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  1. Doddsino

    [MOC] Frost Driller

    It looks nice, but I think with a lot of the classic Space sets, they very carefully made sure that the color schemes were consistent. I don't feels like I'm seeing too much blue and white, maybe a little more black, and especially some more transparent orange, especially in the front. Maybe add some larger flood front lighting for night drilling? Otherwise I love the idea and execution.
  2. Doddsino

    [MOC] Medieval High Street

    The trader's house is my favorite of the three. Very nice work.
  3. No no...I mean the castle set ITSELF is like a castle made out of minifigures and baby goats. But that would be interesting to have a minifigure holding a shield...that was made out of another minifigure.
  4. I hope the next castle set is made out of nothing but minifigures and baby goats.
  5. I hope we have a nice influx of animals with the next medieval set. Maybe a pig sty, cattle coral and a horse stable attached to a butcher shop.
  6. You know, not to be a stickler for accuracy, but did we really need a modern painters' palette? They're probably about 200 years off there.
  7. Agreed. Too bad it's super pricey now.
  8. It looks like the buildings will fold together, which is better than nothing, but I would have preferred a standard build. If it's an issue of "keeping the piece count down" I would gladly do away with things like the tree, the chairbler and even the stupid smoke plumes. I'm also in the vast minority of someone who would take less Minifigures in favor of more of a real build.
  9. This is why releasing pictures in advance is important. Just imagine if something could have been done to adjust some of the issues before release (if Lego decided to listen to the critics) instead of wait just weeks before the product hits shelves to show us what is coming out.
  10. Thank you! So the buildings don't look like they're complete. I really hope this isn't a situation where the back wall is missing. If that is the case, then this is a massive pass.
  11. Was the picture removed? I'm not finding anything.
  12. Doddsino

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

    Yellow all the way! I like keeping it simple. I actually always wanted POC when I was younger, but always would have preferred to go the Simpsons route in that regard. I should preface that I prefer the Yellows from the mid 80's to the late 90' none of those screaming faces or slanted mouths.
  13. Doddsino

    New Classic Space set - Micro Rocket Launchpad

    I saw this earlier in my feed, and got really excited for it. Then when I zoomed in and saw it was babies, my first thought was this was an early April Fool's joke...but then it set in. Yeah, I gotta pass on this. I really don't like when they gimmick up a good rerelease with something silly. It'll have it's audience, but I wish they would have just released something a little more standard.
  14. Doddsino

    [MOC] Gyldenspir Castle

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the yellow brick design, it would be my ideal choice if I ever designed my own.