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  1. Lipko

    Technic Pub

    I operated a hot-wire foam cutting machine during my first job. It was a stock hobby machine but I designed a proper table for it and fixed it's jerky motion (backlash compensation to the spindle was added). Simple decoration manufacturing, so designing and implementing these modifications was much more interesting than operating the machine itself.
  2. Lipko

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room

    @nerdsforprezThat looks awesome! Though those shelfes look very long, I wonder if they would warp in time. On a second look, maybe it's just the photos and they are not that long.
  3. Lipko

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    It's just shading. It's mimics a bulging shape which is lit from above.
  4. Lipko

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I cannot care less how a set is marketed. And I don't see either how marketing in this case correlates with quality. It's not a two-person company. And I don't get why color/sex/orientation is still a thing. But since it is, don't be surprised that marketing/politics is pushing the topic until it becomes all natural. If you don't like different people, turn away. I don't like these abnormal things too much either, it's a part of the human nature. But there's million times bigger shit to swallow (the worsening climate in this part of the world and COVID for example) than some strange sexual behaviour and strange physique.
  5. Lipko

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Sicker headlights lately. This is a very bad direction IMHO.
  6. Lipko

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    I'd place the headlights half+half studs apart, if it's possible. Otherwise it's my favorite entry so far. I like the panel bumber much better, even if it's a bit off from the original.
  7. Lipko

    [MOC] Classic Porsche 911 1:10

    According to my experience, even hard springs work okay if the piston end is attached with a pin (frictionless pin, so quite flimsy) and the housing part is properly braced. By far my smoothest suspension design had this mounting ( Not sure about ball joints though, and yes, @gyenesvi is not quite right about opposite mounting cancelling effect. But my feeling (I haven't thought it through) is that opposite mounting is stronger than same-side mounting, as in the former case the soft part would bend like an "S", while in the latter it would bend like a "C". It's takes a bigger load to bend something to an S than a C because the bending radius is smaller (bigger deformation). Or whatever, my diploma is only for decoration.
  8. It's interesting and valid, but then why are they asking for a portfolio? It implies they prefer candidates with LEGO experience, but if you are right, they basically make AFOLs chase a rainbow. EDIT: maybe I misunderstood and they didn't ask for LEGO but a generic portfolio... Also, do you think that the hiring process is not so good if AFOLs make it to de final stage only to fail there easily? I mean at least being talented in industrial design and the ability to work with limitation and in a team should be apparent during many hiring stages.
  9. I'm still lightyears away from 5000€/month salary even though I'm a senior(ish) test engineer at a multinational company. In Hungary... so I'd be okay with that small 5000€/month. As for turning hobby into a career: I just don't find any significant time for Lego hobby. The only way for me to do Lego is to do it professionally. Not that I would move to another country for any career, maybe this was a bit obvious in my application, I didn't want to lie about that tiny dilemma.... But my CV come together pretty well, maybe I'll upload it to my website.
  10. I applied and got rejected. At least not the usual "Thank's for your interesting our company" message.
  11. Lipko

    Sourcing parts

    I prefer getting parts from only a few places at a time, mainly because of minimum order limits and shipping. If I was selling, I'd look at some of the most popular Technic MOCs with instructions and build up stock mainly from their inventory.
  12. Now THAT is a good example of what this contest is about for me.
  13. Lipko

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    I didn't say not allowed, I say that this contest will get out of hand very quickly without clearly communicated jury preferences. If 1:1 copy of the original but with studded parts are not discouraged (I didn't say disqualified) in a way, than builders who would chose non-Technic topics will be discouraged to take the bigger risk. All I am trying to say that it's voting will be totally unpredictable, I think separating Technic from non-Technic (2 categories, I recall we had some contest with such a thing) would have been a better choice.
  14. Lipko

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    I might be totally wrong here, but a simple rebuilding is not a very hard task, as it can be seen from the WIP pics so far. It's much harder to design a model from zero based on a non-Technic model. I wouldn't call it a fair competition. So I would encourage a proper paraphrasing, at least it should be preferred by the jury. It this particular case I would (if it is was my entry) keep all the functions and solutions of the original, but build it in a smaller scale with some cleverly used panels, since studless is capable of that. I will be harsh, but the model as it can be projected at this state will be a boring, emply pile of beams, more like a K'nex set, obsolete looking even 20 years ago.
  15. For a promo image I'd suggest the 40th anniversary set. It shows perfectly that with tuday's studdless it's possible to remake old sets in a much smaller scale. To be honest, the entries I see so far are mere beam-by-beam-replacement models. This challenge might be much tougher than any other contest before... Please guys, don't make my eyes bleed because of beam stacking! EDIT: sorry, it's just my personal preference, I understand that a 1:1 studdless version is also interesting and looks cool, so I'll stop here.