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    The interesting, obviously. This includes Lego Technic, fixing machines (all I can afford to fix are bicycles), and reading.


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  1. Looking good! Quite a unique model Here's a couple options: 1. Use the train controller to keep them on. This would require you to use that controller for the other thing on that receiver as well, which might not be convenient 2. Mount a motor inside the body that flips a PF switch. That way, you can use the remote to flip the switch, and then leave it there. That would require a fair bit of complexity and weight, though
  2. 2GodBDGlory

    GAZ 66K

    On the topic of making skinny axles with planetary hubs, here's an option I just thought of: It has rather poor ground clearance, and isn't quite as strong as a proper ball joint connection, but it seems to work fairly nicely
  3. I'd say it's not necessarily important--it could be, but it's entirely possible that it really doesn't matter what orientation it is, and they just wanted to get more of the new part out there
  4. Nice job! I especially like that elliptical one
  5. That is very nice! Good all-around, but that lifting arm is definitely the highlight!
  6. In Technic sets, yes, but these non-Technic sets here all have it in yellow: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=3673&in=S&colorID=3&ov=Y
  7. I'm pretty sure it's 2L frictionless pins in yellow, which have already been used in lots of non-Technic sets in yellow. I think he was just pointing out that it was the first time they've put the yellow one in a Technic set
  8. Thanks for sharing that picture! Now I understand what's going on there--quite interesting!
  9. That sure does look fast! I like those CV joints--very compact! Those LOTR rings are extremely useful; now that I bought a few I find myself using them a lot
  10. Another thing I've wondered about in relation to licenses is who pays whom. If Lego is paying John Deere for permission to use their branding, then it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for them to bother with it. On the other hand, though, I don't see why that's the way the cash would have to be flowing. I don't see anything unreasonable in the idea that John Deere is paying Lego for the advertising aspect, in which case Lego would profit from including the license. I don't know which way it is in reality, though!
  11. I am excited to see how this turns out! I built a similarly large-scale snowmobile a couple years ago, though mine was a high-performance RC one with no bodywork, and there's definitely some interesting stuff you can do with them!
  12. I mainly just built the B-models for my bigger sets, like the Arocs, Extreme Adventure, and 8070 Supercar, though occasionally I'd do it for a smaller set too. In my opinion, the ones on small sets aren't able to differentiate themselves sufficiently from the main model to be interesting to build, while larger sets can have much more worthwhile B-models. Ironically, this is the opposite of the route Lego has taken recently!
  13. Good job! The white bars for the headlights look really good--have you tried making a variant using clear parts for the circular part of the headlight, though? It wouldn't quite be a B-model anymore, but that one little detail seems like it would do a lot for the appearance of that key part, so it might be a worthwhile option to add
  14. That's seriously impressive! Not only does it have a worm gear mechanism for moving the arm, but it has a complete linked bogey suspension! I love the way they run that 6L link over the top, and have it trapped between those bars to make a pivot there! It's also a good reminder that I was meaning to pick up one of those balls used as wheels to use in helicopter swashplates, as someone here demonstrated a while back.
  15. Huh, good eye! That's quite possible, and would be useful! It's also possible it's just sloppy box art, though. (Like the one SW battle pack people were complaining about, where the box art has rangefinders placed in the movie-accurate location rather than in the physically possible slot)