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  1. That's a decent inventory. Maybe that'd be my first piece of furniture after moving.
  2. Awesome model and story! Congratulations for your success.
  3. Which models did you decide to keep?
  4. Interesting info about the LAs. I had the same setup with my telehandler and I haven't noticed this effect, though the LAs are much further apart in my case, so that might compensate it a bit. A bigger Another problem with this double setup is that when LAs reach their end positions and the inner clucthes engage, the torque when the LAs can start moving into the opposite direction will differ. The more you let the LAs click like crazy, the bigger the difference will be. It can happen that one LA starts to move while the other is still stuck. This will jam the system very soon and the only way to fix it is to dismount the LAs' ends, align their lengths and mount them again. I noticed tis effect on an exhibiion where I let the kids play with the model for a long time and when kids let the clutched click like crazy. I had to fix the LA's about every hour. Luckily it was simple to do the fix, and it's simple in case of the 42082 too. I still don't know how to properly fix this issue, my gut feeling says applying a differential between the LAs would be much worse than hard coupling. I don't think that placing th egears on the proper side would fix it. White 24t gears are also much worse since their clutch power is much more unreliable that the LAs. EDIT: it would be easy to swap side of the idler gear in case of my model, I'll give it a try when I'll have time. Curse my symmetry mania... On the model: it's funny how over-complicated their solution is to enfore one way switching of the battery box. It could be done with like 4 pieces instead of 9.
  5. This is an awesome topic. Too bad I won't have time for this, but I would go for a manual but easy to motorize model, that's sure. Something not too big but complex with only one input.
  6. I don't know how my style changed, it got only mature I guess. In my first builds I was over ambitious (most of them are abandoned or never got pass the daydreaming stage), but that was gone quickly. The evolution from messy to neat was quite linear, due to gaining experience (especially in goal oriented building*) and collecting sufficient parts inventory to maintain at least two builds of the same project at a time. I can point out one specific style change: I used to hate placing (and seeing in others' MOCs) beams with holes pointing upwards as structural elements in the chassis. Now I'm okay with it if used with taste. One trait remained unchanged during the years: my preference towards interesting solutions against super efficient solutions. Nowadays I think I could find effective solutions, but those are sometimes too dull to my liking. And also I still love to incorporate recurring motifs/solutions in one build. I wonder if anyone who built my models noticed these... *by this I mean it was a quite linear learning curve from "looking for a problem to solve with a random specific part or micro assembly" (specific solution->fitting problems) to start from the problem and find the proper solution for it (specific problem->fitting solutions). I'm not sure that's clear. I guess the evolution was simply the consequence of the growing part and micro-assembly database in my mind.
  7. I'd place the roof 1-2 studs more towards the rear.
  8. The B model looks much more convincing than the A model.
  9. That's pretty good thing I think. If the company shows it's for everyone then the dumb parents will more probably buy this for girls too. And girls are into this stuf just like boys, only their dumb parents try to train them off.
  10. We are doing the same rounds again. Anyhoo, one can justify their general design choices and I can agree with that. It's the low quality of the functions and the build istelf that are hard to justify (I'm not saying that the quality is poor in general). If there's a function, it should work more or less reliably. A set (at least I naively thought so) is not only a parts pack but also a teaching material, especialy in Technic. The studless system is not easy to do elegantly, also we get new parts every year, I still learn a lot from the sets (looking at the Chiron, I could learn how to stack beams randomly ). Another thing that bothers me is that I can see some "better" designs from hobbyists. One can argue about this, but in many cases I see strict or even stricter self imposed constrains in fan buils as TLG has. Is it really that sci-fi for a modern company to team up with hobbyists in some projects (the only one I've seen so far was the Crawler body design project, and it was pretty succesful as I recall), or contract out some work? Okay, there are knock-off companies so it's a big risk (um... a proper contract maybe?) but I didn't see effort from TLG even before these companies emerged. Technic Ideas is a total failure, no need to say. I don't think Lego can just lay back, as it still didn't defeat the knock-offs, whose quality will evenually reach Lego quality for 1/3 prize. And they even sell fan-designed models.
  11. Lipko

    42080 Forest Harvester

    The reds bits that are so offending, not the overall colors.
  12. Lipko

    Discussion Etiquette

    I really don't understand why you are so sensitive about what's happening on the forum. I understood when you were offended in your intro thread, but why do you care so much about the general attitude here? Plus the majority of the over-passionate comments is because 3-4 separate subtopics are debated simultaneously in one thread and people feel that their comments are ignored. The Chiron thread is a good example, because there was the "lack-of-features" subtopic, the "quality-of-existing-features" subtopic, the "looks" subtopic, the "chassis colors" subtopic, the "who's-the-target-audience" subtopic, the "modding-is-part-of-the experience-or-ruins-it" subtopic and maybe more. Even if the opinions of a subtopic are quite polarized, people have different sides in each subtopic. I can't really name many people who had all the same opinions as me, but dozens of people had the same opinions as me in each subtopic. It's very hard to follow so the thread became something like a loud marketplace where most people felt ignored or not understood, so felt the need to restate the opinion in one of or all subtopics many times. Honestly this is the friendliest forum I'v seen in on the internet, even with the almost zero moderation. I was a forum addict for 2 years, so I've seen some. I agree with you that everyone should take a minute before replying to a comment, I have countless replies, even pretty long ones that I didn't post eventually. Clearly my forum addiction was not enough to learn how to effectively communicate, sorry....
  13. read back. it's been puzzled out earlier.
  14. Don't forget, that they almost went bankrupt not so long ago. Or something. honestly, I didn't look it up. And also big themes disappeared in the past. Anyhoo, back on topic: I'm pretty happy that the parts are evolving, I'm okay with the rules they set (color vomit, etc) and I follow them. I'm not that happy with the sets though. And I know, I should design it for myself or shut up, but I also like casual building, which is building sets. Building MOCs is anything but casual, since they are expensive, parts are hassle to collect, and most instructions I saw are not so high quality to say the least. So yep, I would be happy with better sets and proper B models from designers who's main job is designing sets and B models.
  15. I think the friction pins are there simply to reduce slack (sideways motion). It may improve building quality too a tiny bit (it can be frustrating that the partially assembled suspension flips-flaps as you hanndle the front unit). Two springs should be enough to downplay the friction. So yeah, it may not be that easy to fix. The biggest problem is the too much weight and it's caused by (in my opinion) the unoptimized chassis. Too many stacked liftarms in the chassis and hacky junctions. Even the non functional areas seem to be too dense (look at the front part of the chassis, okay, there's a differential there too...). As we can see in the MOD thread (though I'm still waiting for real testing) the gearbox could be optimized too.