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  1. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    Yesss! And the red shunter with the red motor on pages 14 and 15! I don't own this book but now I want to buy it and see what I can make!
  2. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    Imagine if all of those windows on the sides were 1x2x2 black train windows... that would cost a fortune to build! If my count is correct and we're going by grey era standards, there would be 20 1x2x2 and 14 1x1x2 windows!
  3. Reker1000000

    12v/4.5v grey era trainrims and stickers approach

    Does it bother you that you then have to have unoriginal pieces? That reminds me, I was lucky enough to get an extra 3 large black DB's with the stickersheet of my 7730!
  4. Reker1000000

    12v/4.5v grey era trainrims and stickers approach

    Do you have complete/new grey era 12v sheets? That would probably be a situation where I would buy reproduction stickers. The 7730 I bought had some stickers new on the sheet (tonnage, DB 7730) which I took off and applied to the engine. But for example if I was to buy a 7760 with a new unused stickersheet I would probably purchase a reproduction sheet and save the new one! Although, using a complete new sheet to apply stickers would certainly be an experience. Original 80's parts? Or just original Lego parts? Does the diameter of the tube work for the 12v wheels or do you have to narrow it?
  5. Hello EB, As some of you may know by now I run 12v trains. I know my own guidelines for trainrims and stickers but I'm curious about yours- if you run pre-1990 trains, how do you approach trainrims? Do you purchase knockoff ones (eBay) or buy original ones? Grey or black for grey era trains? And stickers (not limited to pre-1990 train fans)- do you only use original stickers, or do you use reproduction stickers? Do you mix them? Personally, I'm a purist in terms of stickers (I'd rather have no stickers than knockoff ones) but I'm ok with buying knockoff rims since they're way cheaper and I can buy them in high quantities.
  6. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    If I'm not mistaken, this engine can be made with parts from the 7730? Or almost all parts from 7730? See this video: Maybe I'll try and build it this weekend with parts from my copy of 7730.
  7. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    DB V3201 seems like it would be an interesting starting point for a locomotive to model in 12v style with the red motor...
  8. Reker1000000

    Two little brothers

    Why do these look PERFECT to model in the 12v era with appropriate colors and pieces... maybe it's the 0-6-0 arrangement with the connecting rods that reminds me so much of the 7760/7735 wheels! Actually I think @HoMa has made a MOC similar to this one with a red motor and 12v-era black windows, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Reker1000000

    12v layout

    The points and signals are what makes 12v 12v, in my opinion- and the reason that I got started with it nearly a year ago. They add so much functionality to a layout that hasn't been matched since! And the trains had DB stickers + were actually modeled after real trains of the time. Thanks so much! Thanks as well! It means a lot that y'all enjoyed my video. BrickLink is the place to go! I have purchased nearly all of my sets and parts from there, with the only exceptions being the 7730 (eBay) and 7820 which I also found incomplete on eBay for $40 shipped including instructions, box, and all of the expensive parts (best deal I've found). I'm hoping to continue consistent uploads... Lego12vFan stopped posting years ago (check him out, he's AWESOME) so I want to keep 12v alive on YT while also showcasing my collection and purchases. It's the best! Although you sacrifice simplicity and you need to maintain it, there are automated functions that make it great to use. I'm eventually going to upload a tutorial on how to set up and run 12v in the US (they were only produced in Europe) + videos about the remote controlled accessory sets (7858/9, 7860, 7862, 7866).
  10. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    Of course! What else would be true to the 12v era while also getting that nice look? It'll be a bit expensive... but I'll do it eventually, keep 12v alive!
  11. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    Found images of a BR 65 and I'd love to make a MOC of it at some point. Davide, don't make it before me!
  12. Reker1000000

    12v layout

    Hello LEGO Train fans, I have a YouTube channel that I started uploading on recently and wanted to share my newest video with you all. It's a small 12v layout I set up on my train table with 7730 and 7820 (+ accessories). Check it out! And if you're interested, take a look at my other videos. -Reker1000000-
  13. Reker1000000

    7730 real-world locomotive

    Hi EB train fans, I was browsing Google for German steam locomotives, maybe to think about inspiration for 12v steam engine MOCs at some point in the future (got a lot on my bucket list including a 7750, so maybe not for a while). But I found this image of a BR80: Looks a lot like the 7730. Anyone else see that? Large blocks in the sides (where the weights are on the 7730), same 0-6-0 wheel configuration, pistons, and especially the tonnage and ladders in the back. I'd be willing to bet that this was the inspiration for TLG creating the 7730 loc. Anyways, just thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you all! Keep 12v alive. -Reker1000000
  14. Reker1000000

    [MOC] Lego DB V60 - in 12v style

    I love this! Keep 12v alive. I may try to build this at some point... Davide, your MOC's are amazing! I especially love your large steam engines.
  15. Reker1000000

    7760 - Blue Diesel Shunter 9V Mod

    Very nice remodel but I personally prefer the original 12v engine.