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  1. princeofgonville

    Lego Technic Tram in 1:22,5 scale

    In May 2020, Paperinik77pk posted this MOC - a tram engine in 1:22.5 scale, made using LEGO Technic, and intended to run on Lego track and G-scale track. The original was a digital design. This autumn, I made one for real. Huge thanks to Paperinik77pk for your help. There were a few changes necessary between digital and plastic, notably: the original design was too narrow, even for LEGO track. Fortunately there was enough space to widen the chassis, without changing the aesthetics of the bodywork. I located the battery box lower down. The original design had the battery box in the roof, which makes the loco rather unstable. I made the bodywork easily removable - just held on with axle-pins into Technic beams. Mine has gearing to slow the loco down. It runs great on LEGO track and is pretty good on G-scale track. The profile of wheels is too coarse to run on SM32 track. See a video of it running here (hosted at Google Photos): Thanks again to Paperinik77pk for your help.
  2. princeofgonville

    [MOC] Full Lego Technic locomotive - in 1:22,5 scale

    With a bit of experimentation, I built one for real: Thanks very much to Paperinik77pk for all your help to turn it into reality.
  3. princeofgonville

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Awesome build! Looks great. I am working on a narrow-gauge prototype that uses O-gauge track but in a larger scale (SM32, representing 600mm gauge). My attempts so far have found that the flanges on Lego wheels bump on the sleepers (I'm using PECO SM32 track). How did you get around this problem? Justin
  4. princeofgonville

    Fabuland Elephant Sculpture

    Hello, I made a sculpture of the Fabuland Elephant figure. I have created instructions as well, which I was considering selling online for a small fee. Does anyone have experience of selling instructions online, and have any advice?
  5. princeofgonville

    Wanted: Software to make large sculptures

    Did anyone get back to you about this? I'd be interested to know what you heard.
  6. London-based AFOL interested in sculptures, train, Technic, Modulars, boats, spaceships ...

  7. princeofgonville

    MOC Gingerbread House

    Hello everyone, I hope it's not too early to wish everyone a happy Christmas, My wife asked me to build a gingerbread house (Lebkuchenhaus in German). She said that the problem with the real thing is that you can't eat it, because then you don't have it any more. A LEGO version solves that problem. Thanks also to my friends at Bricktraders for the Series 11 Gingerbread Minifig.
  8. princeofgonville

    [MOC] Motorised bulldozer

    Thanks @Roppie11 for the tip on the hyperlink. Fixed. Thanks @Lox - it's my first MOC submission to Eurobricks. I've been building since 1974, and doing Technic since 1977 (set 851).
  9. Evening all. I have added motors and an SBrick to bulldozer set 7685. Please see the details on my blog or watch the video here I intend to cover more details of the build: please let me know what you are interested in.
  10. Stunning - I'm trying to build stuff with the sbrick. Just HOW have you managed to get the battery box, servo, motors and sbrick and everything else into such a compact arrangement? I assume you're using the AAA or rechargeable battery ... Are there any photos of what it looks like on the inside? I'm going to have to stay up all night and copy this. Soooo cool.
  11. princeofgonville

    AoM: Gatehouse Phase 2: Nordheim's Southern Gate

    Wow. What a wonderful tower. I want to make a copy of it in Lego - and I also want to live there, in real life. There are some stunningly beautiful builds in Mitgardia. One day I'll pay a proper visit. Do you guys ever display this stuff together?
  12. princeofgonville

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I would like to sign up to the Reviewer's Academy too, please.
  13. Is there still any testing of instructions to be done? I'd love to help (I have limited time, but plenty of enthusiasm). Also, are there any other GBC builders in London, UK?
  14. princeofgonville

    REVIEW: 21123 The Iron Golem

    Thanks WhiteFang. I have just purchased my first Minecraft set (mainly because I wanted the "Steve" and "Alex" characters). I'm happy to do a review of it - is there some advice on EB somewhere on doing set reviews?
  15. princeofgonville

    REVIEW: 21123 The Iron Golem

    Minecraft is an interesting theme. To many LEGO fans, I guess this set looks like an expensive box of parts. To Minecraft fans, especially the hardcore gamers, I see this as something to put on the shelf above the monitor, next to the Star Wars sets. To younger kids however, especially boys, I see this set as a very good fit for LEGO's strategy. It is totally in-keeping with the approach of other sets for the same age range. 10-year-old boys want to have characters that fight each other. Minecraft, Star Wars, Bionicle, Knights etc. are the starting point, and they will live out that fantasy world in real life, bashing the zombie with the iron golem, slashing away at Darth Vader with Luke's lightsabre, and doing whatever bionicles do to each other in their spare time. Paying tribute to the golem's transformation is essential to maintain the fantasy illusion and helping the target audience to live in the world of Minecraft. To any parents considering buying Minecraft Lego for a minecraft-addicted child, this might help them to interact in real life with real friends away from the computer. Fantasy is an essential part of childrens' development, and I am starting to realise that LEGO totally understand this concept. Does the adult Lego Minecraft community take part in fantasy at the same level? Are there groups that meet to immerse themselves in Minecraft like a board game? I would be fascinated to find out.