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  1. SwengX

    LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    Hi I tried every method and sadly I didn't find a solution. I tried the 4 wheel bogie and it worked but the I don't know how I can make a drivable 4 wheel bogie. There is one 1x6 brick with technic holes and the first axle is in the first hole and the second is in the last hole. It is not a big distance between the two axles, so I don't know how can I make that drivable.
  2. SwengX

    LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    This train is a Hungarian Bzmot, and normally it is only one cart. It can't have jacobs.
  3. SwengX

    LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    It is more than 16 studs. I tried it before and it didn't work. I can try to build a spring mechanism like in the track switches, but I don't know if they can work.
  4. SwengX

    LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    Hi Thanks for helping me!
  5. SwengX

    LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    Hi! I built a Lego train and it has a 2-wheel bogie. If the train enters into a straight section from a curve the bogie doesn't turn back. Also, another problem is that the in a straight section I can move the bogie freely. I can't use 4-wheeled bogies, because the train that I built doesn't have that bogie in real life.