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  1. DB 200 116

    Nice loco! Could you show us the wiring of the switch and battery? Thanks for sharing!
  2. [MOC] Umbauwagen 3yg

    Nice mechanism for the wheels. How does it handle the points?
  3. LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    I love this Version of the Mallard. Nice video of it running as well. Could we see a picture of the transmission from XL motor to wheels?
  4. Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Fantastic attention to detail. The chromed parts is the dot over the i!
  5. 10259 Winter Village Station

    Nice set, will have to buy...
  6. Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Thanks for posting this nice review! Great set, must have...
  7. Nice locomotives, thanks for sharing!
  8. [MOC] Typical Heritage House In my country.

    Very nice MOC A lot of details, I like the lamp posts and the facades of the house Thanks for sharing
  9. MOC: Pop Up Restaurant

    Cool idea! Nice MOC
  10. [MOC] Roman History Museum

    Very nice MOC! Nice detailing indoors, nice exterior. I like it!
  11. [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Nice take on the dome and exterior, I like it!
  12. [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses

    Nice MOC! Thanks for sharing
  13. [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Love this building Could we see the lift also? Thanks
  14. Very nice locomotives I like the way you have made the stickers. Impressive! Thanks for sharing
  15. Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    Fantastic MOC I like the way you have made the brickwork look alive and worn, and beautiful presentation of the minifigs as well!
  16. [MOC] Trossingen Station

    Wonderful station! Nice details all over! Thanks for sharing
  17. 4 wide Horizon Express and Co

    Love these Rubber bands function sometimes better than gears in my 4 wide version of the Lego Land Train (set 4000014) espescially in the curves. Hope to see these IRB Could you show us the transmission?
  18. Harley Davidson Softail Springer (1:10)

    Love this bike Thanks for sharing!
  19. Thanks for a great review The tyres I want, maybe the dark azure parts and the New red technic brackets, but not for that price
  20. [MOC] EMD Model 40 switcher

    Amazing shunter! Good idea with the battery standing sideways, I have used the same technique with the old 9V battery box in a Robel maintenance train. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Alco RSC-3 CP1500 series

    Nice MOC! You could try to snot the Wedge 3 x 4 x 2/3 Triple Curved in white color, using orange stickers to continue your color scheme. A jumper plate in the middle and voila!{"color":1}
  22. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Impressive layout and technical execution! It would be fun to see a video of the Trains running. Thanks for posting!
  23. Still wonderful shunter, thanks for sharing! I've tried the Buwizz built into one of TLCs cargo Trains to haul 18 brick built tanker cars, in other words a quite heavy load. The battery held up for 2-3 hours of constant running in medium mode, using 2 PF Train engines. The downside was my thumb getting numb after holding the button on my smart phone for hours on end. However, this was compensated greatly by being able to fool kids with too long fingers as they couldn't spot where I was standing with the controller. Keep up the good work!
  24. RE 460-084

    Nice loco1 We have a few of these in Norway With a sligth twist in the livery, although they are also red. Nice solution to the hard corners on top. Maybe the New 1x1 quadruple convex part in flat silver could be used?{"color":95}
  25. In Norway we have a saying that goes: "Smaken er som baken, minst delt i to" i.e. "taste is like your bottom, at least divided in two..." So much for that :-) I like the HE, especially when going fast through a curve at high speed. The EN is a beauty with more cars than 1 (I have 5 including a sleeping car and a goods car/post wagon), especially going slowly through a curve. 2x Maersk with many container cars is also nice to see. I really cannot decide which is best. I have to conclude that I like them all!