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  1. Does anyone on here have experience with running PF IR receivers off of a Buwizz on ludicrous mode? I've fried a couple receivers in the past off of a 9.6V battery, but I think that was more due to hooking up the polarities backwards rather than the actual voltage. If anyone has tried it, I'd love to know how it worked, but if not I'll assume they can take it.
  2. I'm glad you like it! The updates are set up to be added on, though some errata would be missed this way. This is what I've been doing personally, first adding the 2018 section, and then later 2019 and 2020 at once.
  3. That looks way harder to get apart than the PF one! I've been worried that I'll have to rip mine apart for repairs someday, but your video doesn't make me very hopeful of getting it back together again!
  4. Here is a presentation topic for my free book of Technic history, as requested by @Milan Backstory: As a child, I was fairly obsessive about Lego Star Wars, and spent immense amounts of time poring over my Visual Dictionaries and Character Encyclopedias. Later on, when I got into Lego Technic as a teenager, I was disappointed by the lack of any books cataloguing the Technic sets in a similar way. Due to various circumstances, in spring 2017, I found myself having a lot of spare time away from my Technic collection, so I decided to start writing a Technic book for myself as a sort of passion project. At first I was writing by hand on notebook paper, but once I had a full first draft written out, I began the process of typing, revising, and formatting the book. Finally, in late 2019, if I remember correctly, I had a completed book on my hands, so I printed myself a copy, which I've enjoyed a lot (though I think my younger self would have appreciated it more--or maybe just a self who hadn't become familiar with the subject through writing a book on it). A year later, after doing some more proofreading and adding the sets from 2020, I made it available on Eurobricks as a free download. Finally, just this week, I've released the 2021 edition, which is being presented here in a more orderly post than the old one. Features: -Introduction The book begins with a short paragraph explaining some of the reasons I wrote the book (sort of like the backstory I posted above, only shorter, and written by a younger self) -Timeline A favorite feature of the aforementioned Star Wars Visual Dictionaries was undoubtedly the timeline at the start, cataloging every Star Wars set of all time in a condensed form. Because of that, I knew I would have to include one in this book. Each page covers two years, and contains small profiles for each set containing the set number, name, part count, and image. This is a good way to quickly find out what year a set is from, and can also serve as a rudimentary set index. -Book Mechanics Next, I have a section that simply explains some things about the book, such as the "Data Files" included for each set, including a sample data file for a nonexistent dream set. -Yearly Introductions Now the book gets into the meaty section. The sets are ordered by year of release, and each year begins with a page providing an overview of the year. This generally includes a quick description of notable trends, subthemes, sets, parts, or stories from a given year. The page also includes an image of the year's "Flagship" set, as well as images of the new parts released that year. For most years, I utilized the images of a year's new parts from Blakbird's Technicopedia (More about that in the section on sources), which sometimes had different logic than I would have preferred, sometimes including previously released parts that were merely introduced into the Technic theme in the given year. Nonetheless, I find it quite interesting to track the development of the Technic part palette. -Set Profiles This is what the bulk of the book is made up of. Every Technic* set ever is included in these pages, with a large section of general information such as functions, aesthetics, or other information of interest, as well as at least one image and a "Data File" These Data Files list the set's name, set number, part count, price (when available), release, and alternate model. *Which sets are truly Technic sets can be somewhat ambiguous. In the end, I included any set badged as Technic that met my criterion of being a somewhat realistic model of real-world machinery, with the idea being to exclude such sets as early Bionicle and RoboRiders. I also included three Racers cars that are built of primarily Technic parts. Updates: I plan on releasing updates for this book every year for the foreseeable future. This will likely include adding the new sets for the year onto the end, updating the timeline, and fixing any mistakes that have come to my attention. Sources: My primary sources for this book were the unofficial online Lego catalogue, Brickset.com, and the invaluable fan-made Blakbird’s Technicopedia, which exhaustively covers all Technic sets 1977 to 2001. I also consulted Bricklink.com, the official Lego catalogues I received in the mail, and Google images (mainly for images of older alternate models). I feel that the information found on Blakbird’s Technicopedia often fell outside the realm of "common knowledge," so throughout the book I have cited certain pieces of information from this website with a (BT). This website was especially valuable, and I used not only its information, but also images of sets, and the renderings of the new parts from each year. I certainly could not have created this book without these sources, which I drew heavily from for both information and images! Terms of Use: Naturally, I would have liked to monetize on this time-consuming project, but its dependence on Lego's official images prevented me from doing so, so I am offering it online here for free. Feel free to download it and read it online, or print it out to read it as a paper copy, but just don't try to make money off of it. (You'll probably hear from Lego's lawyer about infringement on their images before you hear from me about infringement on my words!) Disclaimer: Not being a real author myself, this book is necessarily imperfect in style, especially because in this mere hobby project I'm not interested in doing the seemingly infinite rewritings I hear real authors do. More worrying, though, is the possibility that I may have gotten certain details wrong about sets, especially because I own very few of these sets. I would greatly appreciate it if any readers would notify me of any errors they find! Inspiration for Printing: Here are some images of the physical copy I printed myself. I printed it at the office my parents work at for 20c CAD per page, laminated the covers and punched the holes at Staples (an office supply store), and wound in the spiral binding myself. I like this setup because it wasn't complicated to make, seems durable, and can have new years added to it (It's a pain, but it's possible). Download Link: You should be able to download the book from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/146GuBJdz97X-KUeAncx57QT8zZKKov02/view?usp=sharing I hope you enjoy it!
  5. 2GodBDGlory

    [MOC] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    Nice work! Does it have suspension as well? The pictures make it look that way, but I don't think you mentioned it.
  6. Yeah, that's what is sounds like to me. If I understand him correctly, he is using a similar solution to the one I used in my Audi RS6 Avant. In this image, you can see that the differential is in a ball joint frame, with CV joints directly coming out of it. The wheels, however, are suspended on wishbones (4L black half-beams) so they move normally and remain parallel to the ground, but the ball joint frame rotates to the side when only one wheel is traveling.
  7. 2GodBDGlory

    Axle Collection Thread

    They are rare, but it might be able to hold up here simply because of the low torque requirement at that point in the drivetrain. I wouldn't trust it with a hugely powerful/heavy model, though. I imagine double-bevel gears could be swapped in somehow, with the cost of making the axle wider.
  8. 2GodBDGlory

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    This one follows the "lots of cars" trend from the past couple years, so I would agree that it seems a bit more likely.
  9. Wow, you build fast! As you said, that car was just revealed recently!
  10. Are the PF motors (other than the Servo) really that bad? I'd heard people complaining before, but most of the motors seem to be similar to or cheaper than they were new. Of course, if you are planning on expanding your system later, it may make sense to get into the new stuff to ensure compatibility even if prices for PF do skyrocket. Have you considered the Chinese alternatives to PF? These range from dirt-cheap copies to stuff with prices similar to Lego from respected brands with unique molds (and the same form factor). I get that lots of people wouldn't consider those, though.
  11. 2GodBDGlory

    Axle Collection Thread

    I would say that the new ones have a significantly better maximum angle than the old ones, but it is true that they run a bit rougher right at the limit.
  12. 2GodBDGlory

    [MOC] LTM 11200 Mobile Crane

    That's a very cool crane! It's amazing how it can be so big while using such small tires.
  13. I've got some 30mm tires with brutal tread wear, but haven't had problems with larger ones, personally. I assume you're using 9398 (95292c01) yellow shocks on the back? If so, I think the older yellow spring from the 8466 (2909c02) could be a bit softer, though it is expensive.
  14. It's too bad about the price increase, but I respect their right and reasons to do so. It's already too expensive for me to justify, so I guess it won't really affect me anyways!