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  1. Thanks so much for these stats! I appreciate the time and effort that you've put into this. I would imagine that this is because most people have a tendency to rate sets a little higher than their gut is telling them in order to be less controversial
  2. BrickJagger

    LEGO Ninjago 2018 2018-06-20&q=ninjago This is just Ninjago by itself. What I gather from this is that it has been declining in interest ever since the wildly popular "Ghosts" wave. As you can see, the marketing push and the sheer number of sets associated with TLNM bumped it up again, but the film did not do well as interest has actually dipped to lower levels than it was before, despite two full new storylines since then. It's pretty clear than TLNM is the anomaly in this chart. Ninjago is currently evergreen, that's absolutely true. However, I would imagine that Lego thought the same about Bionicle for a long time. Ninjago will more than likely end someday, I would imagine that they would wrap it up after 2020 or so to make it an even ten years.
  3. BrickJagger

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Nice catch. At the very least the head will be usable. Previously the only head that was really close was Moltor's and it was weird to have the main villain of the series have the same head as one of his henchmen.
  4. This is an incredible MOC, easily the best EB has taken to Chicago. Every single realm is packed with detail and the concept itself invokes a lot of imagination and creativity. My personal favorite builds were from @Gideon for the realistic temple architecture (I'm a sucker for European history) @MKJoshA for the rock golem and @Captain Nemo for the outside-the-box and abstract construction used in the Water Realm. Congratulations to everyone involved
  5. BrickJagger

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Picked up 7037 Tower Raid a couple days ago from Bricklink. It's a great set and is surprisingly underrated amongst the Castle '07 sets.
  6. BrickJagger

    Should I hire Ninja-Pirates, or Pirate-Ninjas?

    And will do so before others can do the same.
  7. BrickJagger

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Since the show has been cancelled, would the people who were building Tech Vampire castle MOCs be kind enough to share them here? There were some pretty interesting ideas going around a couple months ago and I know at least two or three people were building castles in LDD.
  8. BrickJagger

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    What I said came out as kind of a ramble but that's what I was getting at. There are currently no "Castle" torsos being produced, as well as no heraldries. TLM2 is not themed around Castle, so I don't see TLG going out of their way to make an entirely new Castle faction specifically for one set (at most) from the movie. However, the lack of Castle stuff in the movie makes it more likely that a regular Castle theme is coming in the summer. To be honest, I think that this is Elves' last year. The fantasy elements might overlap with Harry Potter, and I'm getting "final battle" vibes from the most recent wave. Overwatch doesn't seem to be a huge theme or anything, it'll probably be about the size of Minecraft and also has no overlap with Castle. If we're getting Castle next year, I suspect it'll be a traditional theme in the same vein as Kingdoms, with about five or six sets, and will incorporate new parts and building techniques.
  9. BrickJagger

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    This is possibly a good thing. The lack of any kind of Castle elements in the Movie sets mean that it's possible that a new Castle theme is headed our way next summer. Think about it, Lego probably wouldn't produce knights with all-new heraldries just for a set or two and then release a full Castle theme that summer.
  10. BrickJagger

    Future Castle Sets?

    Looks like the old "accessories" line is coming back as "Lego Xtra". Here's a link for some City packs: Due to the fact that there isn't a City logo on the packaging, could we possibly see sets like the for other themes? I'd love a historical poly of some kind.
  11. BrickJagger


  12. BrickJagger


    Wonderful details throughout! I like the design of the buildings a lot. The whole build is very cohesive and there's detail in every corner. Great work.
  13. BrickJagger

    New Pirate Theme?

    There are some good points made in the OP, but Lego doesn't have to make a traditional theme mashed up with Sci-Fi. Obviously both Ninjago and Nexo are exactly that, but Chima exists as well (I know that everyone would like to pretend that it didn't ). I'm cautiously optimistic about the next theme, and I hope that Lego puts out more than one new, non-Licensed themes next year.
  14. BrickJagger

    Hello from germany!

    Welcome, Jens!
  15. BrickJagger

    The Toys That Made Us

    Mark Stafford is @Nabii on here. He's really the only Lego designer who posts on EB. Over in the Overwatch thread he said that Blizzard and Lego have plans for the future, but clarified that he was only talking about Overwatch when he was asked if what he said related to World of Warcraft in any way. I don't think he would have hinted at additional Blizzard properties with that statement, because designers have to keep everything confidential.