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  1. Alrighty! Have I made it to the party? Let's start off with pics of the original set here, shall we? (Of course, there was a dragon too, but I had neither the time nor the skill set to build a better one of those at the moment, so forget you ever noticed that... ) And here we are - voila! Welcome to the Hands of Time's blacksmith's shop, worked by none other but Kai's infamous father himself. Well, at least, if you don't know what happened you may think of it like that, hahaha - if you have, you already know all the hows and whats and becauses of it all, XP Inside: And well, I had prepared a long and eloquent speech to deliver at this point about everything related to this build and the scene and the set, but time's a-wasting and the hour of midnight cometh on apace and bed is calling, so I think I'll just leave y'all with the goods and hit the hay! At any rate, what with the storms and rain and rules limiting it to three pictures this is all I've got at the moment, but I hope to have some more pics coming pretty soon if you want to head over to my Flickr to see them. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always! P.s. Oh, and one last thing - this build can only properly be appreciated if you're listening to this in the background at the same time - just saying.
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    Ninjago Polybag Contest - Voting

    3 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 10 - point
  3. Garmadon

    Ninjago Legacy Contest - Voting

    4 - 1 point 9 - 1 point 10 - 1 point (Great job @everybody though! Y'all did not make voting easy! )
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    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    Excellent build here, great job with the pirate hideout feel, and all those lanterns are wonderful. My favorite little detail has got to be that window frame at an angle, though! And 10,000 votes? Congrats, mate!! It's been way too long since we've got official LEGO Pirate sets, and getting this as one would be amazing!
  5. Garmadon

    [Legacy] Dragon Forge

    Thanks! Hahaha, thanks Ex! I almost questioned myself with the change from white to tan with the exterior (it would have been a lot easier in white, for one thing! ), but the main thing I was after was getting the inside as show-accurate as possible (as I always do with my Ninjago builds), so tan it was! For the exterior I did follow the set instead of the show though, for once, since the outside originally (and it was only shown for a split second) was quite lacking, and the set was really nice. Glad you like those windows! Those were one detail I was not ready to do without, but I assure you, figuring the right thing out was not easy! ...And it took an awful lot of brown neck brackets! Thanks again! Yeah, those stalks, hahaha - and those were a last minute addition when I had been incredibly careful all along to make sure nothing would stop the sides from opening completely...
  6. Thanks mate, glad you like it! Yeah, nice to do something different in the castle genre, for once! Haha, thanks! I've mostly just recently tried replicating specific pictures or scenes in LEGO instead of coming up with the whole idea myself, and it's quite an interesting challenge to get just right! Ha, ha, that is true! - it'd be awfully hard to capture the dark white marble feel in LEGO without some really impressive photo and lighting set-up! Thanks mate!
  7. Nicely done - this is a scene I would not have expected to see in brick form, but you've done a very nice job with it! Both your reference picture and the build have a video game sort of feel to them, and the background with the brown slopes looks quite neat! You've gone for a very bold color-scheme as well, but the water and stone army vault in particular turned out great!
  8. Ooh, I can't believe I'd missed this in my own list of Ninjago scenes to build! Great job with the rickshaw and landscaping, and the dust behind them is very clever as well I agree with Exetrius that the leaves on the closer tree look a bit unnatural, but the one farther back looks great!
  9. Garmadon

    [Legacy] Kai's Fire Mech

    I really like this - I'd have thought the set couldn't be improved on much, but you've done a great job beefing up the original! I'm digging the dark red, and the handles on the cockpit are great!
  10. I knew you were planning on editing it into this background, but the first time I saw it I still thought it was the original picture! Excellent job here, Kai, you've definitely nailed the scene, and you can't go wrong with seagulls! It is a pity that the lighthouse ended up so small and that you couldn't get an interior in, but making it any bigger and still doing the base would have ended up being a ridiculous amount of rock-work!
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    [Polybag] Kai's Water Plane

    Nice, nice - those dragon handles look great! Let's just say I'd be quite happy to get this thing instead of the original
  12. Garmadon

    [Polybag] mini Rock Roader

    Oh my, this thing is awfully cute! I just love that you went ahead and added lil Nelson on the back!
  13. You've got a nice little fire cooking here, mate! Great job with the roof, and the pot hanging by that handle is something I'm going to have to remember!
  14. Garmadon

    [Polybag] Jay Walker

    No, of course not - I love using nice illegal connections myself! But yeah, I had thought that the green blaster was causing the studs to spread out and not connect entirely, but it seems like my eyes were mostly playing tricks on me. The whole thing does look epic though, illegal or not! Sorry for provoking the confusion!
  15. Garmadon

    Challenge III: Cat B: Farmer Gyles' Mill

    Very nice! The roof of the mill is excellent, and I'm digging the small insets of the woodwork all the way up! I'll echo Navarre on the lavender stalks as well, although that plant next to the family looks like it might just be inclined to gobble them all up!
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    Ninjago Legacy Contest

    And done, without a minute to spare!
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    [Polybag] Jay Walker

    Ooh, sweet little mech, mate! I think I spy several illegal techniques if I'm not mistaken, but the result sure is gorgeous! Very nicely done.
  18. Fungal Road | mccoyed | Varlyrio Prelude: What Lies in Store | Rogue Angel | Varlyrio And for the next free build period: Mainhall Corridor, de Fiori Castle - Tergiversa | Garmadon | Varlyrio
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    Ninjago Legacy Contest

    Just to make sure exactly how much time I've got left, I assume this means that all of Friday is open for entries and that the deadline ends at midnight between the 31st and 1st, correct? I hope to have my entry done before then anyhow (me entering at the last minute?! ), but it'd be handy to get some clarification just in case. Thanks in advance!
  20. Garmadon

    [Legacy] - Condrai Crasher (Legacy Jungle Raider)

    Nicely done! The suspension and shaping on the crusher are great (and quite accurate, if my memory doesn't deceive me ), and the little bit of jungle is upgraded neatly as well
  21. Oooh, this is fantastic! The layered dark green terrain, tree, and rock-work are excellent, but the visual interest you've managed to give to the wall is what really stands out to me - and that ballista! The flags and dragon hilts are great (and spraying Dragonbreath on the enemies from them is a wonderful idea! ), and the angled plating is intriguing as well. Top-notch entry all around!
  22. Thanks all! Thanks Stad! The reflections on the floor of the pic I was copying were something I really wanted to capture with this build, and I was very happy with how the trans-dark-clear lent it that marble-y feel! So am I - hopefully it'll breathe some life into Varlyrian politics! Thank you! I'll try - so much to build, and so little time! Thanks man! That pose kinda just happened while I was playing with the figs Glad you like it! This is definitely how I picture the luxuriousness of Varlyrian nobility. Thanks pal, glad you enjoyed it! Ooh, thanks Kai! I hope to keep 'em coming here if I can! Yep, I really liked how the floor worked - the whole colors and pattern were certainly a bit out there, but it did work great in this context. Glad you like those windows too - took a lot of fiddling to figure out a solution that'd work! About that door, yeah - the problem with builds with too many unattached part is that it's awfully hard to keep track of them all when you get to photography! Thanks again, though! Thanks Bas! Those axle holes were just perfect for the texture I wanted, which would have been awfully difficult to work out any other way with the white parts I've got. I just wish that I'd had more of them! Thanks, and so am I!
  23. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Hmm - well, it's hard to say at the moment, since it depends at least in part if there is any reaction to the alliance (e.g., a counter-alliance, spy infiltration, etc.). So basically it's kinda played by ear by what seems like it would be the most likely/natural result in such a scenario, plus a little game-mastering randomness and hopefully epicness from the guild leaders (i.e., not everything will always be directly cause and effect - we're free to throw in a curve ball or two if it's judged to be fair and a good idea to spice stuff up). That said, if there is no reaction in a week or two you can expect the Conzaga's and di Carlo's to move up to the fourth rank (it would not be enough to affect the De Fiori's significantly without further developments, though), but unless they (the alliance) follow it up with something or other in the next month or so their hold on the rank would be tenuous at best. If there is a reaction of some sort within a few weeks... well, we'll have to wait and see what happens! Does that answer your questions? Basically, if the alliance holds together and remains operative, the group will continue to advance faster that single families - but this is Varlyrio; nothing is totally predictable! You never know what might happen next...
  24. Garmadon

    [Mystery Island 9] In the Laboratory

    Another hilarious installment to your story, Captain B, and a very monkey-ish build as usual! Some of those flask devices really look neat, and the monkey doors are great as always! Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here
  25. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Oyez, oyez! The De Fiori, di Carlo, and Conzaga families have just struck a political alliance - check out all that there is to know about it (until some spy figures out more or something... happens ) here!