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  1. Bartosz

    Some dumb PU questions

    Thanks, lots of useful tips!
  2. Bartosz

    Some dumb PU questions

    How do you pick up power from rails?
  3. Bartosz

    Some dumb PU questions

    How do you power the H-bridge ? Good stuff about the calibration, gotta hate the whining :)
  4. Sort of a tangential question, hope it's not a hijacking. Do people using powered rails control their trains separately via some kind of DCC? (I understand itd require custom motors.) Does FX offering is going to alter the landscape in that regard (powered boogie?)
  5. Bartosz

    Some dumb PU questions

    Just one cell? My understanding is that it'd give you the 3.2V to fullfil the chip needs (3.3V), but what about the PWM channels? How do they handle motor current draw(not too mention voltage is low), is the chip you're mentioning particularly tailored for motors?
  6. Bartosz

    Some dumb PU questions

    Yes. But I'd also love to read about the nitty gritty details. That's awesome.
  7. Bartosz

    Remote control/Motorised Switch tracks (Points)

    For me the Powered Up was better choice because of the programmability via the powered up app. Was able to set up some simple automation (even with sensor) in no time. And then you have Brick Automation Project as well. Don't have much experience with Power Functions, and how would that scale given it has some nice things like extension cables, and I think the remote control is bit more flexible in a sense that you can control two hubs with two buttons, as opposed to PUP where you've one hub assigned (you can toggle those if I'm right), and two buttons can only control what's on that hub. For me it was for motors and sensors, bricklink for hubs. No idea why hub is so expensive on
  8. Bartosz

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I'm wondering what are the semantics of such block configuration. Is it: a) PU app reads back the value from motor B from the hub, then feeds the hub with the "set speed" command with value obtained b) the hub is instructed to maintain such "dependency" between the value produced from B and value feed to A Now, the advantage of b) would be that it wouldn't suffer from the BT latency, but I think it's unlikely it's implemented this way (I think it would hard thing to do?). Why am I mentioning this? Well, that's something I've been wondering after I saw your blocks, and it's something that would kinda explain why it wouldn't work with one hub and work with others...but really, this seems to be far fetched, correct me if I'm (terribly) wrong. :)
  9. Bartosz

    Remote control/Motorised Switch tracks (Points)

    I'm using the and it does the trick. Granted, I have some switches which are more "stiff", I tried to choose the ones that seemed to require less force (not to say it wouldn't work, haven't tried!).
  10. Bartosz

    Remote control/Motorised Switch tracks (Points)

    I've been on that subject for some time. At first I wanted to make it cost effective so I ordered bunch of servos and wanted to hook some arduino. This failed, cause servo was too weak, and it was hard to fit it in without modifying any bricks (my goal was not to modify any switches). Then I made a break and noticed the powered up looks like really nice system (with latest update to powered up app). So I essentially followed this: (Might want to use this: And it worked like a charm. Of course it's more expensive but...I don't really have time for hacking around hardware, modifying bricks. So if you're in that position, that might be best approach.
  11. Bartosz

    Powered Up 3.0 update

    Hi, Am I missing something obvious, or it's really the case the documentation for powered up app is non-existant? I must say, I'm programmer so I really intuitively grasp almost all of that, but if I was a kid..hmm, would require really lots of toying to learn all those things. Or should I look into boost which might include some info on those programming blocks and their behaviour?
  12. Bartosz

    4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    Wohoo, I've finished it... First of all, I had to connect 9V battery connector with PF connector. Fortunately andriend suggested simple solution: This resulted in quite a bit of connectors that needed to be stuffed in: In the end, it worked pretty well I think: Vid
  13. Bartosz

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Yup, I keep that option in back of my head, don't have that huge plans for rolling stock to justify amounts/shipping overseas...
  14. Bartosz

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    That's what I'm waiting for. So annoyed that when bricklinking for train wheels you pay for three parts (wheel, enclosure and axle), and axle is quite pricey for a piece of metal... Curious how it's gonna look when they really introduce those changes .
  15. Bartosz

    Train accessory idea

    Yeah, and knowing the kids are target for Lego, and considering how they lean towards smaller, 2 axle cars, it would make sense for it to not contain any bogie plates...