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Found 11 results

  1. So the only Lego store i have had the opportunity to visit is the Downtown Disney store in Orlando, FL. I was looking at the cup sizes and was trying to determine what was the best way to optimize the space inside the cup so you can get the most for your money. My thought is that if you actually connect the bricks together it will allow for more bricks to fit inside the cup. Has anyone ever tried this? In North Carolina, where i reside, we've got our first Lego store opening in a couple of months. When i go there, i'm going to experiment with this idea and see how much space i can occupy with the plastic bricks. Anyone have their pick a brick story?!
  2. Hello, I want to build a lot of MOC's, but do not want to take existing ones apart. Sometimes I use a part in a certain MOC where I could have used another one. When building another MOC, I might realise that I needed that certain part. What do you do in that situation? Do you take apart the first MOC to replace the part, taking the risk that you do not know how to put it back together? Do you buy the part (PAB, BrickLink,...) and leave your first MOC be?
  3. I did an A3 report of sorting and storing my LEGO. Eliminated rework and did some visual management as a result. Anyone else do this to lessen sort time? What is an A3?:
  4. So after a recent visit to a Lego store, I made a spontaneous purchase and I got a small cup of PAB pieces which I thought would be useful for part of a planned large Endor scene. I poured them all out to have a look and had a moment of creativity I've not felt for a long time. I only used the pieces I'd picked plus two minifigs to make a small scene. Not sure how to describe it, but it's a grass world with large "black fungi" plants. The droid is guarding some sort of fuel pipe, with the clone scouting ahead remaining camouflaged. I hope you enjoy and I'm open to feedback. Pieces obtained: Little set built:
  5. rodiziorobs

    [M - F02] Gate malfunction

    Location: F02, Lesser Drigo Tags: Spying *This week is PAB week, see note at the end!* After Scorpio's failed attempt at escape the previous week, he had tried a number of other things, each of them ending in similar failure. The time came for him to be transferred from Lesser Drigo. Where to? He wasn't sure. Over the sound of more kicking and grumbling, he had heard Dr. Long again in the laundry room, but only learned a few details of the reason for his transfer: he was supposed to meet someone very important, somewhere, and after that Octan would decide his fate. Probably, they would send him somewhere to interrogate him, and then barter with M.A.N.T.I.S. for a prisoner exchange or something. Or he would be executed. Guards escorted him onto a small modified transport ship, once again in chains, and secured him on board. From his position, he could see the pilot on board, and was alarmed to see that it was the woman with the scar--the one who had caught him weeks ago. Scorpio had been looking for a new chance to escape; he knew if they went toward their projected destination, he would still be in Octan custody. However, if he could change their course somewhere else, his fate might be different. The gate opening up The ship was sealed, began its ascent from the planet's surface, and headed toward the gate site in the atmosphere. The ship moved into position, and the woman activated the portal system to open the gate. At once the ship began to experience very heavy turbulence, and everything began shaking uncontrollably. "Hold steady, you bucket of bolts!" the pilot said to herself. "Almost there!" The shaking became so violent that the post Scorpio had been chained to started coming loose from its position. Trying to steady himself, he put all his weight behind the post and lunged--it wrenched free! sending him spiraling into the cabin. "What the!? Get down!" the woman shouted, turning her attention from the gate to Scorpio. The gate began to quiver and change color, and the ship shook even more. This was the moment Scorpio had waited for--stumbling forward, he pushed down on the controls. The little craft surged down and forward, headed toward the unstable gate. The ship diving into the gate "What have you done?!" He heard the woman shouting. The ship was coming apart at the seams: alarms were sounding, lights flashing, and then the gravity stabilizers stopped working, sending both Scorpio and the woman into freefall as the ship hurtled into the unknown... More pics The ship on its own View of the Gate Behind the scenes ******** This week's build is...unique, let's say. I still wanted to contribute this week, but I am in the middle of moving, so my entire collection is packed away in boxes, except for what I picked up at my local store this week--two PAB cups, the July GWP, and a clearance-priced Mixel I threw in to qualify for the GWP. So, everything you see here is from that! I discovered that while the PAB's current selection of green parts is really great , it is hard to work with exclusively (although I am proud of how the Gate turned out!), not to mention that I wasn’t able to do any decent editing on the photos (not that my editing could normally be called “decent” ) Can't wait until this move is over... As a result, I wasn’t able to build out as much of the story as I wanted to, like the ship interior or Scorpio's latest attempt at a daring escape. He really isn't that great of a spy, no matter how hard he tries.
  6. I recently went to the lego store and have never really bought bricks off the PAB wall. As a newcomer to buying peices for my own creations, what tips do you guys have for buying off the wall? I got a large cup of just random pieces (Ive heard large bins are better priced) that I think I could use and that was my only guide really. But do any of you have any past experience or wisdom to share? Some questions I have are: 1) How does lego decide what pieces to put on the wall? 2) Are pieces off the PAB a good deal or is it better online at like the online pick a brick or brick link? 3) Is USD $16 a large cup too expensive? 4) Are there bricks in the really high up containers lol? I couldn't even look all the way up there. 5) What time do you guys go to the store? This is kinda weird but when i go there, there are so many kids running around and its usually pretty hot and im trying to figure out what to get. 6) How often do they change what pieces are on the wall? 7) Essentially is the pick a brick wall the most effective way to get lego pieces for your creations? For now buying the boxes of pieces stores sometimes sell is not really necessary for me as I am not building such large things currently.
  7. Simple enough question...(this may be when I realize that lego is an addiction) but I am trying to find the most economical way to buy bricks, in particular 2x4 bricks of any color in large quantities. My Local lego store sells me a complete box of 2x4 bricks for $110 which includes tax. In those boxes on average I receive 540 bricks. That works out to 0.20 cents a brick The online pick a brick is .30 cents for a 2x4 brick, plus tax so essential .33 cents. This evening I tried to fill a Pick a Brick cup the best way I could with 2x4 bricks and I managed to squeeze in 123 bricks. At $16 plus tax (for the large cup), so $17.60, that equates to a cost of .14 cents a brick If you factor in bringing your old cups in and saving 50 cents it would be $17 (plus tax0 divided by 123 would be a cost of .138cents per brick So with my fuzzy math - it is much cheaper to purchase via the cup rather than the box (thats if you choose not to use So here is my question: How many 2x4 bricks have you been able to fit in a large PAB cup? Do you have any special techniques? Thanks for reading this far :)
  8. Wodanis

    PAB and BnP prices

    Hi everyone, It has been a few weeks since the BnP service has been back online. I've been keeping track of the pricing for PAB and BnP. Currently there have been price increases. Normally we receive price increases yearly some are reasonable and few; other times a baffling increase in price. It's rare I see a part decrease in price. I try to abstain from Bricklink as the prices listed are secondary market and flucuate significantly. This thread is just to comment on PAB and BnP services. BnP prices are up, but what shocked me today was PAB prices increasing. Most base pieces are about .10 cents such as 1x1 tiles and bricks. Most have increased by a cent. Now you may say that is nothing. However once you start adding up your order it adds up. In my comparison of part prices for projects there have been some really odd discrepancies. In some cases I've noticed differences of .20 cents or so. I will have to look up some examples to illustrate. One of things I've been wondering about is why are the prices increasing? A mix of popularity, production costs or just the fact that TLG can. 'More bang for money' What do others think?
  9. Does anyone else think that the parts of PAB are getting worse and worse? I've been looking at old pictures of PAB, and I've found pictures of Sand Green, Dark Orange, and Medium Dark Flesh bricks being found at PAB. Where as now Most of the walls are full of wheels, 2x4 bricks, and 2x6 bricks. Am I the only one who thinks this?
  10. I have yet to spill one personally, seen it happen with the kiddies and moms though. I will offer this though, I was goofing around near a Duplo station and those bricks went all over the floor.
  11. Hello, While in a LEGO store in the US in November I got two of the free holiday pick a brick boxes. These have to be used by the end of March but I won't be in America again until mid-late April. Does anyone know how strict they are on applying the dates for these? Is it worth trying to use them or not worth bothering? Thanks, John