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  1. How do you make a W12 engine?
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe it is for a 'half-modular' that means we have a complete two modulars with Assembly Square.
  3. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I have just added the diner to my collection and have to admit that I have grown to appreciate it more and more during the build. There were some fantastic techniques used to add detail to this set including the external stairs at the rear, the small round windows and the Diner sign. There were many more, but my post would be boring if I listed them all. It actually works well next to the town house from the Pet Shop modular. The only thing I don't like is the pink Cadillac style car. I would have preferred either a slightly smaller and less expensive set, or the pieces used to provide extra detail. Last, but not least I love the 'Elvis' minifigures with his curled lip.
  4. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I like the style of this modular. I think it will go well next to the detective's office in a street setup. The faces don't bother me as I have a mixture of minifigures in my layout and if you are really bothered it is an easy fix.
  5. Damn you Lego! Will have to save up for this and try and not tell my wife I've bought it. How easy do you think this thing of awesomeness will be to attach to a wall?
  6. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Bought it yesterday in the Leicester Square store. Was given a special Lego London Bus drivers license and 40251 3in1 Piggy Bank. I'm going to start building it tonight.
  7. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Popped into the Leicester Square shop yesterday. There were two London buses on display and lots for sale. This was mid afternoon. I'm returning to London next weekend with the family and am going to buy one with my daughter so we can make it together. Also a great souvenir of our visit.
  8. CREATOR 2017

    I'm going to London mid July so will be picking it up at the Leicester Square store.
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    As Assembly Square was 48 studs wide I would like to see a 16 wide 'half-modular' like one half of the Pet Shop so that the lengths of the streets made by the sets put together match. That is unless they make another 48 wide set.
  10. 10255 Assembly Square

    Went to the Lego store in Brighton and bought Assembly Square! The box is huge. Also bought some Duplo for my young son and Lego Friends for my daughter. I'm going to start building it later.
  11. I was planning on going tomorrow, but have heard that the queues to get in are huge. A friend was there yesterday and was not willing to wait 45 minutes to just get in the door. Is this true?
  12. I build the Parisian Restaurant the opposite way round with the roof terrace section and the stairs up to it on the left hand side instead of the right. The only problem I encountered was the fridge door as it only opens one way, so a bit of alteration had to take place.
  13. 10255 Assembly Square

    I phoned the Brighton Lego store today and they told me Assembly Square would be on sale on January 1st.
  14. 10255 Assembly Square

    What an amazing looking set. My wife will not be happy as it will mean another shelf to be put up in the hall. I love that it is three separate buildings with three retail outlets, but most impressive of all is the Lego fan's apartment. There are so many details and sets including the Eiffel Tower set. I thought this year was expensive, but 2017 is starting badly and I'm sure it won't get any better.