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  1. "That's it, then? Thanks, Jippo, Berty, stay safe. Enson, Aysu, if you'll excuse me, I think I will head back to the Hall. See you around."
  2. "She really did not seem like the type to care much about small-fry like yourselves, no pun intended. Try to stay out of trouble, sell pizza, do not deal in smuggled goods. You will be fine. Their thugs recommended to lay low for a few weeks, got somewhere?"
  3. "If by taking care of her you mean her fleeing, us losing all our credits with very little to show for it after some rash decision making, yes!'
  4. Jonk throws down his credit chit also.
  5. Jonk lays down the golden Scorpion and the silver key he found. "Sorry for the mess. Tell your boss het plant juice is gross. Bye"
  6. Jonk slowly puts the safety on his weapon. "Hate to state the obvious, but was that unconcious' guy's choice. Seeing as he claimed the moral high ground and is now unconscious, we're more than happy to just walk away. I'll echo my sane colleague, what'll it take?"
  7. "Dang. Stop! Stop!" Jonk lowers his weapon. "Surely we can talk this through? Ill give you credits if you let us go."
  8. Jonk rallies Aysu. "I think this is it. Stupid Enson."
  9. Jonk moves to E5 and shoots the elf.
  10. Jonk (probably?) can read Enson enough to see his intent and after rolling his eyes, a lot, he will attempt to throw the fine 00' grade pocket-flour in people's eyes to hopefully get advantage against some of the nearby people as combat breaks out.
  11. "Did you try more pamphlets? All jokes aside Enson, that sounds horrid, if you need someone to talk to, we're here mate. Drink your tea, it's not as good as you'd think, but it's alright."
  12. "I hear it's a seller's market, but anyway, in return for just not breaking your stuff more than it already is? I can't speak for the others..."
  13. "700 credits, each, weapons, upgrades, and the promise of future work. And I suppose a sense of moral wellbeing for rescuing someone that was napped, I suppose."
  14. "Yeah, it's alright, thanks" Jonk doesn't let shine that he liked it better without milk and sugar. "Material recompense sounds good, what are you thinking?" Jonk glances towards the guards to see what they are doing.
  15. Jonk will sit down to the Archivist's left. "Mister Jonk, I do like the sound of that. How would you recommend? I'll follow your lead, black, I suppose the phrase is. It smells wonderful." The celestial will take a small sip.