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  1. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Envious...., hmm, must clear my Lego room from all the boxes, but then I have to clear the attic first ...... etc. etc.
  2. (DigiMOC) A small 0-6-0 Diesel shunter

    Since you have large wheels, an M motor would fit near the wheel base, or it could also stand. Battery on top of that/ in front of that under the hood, either the regular boxy PF battery/rechargable one, or an old 9V battery Box using the conversion cable, and then finally the PF receiver in the back where the driver now stands.
  3. (DigiMOC) A small 0-6-0 Diesel shunter

    Nice shunter Large enough IMHO to put in PF Components if you compromise a bit in for the driver. Why don't you give it a try?
  4. I really like this idea. For my purposes this will work excellent and looks less bulky than other solutions When do you perceive these will be produced?
  5. Building 7777

    Inspiring builds The idea book came out just before I entered into my Dark Age, but seeing these built IRB gives inspiration to build. Thanks for sharing and keep it coming
  6. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Very Nice video! Any derailings while making it? Looks like a huge Lego room!
  7. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    Great MOC! I like the waterfront and elevated street. Nice interiors and great diorama feeling of the Whole thing. Would have liked to see it IRB.
  8. Simple powered turntable plans

    This shunter is PF controlled, 1 L motor for propulsion (front axle), 1 M motor that lies under the battery for decoupling (retractable magnet in the back of the locomotive). Receiver in the hut as well as PF lights in front and back. Quite tight packing. On a flat track, the engine is able to pull 10 wagons, see below. (Brick underneath front of locomotive to show that front lights are on....). Sorry for the bad pictures
  9. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Works like a charm for long trains, and especially nice at shows where kids tend to want to put their hand on the train For coupling-uncoupling at a yard this does not work. I find that for most of my needs, the Lego magnets function well. I would try these if they are produced. Thanks for sharing Coaster!
  10. [MOC] Unmanned trains

    Nice Trains! Thanks for sharing!
  11. MOC: E444 mini

    Nice trains "Baby" looks good!
  12. Simple powered turntable plans

    Hi See my Flickr. Aim to get turntable to be not to high from baseplate. Ended up 2bricks + 1 plate high. PF controlled, gearing can be seen in my photostream https://www.flickr.com/photos/115097068@N03/with/13356483985/ Good Luck!
  13. If you want to save space and want to go for a non-Lego solution, try the Buwizz box. Battery and remote control in one box, smaller than the Lego battery pack, rechargeable and can be totally hidden into your model as it is blue tooth controlled by your smart phone. Mine ran for 4-5 hours at a show, powering 2 PF Train motors (sometimes adding light (4 PF outputs on top of the box)), hauling 18 brick dense tanker cars before I had to recharge the battery.
  14. Still have not received pledge or additional ordered parts here in Norway. No answer to emails via website. All in all very disappointed so far. If it is true that production is still happening and people are receiving their pledge as cptkent just posted, there is possibly hope that someday I will receive my order. In the meantime I do not plan projects that include the ME rails.
  15. Wow! Again an amazing model! I do too wonder about the workings of the magnetic contacts ( Ah, saw the answer just now, thanks), clever to "hide" them inside the turning wheels or nozzles or what they are called Can't wait to see it running om your track. I would also love to see the transmission from the 3 motors to the wheels I also have to comment on your presentation. Superb photos, both the model itself and the comparison pictures with the original. Just mind blowing and adding to the wonderful experience. Congratulations on being front paged, Well deserved!
  16. Fantastic execution. Love it, also the very compact RC solution. Agree that black>white
  17. DB 200 116

    Nice! Thanks!
  18. DB 200 116

    Nice loco! Could you show us the wiring of the switch and battery? Thanks for sharing!
  19. [MOC] Umbauwagen 3yg

    Nice mechanism for the wheels. How does it handle the points?
  20. LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    I love this Version of the Mallard. Nice video of it running as well. Could we see a picture of the transmission from XL motor to wheels?
  21. Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Fantastic attention to detail. The chromed parts is the dot over the i!
  22. 10259 Winter Village Station

    Nice set, will have to buy...
  23. Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Thanks for posting this nice review! Great set, must have...
  24. Nice locomotives, thanks for sharing!
  25. [MOC] Typical Heritage House In my country.

    Very nice MOC A lot of details, I like the lamp posts and the facades of the house Thanks for sharing