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  1. Reker1000000

    Sealed 7862 opening

    For sure! So cool to open a sealed 12v set. Maybe one day I'll open a sealed trainset Definitely, I have plans to add a shunting yard to my future layouts since I also bought 3 more electric points recently. I'm a bit lacking in signals though since I have 3 trains (7730, 7745, 7750 with 7820) but only 2 signals, so probably those are on the list.
  2. Reker1000000

    Sealed 7862 opening

    Honestly mine has been working great, very smooth decoupling. I think it really helps to have new aftermarket trainrims.
  3. Reker1000000

    Sealed 7862 opening

    Hello EB, I'd just like to mention that I recently bought a sealed 7862 Remote Controlled Decoupling from 1981 for a very good price, and I opened it on video. I'm still working on editing the complete video but I will post it to YT and link it in this topic when it's up. It was a real experience to open a sealed set! I've never opened an 80s set before. The box is in excellent condition, before I opened it still in the cellophane, and all of the parts are of course in mint condition. It even had the 1981 small train brochure. -Reker1000000
  4. Reker1000000

    12v layout

    Hello EB, I'd just like to share with you a new video I uploaded to YouTube yesterday, complete with 80s synthwave music, that is about a 12v train layout I made and features my 7750 I got recently along with a 7730 and 7745. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! -Reker1000000
  5. Reker1000000

    [MOC] The Milwaukee Road EP2 Bipolar E-2 - in 12V style

    Davide you've done it again, a beautiful render of a 12V+ locomotive! Those pantographs are truly impressive.
  6. Reker1000000

    7750 "ideas" builds

    Yeah, based on observations on various boxes I'm pretty sure they made at least some of the art for the boxes before actually finalizing the design on sets and producing final parts. I'm sure they used inspiration from the 70s train sets for these wheels originally, although I don't know why they would have changed them. Just ask Reza- In addition to several copies (some boxed) he's got one sealed. What I wouldn't give for a MISB 7750... Maybe someday! Although, I don't know what I would do with sealed. I'd want to immediately open it. In fact I ordered recently a sealed 7862 for a very good price and I intend to open it and post to YT!
  7. Reker1000000

    7750 "ideas" builds

    A few links (hoping they work, if they don't let me know): Here are photos of the front and back of my box, with close-ups of the "ideas" photos. Plus more photos of the specific set I scored. Of course including all of the heavy hitters (red motor, black windows, bogie plates + wheels) are present plus a number of semi-valuable parts. And an entire set of stickers, including the one on the back that I have not heard of anyone else knowing about... I'll make a new topic specifically on this and the 7760 at some point soon. Funny enough, everything about this set is great but the motor is broken so a replacement one is on its way from Switzerland. Extra points to the seller for fast communication and a fair solution. The motor you see in the pictures is actually one donated from my 7730. Finally, a link to a video featuring the train running on my third featured layout (check my YT channel!) with 7730's wagons (read the description for a cool piece of history on this specific train...). You might see the dismantled engine of 7730 behind the 7745 and 2 spare motors (1 black, from 7865, and the broken red one) off to the side. I actually think that the photo on the bottom left of the front of the box depicts a model that you might be able to build with real bricks but won't work physically. Based on the picture I think the black steam cylinders would prevent the motor from turning, although I may be wrong. Plus, it needs to use 3 2x8 black technic plates with holes while the set only includes 2.
  8. Reker1000000

    Clockwork Road-Rail Truck

    Nice! I love how cleanly you integrated the motor into the body. Reminds me of the road and rail service vehicle from 3677. I have one of those wind-up motors in red somewhere, but no key...
  9. Reker1000000

    7750 "ideas" builds

    Hello EB, I am proud to say that I've acquired a boxed 7750 recently, which I was waiting on for a while. Looking at some of the beautiful pictures on the box, I'd really like to build the alternate models beyond the B-model featured in the instructions. However, I cannot find instructions for any of them online. Could anyone guide me to instructions for them, or offer some tips on reverse-engineering them with the given pieces in the set? I found this video which features the A-model and B model plus 2 out of 3 of the models shown on the box.
  10. I have no words. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! It's captured the design of the train so nicely with proper 12v parts and design. Now time to buy some 7750 parts to see if I can create my own MOC of this engine...
  11. Reker1000000

    My 12v layout

    Sad! But even packed up, it's still an impressive collection... do you have the boxes? Also, I saw your video before you posted it here and subscribed :) (you commented on one of my videos)
  12. Ooo, good idea... maybe I will do the same! Although I think first I have to get more points and a signal + decoupler. Also, one thing: The big black part in the center of the shunter looks like it could be the right size for 2 black weight bricks, has anyone done this? Usually 12v locomotives have 2 weight bricks and I can't see the red ones there, also it's not large enough to accomodate weights anywhere else... Or would these weights interfere with the middle pin of the motor?
  13. I might have to build this nice engine this weekend... Now try the red shunter with the red motor on pages 14-15 and the small red electric locomotive on page 22!
  14. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    Yesss! And the red shunter with the red motor on pages 14 and 15! I don't own this book but now I want to buy it and see what I can make!