sets (as opposed to some of the more sophisticated missing roof slopes for collectors). It seems like it could have been printed and work well in little scooter style sets like 6100 and 6115... Thanks for sharing and God Bless! Nathan
  4. Norro

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I know I've been away for a while but Mrphes will vouch that I'm a purist of the purists... However after seeing this pop up on ebay, I really wish Lego would bring back a bulked up pirate line that meshed a little more closely with castle in the fortification sense... All the best and God Bless! Nathan
  5. Norro

    The Hand Book II: Anfauglir's Camp

    The forced perspective trend is not for everyone, but this is a really great and well executed example. Thanks for sharing! God Bless, Nathan
  6. Norro

    Purist steampunk minifigs!

    I normally don't like steampunk, but these are very inspiring. I love how each one gushes with character and story rather than being 'merely' picturesque. Thanks a million for sharing! God Bless, Nathan
  7. Norro

    hello :) im sarah from Ireland

    Welcome Sarah, And I see you've been over to as well... God Bless, Nathan
  8. Norro

    [MOC]- Spaceship Corridor

    The atmosphere of this MOC works very well. I've played around with corridors, but never satisfied myself. Thanks for sharing this nice work! God bless, Nathan
  9. Norro

    Pirates hideout

    Really exceptional, it is always nice to see the various techniques actually contribute to a scene! Thanks for sharing and God Bless, Nathan
  10. Norro

    [MOC] Santa Catalina's Fortress

    One of the best forts I've ever seen. I love the scale, texture, footprint, pier, and other details. Really great work. The level of vegetation is also nicely balanced. Again great work! God Bless and thanks for sharing, Nathan
  11. Norro

    Microscale starship fleet

    I enjoyed looking through these. Great to see the thought and logic behind each class, and the appropriate touches, also like the 'contorted' scale which just 'feels' right. Thanks for sharing and God Bless! Nathan
  12. Norro

    Gloomy Gulch

    Some crazy angles, very nice! God Bless, Nathan
  13. Appreciate you taking the time to write and share this! Many of your designs are also useful to us less modern builders for towers... Thanks again and God Bless, Nathan
  14. Norro

    Council House in Dunholm

    Nice to see multiple roof techniques, and a building that has various facts or growths. Well executed! God Bless, Nathan
  15. Norro

    Huckleberry Finn

    Enjoyed the PAB forest. A very nice idea! God bless, Nathan