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  1. Chr.Maglekaer

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection (MOCs)

    Very cool idea My own take on the racers
  2. Chr.Maglekaer

    Black Flower

    I get a Matrix squid vibe from it.
  3. Chr.Maglekaer

    LEGO Monorail MOCs running at BB 2017

    Aww... a little cute Sante Fe
  4. Chr.Maglekaer

    Geeky Office Furniture

    Hockeymasks from the "Sports" serie
  5. Chr.Maglekaer

    [MOC] LEGO KÖF Hohenweststedt

    Do not mind me, I'm just looking for my jaw on the floor somewhere......
  6. Chr.Maglekaer

    MOC: 31070 alternate Porsche

    That is one seriously good looking Porsche. I have to get this set now
  7. Chr.Maglekaer

    First thoughts on 40250

    For December Monthly Mini Model Build in the LEGO Stores, there will be this little train. I think it is rather cute. Especially if you put together with a playground because of the funny proportions. What do you think of it??
  8. Chr.Maglekaer

    [MOC] Architecture Skylines - Budapest, Hungary

    Wow!! You went all out on is one.
  9. Chr.Maglekaer

    The Neo CS Fleet

    I must say, you really think of the box Søren. Nice Job!!
  10. Chr.Maglekaer

    [MOC] Siemens CP4700 1:20Scale Replica

    I think it is this one
  11. Chr.Maglekaer

    My Tiny Turbo MOC Collection

    I made for some years ago, bricks versions of the bad 3-piece McDonalds sets.
  12. Chr.Maglekaer

    [MOC] - American Food Truck

    I use Ldraw for most part, but yes I do have Bus (two versions) and Garbage Truck. The truck is not complete, I can't get my around how hinge work in the compacker. Here you can see what I have done so far -