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  1. Using a dog-clutch gearbox for the steering modes will introduce huge slack between the front and rear axles (unless you gear it down with a large ratio, but then steering will become unresponsive and tedious). I think the main reason behind the design in the Claas is not the possibility to switch modes while steered but to reduce slack. The possibility to switch between modes when steered is possibly just a (awesome and realistic) side effect of the mechanism.
  2. That's beautiful. I think it would do well on Ideas.
  3. Than maybe some freshening would me necessary in the designer staff. Anyway, this set looks so bad and expensive that maybe it was designed to make the Porsche look like a bargain. The B-model looks like it was designed by a rookie.
  4. Scale Modeling Building Help

    There are quite a lot of wheel sizes so in Technic the fake engine size is important too. Also some parts (for example wheel arches) may not be available for a certain scale. So there are a lot of things to consider and I always start with sketch versions in digital form with wheels, fake eingine, some characteristic body panels, etc hovering in the space before finalizing the scale and jumping into the design.
  5. Manual operation.
  6. Hmm, I didn't notice that the "eyebrow" panels stick so much towards the front. I think the smaller panels would look better and make a more aerodynamic surface. With the current panel your smaller headlight version works better.
  7. I think the bigger area around the headlight well-defined by the panel edges would make a good headlight shape without the flex axle A quick mockup:
  8. Technic Photography

    Another thing to consider is how close the camera is to the object. For artistic pictures if you want to make the model feel as big as a real object, you should place the camera closer. But to properly show the shape/proportions and to make the viewer "feel the shape" better, in my opinion placing the camera further (I usually shoot my models from 1,5 to 2 meters distance) is better. Two examples. The first picture is not a picture shoot to be "artistic", but simply I didn't realize that time that I have to place the camera further. Jup, and as you can see, I also failed to crop my images to standard sizes or aspect ratios in the past...
  9. Lamborghini Veneno

    The stacked beam technique is is really justified here and it looks perfect. Considering the looks, there isn't really much else left to be said in the world of Lego supercars. You and your brother can build anything so there's hardly a point for us to build replicas any more. So, when will you come up with your own designs?
  10. Future MOCs

    I have 4 project ideas that would keep me busy for 2 years but I will probably have no time this year, and also my drive is vanishing, so I maybe I'll never build them. working drumset optionally with a working drummer (with joystick control) RC dakar rally car with 2x2 or 2x3 L motors, a totally unrealistic but well-performing chassis with trailing arm suspension (integrating the motors) with double wishbones to fake the look of independent suspension, anti-roll system not relying on twisting axles, awesome looking body full RC grader with ALL characteristic functions motorized and remote controlled (with some pneumatics too) Iveco off road(ish) truck, something like this:
  11. The biggest problem with the white clutch gear is that its resistance is not consistent. Maybe you can choose one that eliminats the clicking, or makes the mechanism too weak, or doesn't eliminate clicking.
  12. Test Poll

    I'm a newbie in web programming, but isn't pushing Submit should produce a query string in the url? Because clearly it doesn't add the query string to the url. Maybe the error is on the client side?
  13. Test Poll

    not working on IE 11
  14. Test Poll

    Same here. I only see the result when I open the see results in another tab and my vote is not added. IE 11 on Windows 7.
  15. I think the overall design is good, it's a bit like a Le Mans racer from the 70s, maybe because of the wheels. Apart form the paneling at some parts (this is still a WIP, so things will likely improve) the main problem I have with the model is the too low roof profile. I think one stud higher would make the overall shape more proportional. I also like the color scheme with the multiple colors which is a current trend with real cars too.