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  1. I use this all the time if applicable.
  2. It would be good to see some pictures with lights on (and probably in a dark room)
  3. I'll be honest. I just didn't expect this from you. While I think your mechanical skills are amazing and you're one of the few trial truck legends from before Lego was cool (and one of my inspirators to get into Lego), looks was not your strongest skill. But this model is gorgeous. I'm a little lost for words. Congratulations!
  4. You could be a motorbike designer by profession. This one looks so good. I'd love to see a full, non-Lego version of the model too.
  5. Looks awesome by far, though I'm a bit worried how the bodywork will fit there, the front chassis takes up quite a lot of space.
  6. Maybe the same concept, but the steering wheel could slide sideways in a concept car. Left, mid, right. Steer-by-wire obviously.
  7. Walker robots for heavy terrain. Nanorobots. Flying Lego.
  8. I don't think I'll ever have a Lego room, but I can empathize with the building part. I'm in the middle of a slow but full renovation of our house+garden. I just finished grouting the toilet groud tiles before posting. This is one reason I can't do any Lego nowadays and it is kind of a necessity, because craftsmen in construction industry are ridicuolusly expensive and low quality in Hungary, so besides electric and pipework, I have to do everything. Now my wife and I are designing our hobby+home office corner in the livingroom, I think that will be my workplace + the carpet ot the ground.
  9. You misunderstood. I only brough up that as an example that too many of us act like they must be knowing what they are doing, we just don't have the insight to understand their decisions and make no mistakes. It can be a good example too, of course, that they can change. Rising of clone brands is a game changer, hopefully Lego does know what it's doing.
  10. Sarcastic and a bit tired of working. I like saying BS thins, just for making the bell icon shine. With that said, I would like to see some statistics how we are the "minority". Before Lego was cool (some time before The Lego Movie) I didn't meet anyone who knew a thing about Technic, even if they were somewhat into Lego. There were a few guys who did remember something from their childhoods, guys who pronounced it as Thechnix (facepalm). I was in an exibitions with my models, even Lego AFOL builders didn't really get this Technic thing. I was sampling that wrong? From the majority we became a tiny insignificant minority in just some years? Are we sure? The majority of this forum is by mere change mainly consist of this insignificant majority minority? Is the sunscriber count on the biggest Technic FB pages really represents the market, and not only shows that there are a wast number of people who are throwing out subcriptions like seeds? Or have we analyzing the market? In a world where Lego becomes a kind of investment (not only for a few chosen insider people, there are articles about how good investment Lego is in the biggest online news sites. I know a person who was never ever into Lego buying ALL the Porsche UCS sets he found in the biggest Lego shop. He spent thousands of Euros just for investment). That's why I am not that convinced that the cirrent policy is that good for long-term business in a world of heavy competition, because this FB-stats obsession and Lego-as-investment bubbles might pop one day. So convince me
  11. Without the snarky tone: What @nerdsforprez says ("we should be glad that Lego isn't aiming at us but a much wider audience, so we can have all the parts for our MOCing operations for forever") is only valid in a world with no strong clone brand competitors. We have precedent of Lego copying a clone brand "invention": PLIFTARMs. So we are not in that world.
  12. We are acting like at TLG managers are know-it-alls and they cannot make mistakes so every decision they make is perfectly valid business decisions. We haven't seen any big companies going bankrupt because of bad decisions, Lego never was near bankrupcy. So we, who have been into Lego since 20+ years should shut our mouths up and turn to clone brands if we don't like things, because Lego must be knowing that it's a good long-term business to please only casual and once-in-a-lifetime Lego buyers and to compensate the lack in quality with enourmous branding operations.
  13. I agree it's fun to build such huge vehicles, and interestingly I don't mind motors during building despite my preference for manual models. In general it just looks awesome how they fit into a chassis. It's just the few hours of building fun doesn't justify the prize and the final models "faults". It's been so long I built anything, those "PLIFTARMS" change constriction a lot, don't they? I would love to try those one day (heck, I even missed the larger frames)!
  14. "Lego is for kids". Therefore we have these 18+ sets, so that you, as an adult, who don't give a crap about Lego so you don't see how inferior they actually are in comparison with "normal Lego for the kids", can have a cool model never meant to play with on your shelf and don't feel uncool (better keep the box so if you get some risen eyebrows from your frieds you can proove them you are not uncool, because the model will fail to proove it by itself). It's just marketing. I started before Lego was cool. Now Lego is coming down the chimney. Edit: the high prize can be attributed to that "feel cool" thing. One must be a cool person if one can spend 450 on a decoration.
  15. The [TRIPLE] contest had 500 parts limit too. It was on the honesty of the contestants.