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  1. I think elevating track over what looks like a stone covered patio is interesting and fun, along the same path as the little section known as "will it float" did in Late Night Show, that is, if you consider the heading "many quite expensive elements". Would I repeat this experiment with my own MOC of a train just to see if it works? Don't think so, but it was entertaining! Thanks for sharing. After all, life is a risky project. Might as well add some suspense just to see what happens.... Nice MOC, by the way
  2. Wow! Great main door (I might have to steal that idea!) , and huge build!
  3. baard

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    Great layout and very nice time lapse video. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Very nice build, the SNOT work is superb! will we see it running?
  5. baard

    [MOC] My train stuff

    Really nice MOC, I especially like your solution on the corners on top of the cab, not easy to fix that "douple sloping". Motorization should be possible with PF unless your bogies have very particular arrangements that do not allow for technic pieces.
  6. Great video, nostalgic ffel to it, suitable for this beautiful train. cannot wait to see the follow up!
  7. baard

    (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Love the execution of this MOC. thanks for sharing!
  8. baard

    SNCF Class X73500

    Nice MOC, I like it! Do these operate as one unit only?
  9. baard

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    That is just a fantastic MOC. The size is astonishing, very nice detailing. Can it run?
  10. baard

    DB 212

    I too definitely like the new version better. Will we see it IRB?
  11. baard

    BR Class 8 Shunter

    I like it, and am looking forward to seeing the decoupler and propulsion mechanisms if possible. Will we see it running?
  12. baard

    German BR 03

    very Nice execution will we see a video of it running?
  13. baard

    Earthquake in Cologne

    I really like the textures of the different walls of the buildings as well as the cracked road and the tree. If possible it would be nice to have a closer look at how you acheive the small offsets of the DBG wall. Thanks for sharing (incl the nice guides for combination of Modulex and Lego)!