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  1. @Modeltrainman I don't know any German either I was able to use the built in translator on Safari to understand Lok24's different code. The Pybricks website and instructions are in English. @BatteryPoweredBricks not sure that I had that problem. I seemed to have a problem uploading the firmware, my hub kept timing out or reporting a problem. Once I had the firmware installed, I was able to install the Motorcontrol program and It worked. I like the Power Up system as I'm really not a fan of IR control but am a little surprised that LEGO doesn't off much in the way of instructions on how to use it.
  2. Thanks Lok24! I was able to install the Motor Control on my blue cargo train (60052) with 2 motors and everything works great. Patrick
  3. CCSG

    Swimming Complex

    I’m impressed with how you did the swimmers who are half out of the water. How deep is the pool?
  4. I really like this and it looks to perform perfectly!
  5. CCSG

    Looking for Ardutrain Instructions

    I went back to who sells the IR kits and found a nice schematic which should answer the rest of my questions
  6. CCSG

    Looking for Ardutrain Instructions

    Thanks, I did try that but I don’t think the pages that I was looking for have been archived. I have also tried emailing Lucas a couple of times without reply. Unfortunately, I sense he got “burned” on the project and removed all his YouTube videos as well. I have the IR transmitters assembled, wired up and working. Right now I need to build some extension cables and mount them on my layout. Hopefully I can figure out how to wire up the sensors and switch servos when the time comes.
  7. I’ve finally built the Ardutrain IR transmitters and looking to set it up. I meant to copy the webpages but didn’t before it was taken down.
  8. You’re welcome My Mike D. It does need a little refining but plan on updating when I do. I have to put together a BrickLink order to get some parts before I do that. I haven’t ordered from BrickLink yet and feel it will take a little while as I generally always like to make sure I have everything in my basket before I checkout to save on shipping. I’ve never really built anything with Technic parts before so kind of feel I have no idea what I need. Hope the pictures help your build and that you will share some pictures.
  9. CCSG

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    This is a really nice build. Could you tell me what wheels and cranks you used?
  10. http://309220CC-5247-44E2-999F-297F7CC8D025 by Patrick Kramer, on Flickr 309220CC-5247-44E2-999F-297F7CC8D025 by Patrick Kramer, on Flickr 955E1961-DAFD-4040-9A9C-1C641E14DBEC by Patrick Kramer, on Flickr
  11. CCSG

    Dual gauge switches

    High_Admiral, after replying to your post, I realized I had uploaded the wrong photo describing the switch that only allows the narrow gauge to go straight through. I edited my original post with the correct photo. Hope that clears things up a little.
  12. CCSG

    Dual gauge switches

    Testing has been limited so far to mainly the narrow gauge that passes straight through the switch. I haven’t tested the standard gauge, other than pushing it through by hand. On the dual gauge switch, I realized I need a guard rail on the standard gauge divergent route to prevent the flange from “picking” the narrow gauge frog. This will be easy with a rail from Trixbrix of the proper radius. I think right now, there would be no problem going straight through it which will be normal route. I’ll do some testing soon with the standard gauge equipment. Full testing will require some parts from Trixbrix, fortunately they are running a Black Friday sale right now.
  13. Yes, I drew inspiration heavily from your design. I had to work with the Technic parts that I recently acquired secondhand and my own creativity. I've had narrow gauge track laid for probably 2+ years now and this is the first time anything has completed a circuit. I did a lot of testing last night and it continues to work nicely.
  14. CCSG

    Dual gauge switches

    WARNING: LEGO Track and baseplates were cut in these modifications. When we started building our LEGO city I knew that I wanted a narrow gauge railroad with some shared dual gauge trackage. I started with some of Trixbrix’s dual gauge turnouts. In my track plan, this required modifying a left hand switch that allows the narrow gauge equipment passing straight through the switch sharing the left hand rail. This was was relatively easy but I did try to cut part of the Trixbrix point mechanism to make room for the narrow gauge “third” rail instead of cutting the “foot” of the rail to allow the point to slide under neath the third rail. It works fine as trailing point switch right now and fortunately Trixbrix sells just the part with the points so I can replace it try again. 5EC1E194-DA23-44D0-8AF1-6E372F280153 by Patrick Kramer, on Flickr I then decided I wanted to expand the narrow gauge track, which would require going through switches so I came up with this 81BC52D6-8A1E-490B-A7B4-7A91D3A447E1 by Patrick Kramer, on Flickr
  15. I built a prototype of a narrow gauge motor yesterday. I’m happy how it works so far as only one wheel is powered right now as I only had one worm gear. When I started building this I decided to emulate the drive trains of many model locomotives that I’ve seen which involve a motor with a worm gear 90 degrees to the powered axle. I tried that design initially and the locomotive was way too slow. So this build, I sped up the RPM of the worm gear by adding gears. The plan is to build the battery into another car that is coupled and powered through a universal gear as I’ve seen in other prototypes. These two “cars” will then push the “locomotive” which is currently a WIP.