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  1. I'm pretty sure now that there's no trick with the string, because we would see it running behind the boom.
  2. 42080 Forest Harvester

    I guess because of the colors, but it looks like some kindergarten toy (kindergarten, 'cause you wouldn't buy such a thing for your own kid...). Macaroni? Are you from Finland?
  3. And I guess the string's end at the top is simply fixed by hitching its end stud-piece-thing between two 3L connectors. The other end at the fork frame is probably fixed by putting the stud into the frame's pinhole facing downwards. It's clearly visible that you can insert the string in after everything else and fix it with the 3L connector and 2x2L axles and restricting/securing it at the roller by the 5L axle. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious here...
  4. I think there is only one stage. The moving boom section seems to be 2 studs out and the overall lift is not more than 4 studs.
  5. In my opinion these sets look awful except for the crane. I'm really curious about the Chiron.
  6. I think it looks awesome. But one thing still puzzles me: how can the two linear actuators handle the weight of the boom. My telehandler's actuators struggled with a smaller boom.
  7. General(ish) question(s) to the Lego company: Do you plan to adopt alternative employment forms in set design, such as home office, contract work etc? What is the reason it's not adopted? Will the IDEAS method to introduce fan-designed models be reviewed in some way? Now it's clear that the Technic theme has pretty much zero chance on IDEAS.
  8. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Nice progress so far, the sketches are beautiful but honestly, I would be happier with a design that's guided by Lego parts than a forced/unnatural build to match the sketches.
  9. Pneumatics will have a sticking effect after some standing time, especially if they are not high quality (and Lego pneumatics is not the best quality). No matter how do you run them in. We call this "Monday Morning effect" in the pneumatics company I work at. In case of Lego cylinders (plastic and rubber (?) in contact at the piston), this strong firs-operation-sticking effect can arise even after half an hour or so in steady state. So I don't think you can do much about this.
  10. Where's your PRO tag? I love everything about this model. The looks, the performance, the building quality.
  11. Attitudes and mindsets

    Yup, most of the comment on my windup insects/insectoids video is that crabs are not insects... Plus many of the comments for my telehandler is that the music sucks (which is jam recording of my own band by the way)
  12. Attitudes and mindsets

    To add to the discussion, there are people like me who think that they are good, they know the reasons why they think they're, yet they usually see awesome looking MOCs with tons of solutions that are against their wievs (illegal techniques, weak connections, unplayable/unreliable functions, wrong proportions, etc) praised to the heaven. These things feel a bit unfair and makes us feel underrated. I know it's not a healthy attitude, but I think at least I'm mature enough to stomach this feeling and I can refrain from commenting or only comment on the good things of the MOC. I guess there are builders who can't resist the feeling, and this frustration often targets non-members' MOCs or newcomers'.
  13. A MOC is never finished? Tell me a thing in life that's ever considered finished. For me the things that help me to stop: -the drive to publish a MOC -the speed of parts and solutions becoming obsolete (new parts every year), so it's a bit like an arms race. -probably a healty project approach to things (I can't express what I mean by this) Starting a new MOC is not really forcing me to finish the previous, there were occasions when 2 or even 3 MOCs were developed paralelly (I mean 1-2 MOCs were put on hold until another one was finished, say because of a contest), and there are always months of no work at all between projects.
  14. Bugatti Chiron 1:8

    It's actually prettier than the original car
  15. Aren't the wheels too small for the scale?