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  1. "Did you try more pamphlets? All jokes aside Enson, that sounds horrid, if you need someone to talk to, we're here mate. Drink your tea, it's not as good as you'd think, but it's alright."
  2. "I hear it's a seller's market, but anyway, in return for just not breaking your stuff more than it already is? I can't speak for the others..."
  3. "700 credits, each, weapons, upgrades, and the promise of future work. And I suppose a sense of moral wellbeing for rescuing someone that was napped, I suppose."
  4. "Yeah, it's alright, thanks" Jonk doesn't let shine that he liked it better without milk and sugar. "Material recompense sounds good, what are you thinking?" Jonk glances towards the guards to see what they are doing.
  5. Jonk will sit down to the Archivist's left. "Mister Jonk, I do like the sound of that. How would you recommend? I'll follow your lead, black, I suppose the phrase is. It smells wonderful." The celestial will take a small sip.
  6. "I find that philosophical differences are usually best sorted out over drinks. Maybe snacks, if available." The usually affable Jonk turns to Enson and says sharply. "I really want to try tea, Enson, Ive lived for cycles on Corpo Synthwater, the worst, and you can not mess this up for me."
  7. Jonk smiles disarmingly, as far as his face allows him to. "Office it is, I say. Can not wait to try tea. I hope it's nice. You alright, Aysu? " The celestial will whisper to Enson. "Hey, I get that you want to get in there and start killing again, justice and all that but maybe I can lead some of them away towards their office and then you can get Jippo and Wolly out of here, to safety."
  8. "Miss Archivist, I presume? Hello, I am Jonk. Tea would be great, I hear it is a type of plant juice. So sorry to hear your deal fell through, I'd say that makes us even for the inconveniences we went through. The standards in these place... The Landsquid was improperly contained and was able to get free. The weird magical horse thing, improperly contained and cared for with no regard for its natural herd instinct... As for the doctor... He's dead? That's new information... Good however, is not a word I'd use. Improper bedside manner, failure to uphold professional contact with their charges resulting in injury. Not to mention the state we found our quarry in.... Are we having tea here or do you have an office?"
  9. Jonk waves to the camera. "Miss Archivist I presume, is it miss? Is there a Mister Archivist? Anyway, hi, I am Jonk. perhaps time for a chat? I am assuming you van hear me otherwise I am being very silly right now."
  10. Jonk checks for alternative exits or vents.
  11. Jonk will describe the route to the exit for Graw. "Don't forget the boil the liver, hehe. There was a stove in the breakroom."
  12. "Amazing, thank you very much, I'd never been able to do that without your help! If there is anything we can do for you, let us know! Right, so, flowers, crystal, liver... you got the silk, Enson?" Meanwhile, Jonk will don his exo suit, and will place the crystal on the floor and attempt to smash it into shards.
  13. "Yep! Can you tell me where to slice?"
  14. Scubacarrot

    Everdell Chapel [MOC]

    One of my least favorite cards to play, but very recognizable. On the plaster, is it discolored white or tan that you used?
  15. Jonk pockets the crystal and heads back to the containment room. "Hey, Graw, was it? Don't mean to presume but do you have any clue how to harvest a landsquid liver?"