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  1. Bartosz

    MOC: European freight wagons

    Great, been looking for an inspiration how to build simple (meaning cheap ;) ) EAOS in 6 studs. Thanks for posting those!
  2. Off-topic, so don't shoot, but I like the rolling stock. Any close-up photos? :)
  3. Bartosz

    7939 tanker wagon alternative parts

    Yeah...I sort of dismissed it because of the yellow loco (which I didn't like) and never looked at its rolling stock. But now I'm also trying to use its container (the big one) design to build a cheap boxcar. We shall see. Many thanks for photos!
  4. Bartosz

    7939 tanker wagon alternative parts

    You made whole tank gray or just the cylinders?
  5. Bartosz

    7939 tanker wagon alternative parts

    Ahh, forgot about solid/hollow variants. Also - what 5 parts? I thought about replacing with 4 30414 bricks. Anyway, ordered parts for two of those, I can't believe I've missed such lovely wagons - the parts/price to effect ratio is pretty damn good :)
  6. Hello, I've recently started bricklinking 10016 tanker wagon. It's quite "bulky", and in the meantime, I've discovered that there was a nice, smaller one in the 7939 set. Even better than 10016 in my opinion, and a perfect to have couple of those! But... As usually, some parts are awfully rare. This time it's mostly about `Cylinder Half 3 x 6 x 6 with 1 x 2 Cutout` and `Dish 6 x 6 Inverted (Radar) - Hollow Studs` (87926 and 44375a respectively). Are any of you aware of some similar parts that could be used instead?
  7. That's getting interesting. How's this handled under the hood? Maybe the API should have the non-async and async variants for such methods so that it's clear what's happening?
  8. Bartosz

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    Is PU the same as PF in this regard? From the PF protocol I recall there were two messages to stop the motor: one was 'brake', the other was 'float'. If I understand you correctly, the behaviour you describe would be more like 'float'..maybe there is some equivalent of 'brake' in newer protocol?
  9. Damn it this looks great. Some idea for future (maybe less distant as it's breaking change): alter the API, so that port is not an argument to method, but rather another index to use: Hub[0].Ports["A"].SetMotorSpeed(...) Or even hub[0]["A"].SetMotorSpeed... What's the advantage? One could specify alias: var redTrain = Hub[0]["A"] which then could be used in code. Just think how many comments would not be needed with this change:) PS. I'm also statically-typed programming freak, so I wonder how the API could be made more type safe :)
  10. Some people would agonize over making it pretty/portable and never get to anything, whereas others would "just do it" :) I guess just take care of releasing it before you get bored/go MIA (as it, unfortunately, often happens ;) ). My myself I do not own any PU hub yet, so I don't have any real interest in this software, but - just in case (and since I'm programmer as well:) )
  11. @Cosmik42 pardon if it's been asked/answered somewhere in this thread - is the source available /is it going to be open sourced?
  12. Bartosz

    Rechargeable batteries for powered up hubs

    Is it possible to open the top part of the hub to take out the pcb easily? Bare 6f22 battery should fit in 2 studs width, and I wonder what's the size of pcb itself. Could make those smaller engines possible finally:)
  13. That was my rationale behind it. "I don't have space for permanent layout, but since the Christmas tree is going to occupy some place, I might as well put a train below it!" I also had a plan of doing some automation (and lights possibly), but of course time didn't allow to. So yeah, maybe next year!
  14. @RuffDraftoh wow, it looks neat. Straight out of some commercial ;)
  15. I've just decided to use this thread, as I had pretty unimportant question so didn't want to open anything new :) ...and I've just found out the last post is somewhat relevant, so I'll begin with asking @RuffDraft on how his setup turned out to be? I've bought the same (plus winter station) for the christmas tree this year, and it was cute :) (I didn't go wild with it, just simple loop at the floor around the tree, and I don't have great camera so no good photos...) And even kids did some playing with it, and that's unusual, because they don't really play a lot with trains (which I find deeply saddening :( ) Now, back to what I was about to ask. Since the Christmas is over, I've thought of adapting the station to be "non-wintery". Just replacing the white roof ground parts with different color ( just such trivial mod). But I'm wondering what color would go well for the roof. My current plan is to just fetch the LXF of the 10259, and check it in, but I'm struggling a bit now to get it working (I'm on linux). Has anyone tried something like this by the chance :) ?