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Found 25 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL - FB] Pontelli Beach Fun

    In the summertime when the weather is hot you can find Pontelli's people going for a decent swim in the sea: Some people are buying over-priced cookies... .. some are challenged with their sandcastle... .... but life's for livin', that is their philosophy... Pls note the fashionable parasols. (inspired by Toskany where we found amazingly turqoise water at a wonderful beach - we assume some chalk to be the cause of the fantastic colour)
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    Pontelli hath voted

    Friends, Oleonders, Corringtonados and Countrymen: The people of Pontelli have voted! Smiling Sally will be the new Mayor of Pontelli! Hip Hip Hooray! While the bagpipes were playing and the crowd was cheering, Smiling Sally - in her formal dress as Mayor of Pontelli - was given the keys to the city - in a ceremony in front of the town hall. In a first statement, Sally announced that Toktawoo (who had actually taken off his mask) will support her and Pontelli by handling external affairs. Also, Attorney Jon van Dyke will be responsible for jurisdictional affairs and such. Hip Hip Hooray!
  3. Citizens of Pontelli, please vote for the candidates: 1) Sergeant Diego Ramirez A more conservative candidate. Right forward player of the Pontelli Platfeet soccer team. 2) Toktawoo A good friend of Colonel Brickinson. 3) Swash Buckler One of the more daring citizens of Pontelli. Always smiling. 4) Smiling Sally Well, what can I say ... 5) Attorney Jon van Dyke A proud member of Pontelli's jurisdiction. Not the smiling type of guy... Please cast your votes until the end of this month. (Everyone in BoBS can assume the role of a Pontelli citizen and vote)
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB] The Cliff of Pontelli

    It was a bright day in Proud Pontelli. There were no signs of warning as to the dramatic events to follow. Asma April, Pontelli's self-appointed Mayor, was taking a stroll while talking to Colonel Brickinson. Asma: Colonel, tell me about the situation in my, erm, in our city. Brickinson: The mood is not very good at this point in time, Ma'am. Asma: My mood is great. No reason for anyone to feel bad. Brickinson: Well, the economy is not doing well, Ma'am. The ban on pets has led to a small increase in our fur production but that was not sustainable. With all of the cats absent, the mice population increased beyond imagination. The rodents have plundered our flour supplies. Bread prices have risen ridiculously. People are hungry. Many merchants are staying away from Pontelli now. And the army is not happy too. Asma: I have increased our army. Again no reason to feel unhappy. Brickinson: Well, the soldiers have not been paid. Look at the sourly faces of your personal guards, if you want proof. Asma: They should feel honoured to serve me. What is mere payment against this honour? Brickinson: In any case, Pontelli's treasury is empty. We cannot invest in anything anymore. I hate to break it to you but we are broke, Asma: Luckily, my modest Mayor muneration has allowed me to keep a few coins. Asma: So, Brickinson, you are bringing no good news? Brickinson: I am sorry, Ma'am. Asma: Well, you better should be. I can see it now. This is your fault. You have been plotting against me. Brickinson: I beg your pardon (notices something on the ground) Asma (thinking): He is standing right next to the cliffside. Just a little push to get rid of my enemy - forever! (raising her arms she starts to run towards Brickinson) Then things happen very fast. Brickinson bows to pick up what he has seen on the ground. ... and Asma April stumbles over him... and her impulse catapults her over the side of the cliff! THUD Brickinson looks up again, wondering what has just happened... the others stand shocked. They go to the side to look... And then they realize that it is over. Suddenly there is hope again in Pontelli. In Free Pontelli.
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB] Pontelli Pet Panic

    Not long after Mayor Asma April had put a ban on pets, Pontelli was seeing wild scenes of pet panic - with pet bounty hunters everywhere: "Where", Asma April was heard asking, "is my cat?"
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Bagpipe Factory in Pontelli

    Pontelli's Mayor, Lady Asma April, had emphasized the importance of tradition. Hence a new bagpipe factory has opened in Pontelli to produce a famous Eslandolean traditional instrument: the bagpipe. The factory itself is quite large. On a sunny day most workers prefer to carry out their tasks outside the factory buildings. The exact production recipe for bagpipes is, of course, a secret. However, it is clear that wood is required to prepare the pipes. And sheep skins are used to create the bags, which are then painted. The pipes are also painted in black. Hence the saying "I see a brown pipe and I want it painted black." All this is part of Lady Asma's aim to make Pontelli proud again. C&C welcome. (And you will never guess where I spent my holidays )
  7. Settlement Name: Pontelli Ownership: ETWC Location: Nellisa Mayor: Lady Asma April (@Captain Braunsfeld) Who can own property in Pontelli: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Pontelli: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: One large fort and one small fort. Pontelli is also within the protection radius of the Royal Fortress of Nova Terreli. Troops: One platoon (locally raised). See the Pontelli Index. Please post any free-builds that take place in Pontelli in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Pontelli, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. The Settlement of Pontelli is encompassed in the defense radius of Nova Terreli's Royal Fortress. Map of Nellisa:
  8. Breaking News - Mardier's Bumbel Tuna Fleet is No More!!! ...May 617, Eslandola... The newest developments of the war, as told by the daily Pontelli newspaper: News has been slow in coming in from the Tuna Straits... and just this morning we have discovered why! - Mardier's whole famous (or infamous???) Bumbel Tuna fleet has been smashed by the Garvian fleet, and now rests snugly, no doubt, upon the bottom of the sea! Not only was Captain Rijsk's large fleet of disguised warships fishing smacks well-nigh obliterated (and what wasn't sunk was sailed away with), but the rest of the company's fleet was pummeled as well, only a few especially cunning fishermen and a few rowboats escaping a similar fate! Garvey has pulled off a feat only rivaled in recent times by the Sea Rats' last expedition, and the allies look expectantly forward to Mardier's final defeat! It's pockets are certainly hurting - that's for sure - and the only thing which might save them now would be that city of gold, rumours of which have been wafted around more and more... Is Mardier ready to give in? Can it recover from this tremendous blow? Is the lost city of Gold merely a myth, or are the Mardierian's about to strike the leprechaun's fabled pot? ... Category D results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Eslandola (Score: 20,00) 2nd Place: Mardier (Score: 17,75) Faction Winners: 1st Place: Oleon (Score: 16,79) 2nd Place: Sea Rats (Score: 16,08) 3rd Place: Corrington (Score: 0) Individual Winners: 1st Place: Garmadon (ESL) - Prize, 41150 Moana's Ocean Voyage Highest scoring non-leadership member (ESL) - Legostone - Prize, A life-time supply of Bumbel Tuna!!! Reap a 300% profit next time you go on a Bounty Run (you'll have to let the automaters know after the KPA is published to triple the amount, or make sure they have already done so)! Runner-up: KolonialBeamter (MAR) - Prize, Reap a 200% profit on your next bounty run! Highest scoring non-leadership member (MAR) - Bodi - Prize, Reap a 200% profit on your next bounty run (same as Runner-up) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once again, congrats to the winners (including myself, weeeee! ), and thanks to all those entrants who are still holding on in there for the whole of this huge challenge! Looking forward to hopefully putting together the final results soon!
  9. All entries for voting (in cooperation with @Captain Braunsfeld )
  10. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "We really need to sharpen our diplomatic relationships", Román Fontonajo told the crowd, standing around him at the quays of Pontelli, two hours after his big speech. "What do you mean by that, governor Fontonajo?", a merchant asked him. "Are Corrington or Oleon our friends, our allies? Or just neighbours who we happen to have some singular good relations with? Is Mardier really our enemy, are we really at war with them? The fact that you don't know the answers any better than I do, at least I assume - and who could blame any of us? - is proof enough that our relationships aren't clear enough." "And how do you plan on changing that, governor?" "Talking, much talking. With them, I mean. Paired with mutual understanding. And mutual benefit. No agreement will work that only brings benefit to one of the parties, and only harm to the other. There always has to be something in it for both sides. And then we need to maintain it all in written words, a treaty. We should have many of those, clearly stating what all involved parties will do in the future.", Román explained. "Any example?", a guy from the crowd asked. "Sure. I can imagine some of the trading nations - like us, Oleon, Corrington, Garvey - agreeing on a treaty that we will always leave our ports open to each other. It's not so much about changing things, more about solidifying the current status. Like I said: Sharpen it." A wealthy cloth merchant, who had long business relations with Fontonajo, took the word: "Román, earlier in your inspiring speech you told us that you intend to make the seas safer again, especially in regards to pirates taking our trading ships. As you know I have only recently lost two of my trading ships, so I am more than curious, my friend, to hear your ideas on how to handle the pirates. Another Purge maybe?" Román didn't need any time for consideration, but had his answer ready: "The Purge was a great initiative, and I think may well be continued. But there sure have to be other options as well. When I think about the Sea Rats for example - anarchistic though they often are - most of them are far from being pirates. Some have been both your and my trading partners for many years. Others have helped us against Mardier. Many just look for profit, and due to lack of their own trading goods try to profit from other people's goods, like ours. Why not just offer them better profit? Many of them are fierce warriors at sea - why shouldn't we hire them to protect our convoys? Give it a moment of thought." Román turned his head and continued watching the launching of the "Colonia", one of the fastest ships that have been built in the new world so far. She was a true beauty. His true beauty. His fast beauty. "Governor?", one of the men around him interrupted his thoughts. "Where do you plan to take the Colonia for her maiden voyage and continue your campaign?" "Elysabethtown. And then to Salida Este on Ferro Azure.", Román told the people, making one of the most fatal mistakes of his life. Because little did he know that not all ears who listened to him were friendly.
  11. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "... First I will strengthen our economy. The treasuries of Eslandola are filled. Now is the time to invest our money and fund further ventures in all of the colonies. We should support all pioneers who set up new structures in Colonial Eslandola. We always have to look beyond, my friends. The more we invest today the more we will all benefit tomorrow. In the three months of my period I plan to invest at least 5.000 DBs from our national treasury, to increase our fixed monthly income by at least 1.000 DBs." Too much content? Too much math? Clarissa had not been sure, but Román knew he also had to get the intellectual, the merchants, the landlords. And the shipwrights, captains and sailors. "While our land based economy has no match in the colonies, our naval forces still lack. We MUST put an end to this. Eslandola will have to massively fund ships, both for private ownership - which includes Trading Companies or even towns - as well as for national usage. During my period I plan to invest at least 3.000 DBs in our naval forces. By the end of my period we need to have at least another 10 ships of a rating of 4 or higher. No Eslandolan captain or sailor should have to stay in port ever again - unless you want to enjoy yourself in one of my great taverns, of course!" Laughter from the crowd. Happiness of the people is key. "I have already talked a lot about my 'Safe Harbour Plan'. No need to bore you with that again, is there?" Of course he had not talked about it at all in public, but neglecting such truths was the power of speeches. Román knew how to use it. "We live in times of prosperty, of peace." An indignant shout from the back rows of his audience interrupted him. "Ahh, I hear you, back there. Yes, you, the grim warrior with the green bandana. You have recently fought the Mardierians at sea, I assume? Thanks for your service to our country, good sir! Your drinks tonight are on me!" The man shouted "Fontonajo", and the crowd started cheering. So cheap... But time to continue with business. "And while you are right that at sea our war with Mardier is still ragjng day and night, we will yet have to see a city being raided by them, don't we? I haven't seen their troops in our lands, either, have you? But beware, I say! We need to look beyond today. Pirates have recently started to gather and coordinate attacks, and Mardier is not the only potential foe out there. We need to further fortify our towns, the pillars of our colonial magnitude! Do you know how many forts Salida Este has? Well, I don't! Nor do I know for most other settlements. If we want to start thinking beyond, knowledge needs to be the first step. For every settlement I will list the current forts, and the maximum amount of forts each town could afford. Based on these facts we will craft a plan on the next forts that need to be built. And hear me, people of Pontelli, I ask you to go ahead and inform the best stonemasons, because the rewards will be plentiful! For Eslandolan Fortitude, beyond tomorrow!" More cheering. Good, they liked the idea. And Eslandola was in dire need of that initiative! But now the next step. Flatter them, and open their eyes at the same time. Not an easy ask. "And now to you, my dear people of Pontelli! Each and everyone of you is a true pioneer of Eslandola! Together in the past years we have all gone beyond what anyone thought was possible! Together we have shaped this new world! Colonial Eslandola! Who would have dreamt that we would get this far? Enjoy that moment, because it's for you!" He gave them a quick pause to see themselves in the middle, recipient of honour, for once. "But we won't be pioneers forever! Think beyond today! Pontelli needs you, you cannot all colonize new islands - but someone has to! We have to acquire new pioneers for our missions. We need to make Colonial Eslandola more attractive to new members. More financial rewards, more free properties in the new world. Maybe even a small ship to start with for every new pioneer of Colonial Eslandola? The attraction of new members will not go without effort, but together we can do it!" ... And thus Román Esteban Fontonajo continued telling the crowd in front of his warehouse in Pontelli about his plans. ... "Eslandola is strong, prosperous, magnificent! But I for one will not rest. I will continue to do what I have always done. Like every single one of you, I will continue to think beyond tomorrow, to plan beyond today, and will do it. And I tell each and everyone of you as well. Let's do it together, let us all GO BEYOND!" Another look at Fontonajo holding a speech in front of his warehous in Pontelli (I tried to match the city-style from Captain Braunsfeld):
  12. The Pontellis are getting ready for the Merrynight celebration. That is Alberto, Natasha and George da Pontelli are exchanging presents, drinking hot spiced wine (one of them is drinking banana juice) and eat the traditional banana cake. And then they will relax by the light of their beautiful Merrynight Cactus: (As you may know, there are no fir trees on Nellisa.) This is an entry to the "Nellisan Merrynight Challenge" - Category B - Celebrations. C&C welcome!
  13. A couple of days ago on the Eslandolan island of Nelissa: It was a calm, peaceful day at the ETWC headquarters in Pontelli... Without, the citizens of Pontelli strolled leisurely about - a 'prentice boy chased after his run-away chicken, and a now well-to-do printer of our acquaintance carried off the latest news to his press in subdued excitement. Inside, Myles and Alberto da Pontelli, the mayor of the town, talked energetically of math and scientific experiments, as well as of the best ways to navigate the seas, and how well the ETWC was doing on its trading. The monkey seemed to be discussing the benefits of having four hands when it came to food with the second mate... In short, it was a normal day in the ETWC headquarters, when suddenly a commotion was heard outside, and the door - which had thankfully been unlocked - burst in with a crash. "Pshaw!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo with a breathless gasp. "What ever are you all doing! Haven't you heard the news?!" "What news, sir?" replied the first mate with a grin. "I'm afraid the news has been flying about recently in such quantities that it is really a bit hard to keep track of it all! Nevertheless, the outcome of all the news is the same - Eslandola is the great faction and most intriguingly wonderful nation upon earth- but that is hardly news, you know." "Ha, sirrah!" broke in the Captain with a gesture of his hook hand - "If you don't know what news I'm talking of your less of an Eslandolan than I thought you! What do you think it is?! The King has gone off and rocked himself mad!" "In short, sirs," he continued, shaking his hook hand at the mayor, not for any particular reason, "allow me to give you a quick Eslandolan lesson on profit, and how to make it! - a neighboring nation of happy, contented Oleanders will trade much better than a heap of mopes - for whatever else I might think, I doubt those Oleander fellows have enough sense to appreciate the benefits of living under the Eslandolan flag - and our King would do much better to sit in Terelli ruling over all of us, than bothering to rule over those mad fellows as well (for you know, if they weren't mad, they'd be Eslandolan, obviously). Whatever is to become of our excellent trade with Granoleon if all the Oleander princes flee at the sight of a green coat?!" "Sir," interjected the first mate with a wink, "I hear the demand for nightcaps in Granoleon is about to skyrocket." "Pshaw!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo, "bring a nightcap along with you than, Mr. Bowditch, sir, for we sail for Terelli at a moment's notice!" "Aye, aye, sir!" replied the latter. "And I just gave you that moment's notice, by the way," concluded the Captain - "we sail out with the tide!" "And that is," he added, sticking his head back in the door for a second, "in five minutes!" Out he dashed as quickly as he had come in, leaving the rest to gather the crew in the time allotted as best as possible. But of course, there was no problem with that - Eslandolans never need two quick Eslandolan lessons on profit! (In fact, they don't even need one - they just like talking about it... ) A couple more shots: A little reaction build from me to show what the ETWC thinks of King Fernando Augusto VIII's little excursion, and it will be licenced by said trade company as a small commerce in Pontelli. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL] Proclamation of Pontelli

    A large crowd gathered to hear what Mayor Alberto da Pontelli had to say after Nelissa had declared independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the former King Fernando Augusto has turned into a madman and that every Eslandolean citizen has certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." "We the People of Pontelli, in order to form a more perfect union with Nova Terreli, will join the Eslandolan Republic of Nelissa, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." "Every Oleander who shall come to us, be it a soldier or civilian, shall be welcomed as a friend." "Every ship sent by the former King Fernando shall be blown into pieces by our coastal artillery, if they do not declare themselves for the Eslandolan Republic of Nelissa." The crowd cheered. Behold this elite soldier. [Second Speaker] This is happening a bit too early according to our plan. [First Speaker] Yes, but madness of an individual will always disturb our calculations. In five years from now we will get Eslandola back into the overall plan. [Second Speaker] There is a guy in Corrington, called Hari Seldon. He claims that he wants to join our mathematical team. [First Speaker] Ok, let him become part of the team, but give him some of the easier calculations. He is a human after all and we should not challenge him too hard. [Second Speaker] Yes , Sir. C&C welcome - a bit of a rush build as things are developing so quickly.
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    Dancing Queen

    ... one two three four I just plain adore your ballroom dancing... It's time to play the music it's time to light the lights It is dancing time again in Pontelli. All the celebreties have gathered at this occasion. Colonel Brickinson was there too - in his usual good mood... Gangwolf Movaldi is playing the piano (he's presenting his latest hit: "Regina Danzante"). Alberto da Pontelli and his wife are happily joining the dance. .. while some more exhausted dancers are taking a break... A careful observer might catch the sight of Captain Cookie - but wait, isn't he a pirate? The ladies won't mind as he is a good dancer. I tried to include a spectator from the latest minifig series but he/it is not easy to see. Maybe you'll manage. C&C welcome - more and larger pictures on flickr.
  16. Captain Braunsfeld

    Church of Zeus - Pontelli

    There is a church in Pontelli they call the Church of Zeus. Church service starts daily at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The priest, Elwood Jake, is especially proud of the lead-glass windows... .. that make this church so beautiful inside (on a sunny day). It is 7 a.m. now and the priest is getting ready for the ceremony. More and larger pictures as usual on flickr. C&C welcome.
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB2] The Mason of Pontelli

    Tall and strong and skilled and whistling the Mason of Pontelli is chiseling and when he's finished each one who sees it says "ah". Marty the Mason is instructing his son how to work on a statue that was obviously ordered by some pirate. Upstairs you will find some of Marty's other work. The rock on the left is yet to be turned into something decent... I hope that someone will note the chandelier... Pics are larger, better and brighter on flickr. (You may need to scroll down a bit.) C&C welcome.
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB4] Industrialized Art

    In Pontelli's Baker Street, Enrico Quickwin is selling high-priced paintings and maps (mostly to gullible tourists). But these paintings aren't unique by any means. They are created by highly-skilled painters in an industrialized way in Pontelli's (secret) art factory. Their output is about 20 paintings/maps per day. Fresh paint and canvas are being delivered every hour. And in the evening Enrico Quickwin is generous in buying rounds of banana shakes. The rare cases of artistic fabrication failure exceptions (AFFE) are collected and shipped to Corrington at give-away-prices (like "Whistler's Father", "Loony Misa", "Golden Earring with Girl", "Darky Night" and others). I had to leave out the roof to allow a decent interior-view. C&C welcome.
  19. Mark, people out there, mark! The Mayor of Pontelli will grant the extraordinary sum of thirty gold dubloons to the first and second mercantilist, who dares to put up a new factory or manufacture in the fair city of Pontelli! Prithee, do not forget to record your build in the archive of the city. Yours most faithfully Alberto Antonio da Pontelli Mayor of Pontelli
  20. A favourite for all the children and for the grown-ups who managed to stay young inside: Paolo, the phenomenal puppet player of Pontelli! Paolo's tales of heroes, knights and villains are loved throughout the city... ... and his hat is usually well filled with coins. Paolo currently stages the story of a long forgotten civil war, including a mummy king coming from the desert. Wild! (And Alberto da Pontelli is a fan too) It was high time to add some "Art and Culture" to Pontelli! C&C Welcome
  21. Everybody said it would happen, everybody feared it would happen: A great explosion has devastated the laboratory of Alberto Antonio da Pontelli. The monkey had escaped just in time after giving a cry of warning. Luckily Alberto was not seriously injured. .. but heartbroken ... The phlogiston experiments had turned out to be much more dangerous than initially expected. Alberto would need to send out a warning to the fellows of the Royal Academy. C&C welcome! (Also on flickr)
  22. Captain Braunsfeld

    House of the Scientist

    In a beautiful yellow villa there lived a young man by the name of Alberto da Pontelli. He had developed a liking for something that was frowned upon in Eslandola: science. His family strongly opposed his plans but Alberto was slowly but surely making progress: Having modern books sent to him from Corrington, he started to equip his home with devices that would allow him to experiment.... This is the start of a new character, but today I will only show the beautiful house he is living in. I'll add more pics of details and interior later (when the weather allows better photography again). When I started building this I wanted to find out how good or bad a yellowish building would look and I also had some ideas of how to apply bits and pieces in white and grey. Then some things turned out different than expected (I had planned for different corners of the building) but I liked it. (Some pics started to look like LDD but this is actually made of real bricks). As I said, I will add more detail photos at a later point in time. C&C welcome. Here are the detail pictures: The house can be opened at the back: (some interior has also been added)
  23. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB1] Little Shop of Fish

    I will continue with my presentation of spectacular Eslandolean buildings in Pontelli: Little Shop of Fish Although this is such a huge MOC you will find no additional pics on flickr...
  24. The house of Colonel William Oswald Brickinson, in the middle of Pontelli, was his castle and his keep. In the evening sun you can also see Lady Amy Clara Brickinson. They got married about a year ago. (The house looks actually much nicer in reality ... doesn't quite come across in the pictures.)
  25. An East Trade Wind Company messenger riding through an ETWC plantation planted with ETWC monopoly crops in an ETWC town with a important dispatch from the ETWC president for the ETWC mayor. Could anyone imagine a more beautiful sight? Oh, and don't you dare go and mention anything about that MCTC! An oat plantation for Pontelli and the ETWC! This was actually a lot of fun to build and even to photograph, I'm not quite sure how much it looks like oats, but as far as I can tell oat plantations just look exactly the same as wheat, so here it is! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome! Oh, and if you're an Eslandolan and haven't yet, go and join the ETWC! (We really need one of those faces in green and dark green now! )