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  1. baard

    (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Love the execution of this MOC. thanks for sharing!
  2. baard

    SNCF Class X73500

    Nice MOC, I like it! Do these operate as one unit only?
  3. baard

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    That is just a fantastic MOC. The size is astonishing, very nice detailing. Can it run?
  4. baard

    DB 212

    I too definitely like the new version better. Will we see it IRB?
  5. baard

    BR Class 8 Shunter

    I like it, and am looking forward to seeing the decoupler and propulsion mechanisms if possible. Will we see it running?
  6. baard

    German BR 03

    very Nice execution will we see a video of it running?
  7. Nice entries! 1: 3p 7: 1p 8: 1p 14: 1p
  8. baard

    Earthquake in Cologne

    I really like the textures of the different walls of the buildings as well as the cracked road and the tree. If possible it would be nice to have a closer look at how you acheive the small offsets of the DBG wall. Thanks for sharing (incl the nice guides for combination of Modulex and Lego)!
  9. baard

    Cargo Train using Duplo Parts

    Love these builds, nice use of Dublo parts, want to copy bogies if I may..
  10. great Project, like the video of Assembly, but most of all: the Trains that got the chance to finally run in a landscape that they deserve. Thanks for sharing
  11. baard

    Tribute to my childhood - LBSCR E2

    Love Your builds, thanks for sharing! Especially the locomotive, but your wagons make the model stand out. Would like to see a video of them all running:-)
  12. Fantastic execution. Love the functionality of the model as well as the looks.
  13. baard

    Classic Porsche 911

    Love this build! Thanks for sharing, especially like the mounting of the roof and the details over the back wheels
  14. baard

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    Amazing MOC Love all the functions you crammed in. Me too interested in seeing the mechanics of the opening doors. Thanks for sharing