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  1. Whatever works for a given MOC. I usually work on all aspects of a model in general, but obviously I only focus on one small thing at a time. It's usually good to have a rough outline of all the things (bodywork, gearbox, engine, whatever) and how they come together in order to avoid big "surprises" during development (for example bad proportions, main things not fitting in, impossible to properly reinforce chassis, etc). Also, for me, this jumpiing-around-method helps keeping my flow and prevent premature optimizing/perfecting a module (which can be risky because you migh have to do major redesign if something intersects with your "perfect" module). It can be exciting to build something from the inside out, and for example let the chassis dictate how the body looks, but it's a very risky business (at least for me).
  2. Could you block the steering rods with the chassis instead? I know it would cause sum rubbing but maybe it would be acceptable. You could then replace the blue half-pins with a pin with pinhole and place a 180° axle connector between them with the center hole pointing upwards. I guess the movement of the rack is +- 1 stud, so the tiny edges wouldn't mean a problem. Or something like that... Or maybe the pin with a pinhole parts' pinholes should point upwards? You have some place in the chassis to fix their orientation.
  3. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Looks good so far but don't you think the front part of the chassis is a bit too bulky? It will be quite hard to fit the hood to give proper proportions.
  4. Yup, all of this rampage because of a picture about a common piece. A picture anyone with a half-decent camera can make in a matter of minutes... Really guys, all of this is putting me of. The sharing part of this hobby is getting lost by "professionalism" and making money. The best builders stop sharing their models to make profit or to work for the Chinese knockoff companies. Now, a fight over a goddanm piece. Where are we heading? Sorry for the rant and the off.
  5. What the flying megabluck is happening here guys? Tell me it's only some wird Jim Carrey joke.
  6. Technic Photography

    A web tool would be cool, but I guess that there are php libraries that can handle image compression pretty well too. Though I guess that would slow down the server-side code, so we would gain nothing in the end... The ultimate soluition would be storing the images on the forum server, that would solve a lot of things.
  7. Technic Photography

    How about integrating that feature into the forum itself? Some php magic?
  8. Someone should arrange an exhibition of the collection. I think you could keep the collection for another 2-3 months and that's enough to arrange one
  9. That's pretty awesome! It was my also conclusion that the pullbacks don't have enough power to propel something via legs.
  10. [TC13] Micro clock

    That looks awesome! To be honest, this beats Didumos' model with a tiny bit for me. So much for aesthetics vs function
  11. I kind of agree and disagree with you. I feel a bit upset when models get praised which don't work and/or hard and frustrating to assemble or so fragile that they fall apart during assembly. My models look okay, but work okay at the same time and the assembly is okay too (especially if I make instructions), and I still don't exist for Hungarians for example. I don't exist for shops (I always order with my own name, and there's pretty much the only one in the world with this name), for exhibitions*, for SBrick, whatever. Yet, I hear builders say they get discounts, promotions etc. On the other hand, there's nothing stopping us from designing awesome models that get attention in this age we are living in (if we live in the luckier half of the world...). We are doing something wrong. Maybe we should jut let go popularity (less attention to or no photo, video or instructions making) and focus on building. *Oky, I am invited to an exhibition for the second time in my life, because the organizer is a member of the forum I used to visit and the few builders there were invited. The first was some 5 years ago after my V12 Coupé, I really though that time my "career" started.
  12. Luckily my videos are not good enough to steal.
  13. Why not a photo sequence? Almost the same as a video.
  14. Holes in Technic MOCs

    You can't perfectly fill holes without introducing unwanted edges all around (for example runged edges in the middle of a surface that's supposed to be smooth). Then it's the designer's choice how she/he will balance these two contradicting demands (less large holes or less unwanted edges). For example I don't like Sheepo's body designs (the only exception is the Land Rover). They look like a patchwork of random pieces.
  15. Even if it's not 100% authentic, I would add "A pillars" to the '62. Without windshield, it looks strange.