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  1. hallidaynick

    Are You Worthy?

    I designed them myself and had a friend print them for me.
  2. hallidaynick

    Are You Worthy?

    Are you worthy? My latest MOC is Thor's Hammer. Hammer1 by Nicholas Halliday, on Flickr 1:1 scale (or as close as I could get) based on the 2011 movie. It has taken me a long time to get the size, angles and overall design right. I've had a number of attempts at it. I will be displaying it next weekend here in Newcastle, Australia with my 1:1 Captain America Shield. Enjoy More Photos of the Hammer and Shield can be found below, Hoping to get some of the two together at the show. Marvel Builds
  3. hallidaynick

    Is using SBrick cheating?

    I don't see it as cheating. LEGO make the trains for kids, the PF system is great I love it but the IR side of it is poor. In order to control a large layout at a show or even at home, I see Sbrick as the best way forward. When we use IR at shows we have to run around the tables to stop trains before or after a crash etc its a pain. With Sbrick we just use the tablets we have from anywhere around the layout and even further away and it works.
  4. hallidaynick

    BR Class 8 Shunter

    Thanks, It was based on the concept on your flickr (provided you are who I think you are :) ), I would love to share it with you and work out a couple of things I would like to do better, if you have the time and are keen. If you could send me a message that would be awesome. Nick
  5. hallidaynick

    BR Class 8 Shunter

    hey all, I would like to show you my BR class 8 diesel shunter in BR black livery. 8 wide design plus little bits here and there outside of that, 25 studs long body plus buffers. 3 large PF motors a battery box and sbrick under the hood. It has dual ended inbuilt decouplers. So shunter with this bad boy is gonna be awesome. Geared down to ensure slower movement around the yard also. http://Shunter by Nicholas Halliday, on Flickr Hope you like it. I'll try to find someone with a good camera and lighting to get some good pics to post to Flickr. Let me know what you think.
  6. hallidaynick

    [MOC] Lego BR class 08 diesel shunter

    Nice little design, i like the size of it. Well Done I've been working on one myself, however in 8 wide, with on board decoupling.
  7. hallidaynick

    Captain America Shield

    it went well over budget, I planned on doing mjolnir at the same time but due to the cost of the shield Ive put the hammer off for a little while, thanks for the kind words ll.
  8. hallidaynick

    Captain America Shield

    yes i can pick it up etc, im always careful with it of cause but its a lot more sturdy than i was expecting it to be.
  9. hallidaynick

    Captain America Shield

    Hi All, I recently finished building my life size 26inch captain america sheild, its made out of Light blue grey plates covered in 1x1 tiles, in total it used about 8500 parts. Captain America minifig is sitting on it to get a sense of scale. More photos on my flickr enjoy
  10. hallidaynick

    Wheel Axles from Scratch?

    I had the same problem a few years ago, i went to my local hardware store and found the perfect nails that worked so well, i cut off the pointy end and the fat end cleaned it up and it works great, unless you really look you cant even tell the difference,
  11. hallidaynick

    Hi all,

    Heya everyone, My name is Nick, and im from the east coast of Australia, im 21 and have been crazy about Lego since I was a kid. You can check out some of my MOC's on my Flickr https://www.flickr.c...cks-brick-land/ I'm keen on all things Lego but in particular diorama's and brick builds, I also collect marvel Minfigs' (shame I can never get any SDCC figs) Hope to talk to some of you soon,