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  1. It is such an interesting and well made model. The exterior of the car is beautifully executed and instantly recognizable. I really like the front and rear lights.
  2. GI_Jack

    [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    What an amazing model! I really like the complicated shape of the bed, with all the angles and curved surfaces. It looks very impressive and works well.
  3. 1: 10 6: 6 4: 4 13: 3 30: 2 27: 1
  4. GI_Jack

    Mercedes Benz Arocs SLT 4163

    Well done. It is so big and well built. Great
  5. GI_Jack

    FIAT 500 F

    What a cute little car! It looks amazing and obviously deserves to become an official Lego set. Great!
  6. GI_Jack

    [MOC] Modular Palm House

    A truly unique and beautiful model. It looks amazing. I love when someone comes with new ideas. Very tasteful combination of colours too.
  7. GI_Jack

    Unusual building for Lego?

    That is very impressive. I like the variety of bricks of the walls. Well done
  8. GI_Jack

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Went to Lego store in Liverpool and got 2 large cups. In total I got 466 bricks 1x4 with 4 studs on the side and around 1640 round 1x1 tiles. It is not bad, but I was told cups need to close fully with a click, so had to remove some. I was very unimpressed with that comment. Never had that before! DSC_0012 by GI_Jack, on Flickr DSC_0015 by GI_Jack, on Flickr
  9. GI_Jack

    MOC: English Hat Shop - Modular Building

    Very nice model. Even though it is not massive it has got lots of character. I love the wallpaper!
  10. GI_Jack

    [MOC] NS 1217

    I love to see models of locomotives from around the world, most o which I never knew existed. Great model! It makes me want to find out more about it. After checking pictures on google I have to say your looks a lot prettier!
  11. GI_Jack

    [CMODEL] 42050 Sprint Car

    It looks very interesting. Well done! 42050 is kind of love or hate set. I used to not like it, but it is certainly growing on me and I bought two extra ones
  12. GI_Jack

    [MOC] The Organist

    It does look a bit scary and gloomy, actually quite a bit. I love it!
  13. GI_Jack

    Angry Birds Micro

    What a cool little build. It is a masterpiece at this scale
  14. GI_Jack

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    I like it. It is clearly recognizable and full of nice details. Can't wait for more of your old models
  15. Congratulations to winners! Very impressive models!