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  1. It's hard to discuss about something we don't see and know of. We do see the shape and scale now. So don't go nuts
  2. I think the flex axles above the door are right. It's the roof that seems off.
  3. Hopefully with a crosshole on each sides, as ther1s only stud space.
  4. Ummmm. I might have to buy this. Red parts, rims.
  5. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Drinking is a hobby so your sampling is wrong
  6. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    oh noes not that cliché again
  7. That front beam looks pretty strange.
  8. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Last comment from me: Making comments, reading the thread, etc: 2-3 hours, which can be done from job. Designing a simple model: 20 hours.
  9. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I didn't say it's a problem (because it's an awesome thing), even if sounded so. It's not about perfectionism, I was expressing that it can be a bit demotivational for many of us, who don't have the time or the brain speed to quickly design MOCs. And by demotivating I don't mean totally demotivating, just a small annoyance along with the others well-expressed by NKubate, which can erode motivation during many years and MOCs. The thread is not about how bad Lego is, it's about the decreasing number of MOCs shared on this site, which is a combination of many old members slowly loosing motivation and that new builders doesn't come here often enough to fill the gaps, probably because this site is no longer a market-leading space partly due to it's web1.0 design :)
  10. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I feel sorry for this because I was very excited about your project and I wasn't interested in the "cramming as many features" version. I share the same principles as you (I could never reach your level) and yes, it is demotivating that most fans and MOCers don't really care about the building quality, which is a bit shame because that's really the point in pursuing a construction toy hobby: Because there are cheaper and more effective ways than Lego to make functioning and good looking models. What's the point in sculpting a Lego (and deny its own laws) to a point where it doesn't look Lego any more. I talked a few times about the same thing with Paul Boratko, it's not surprising that he doesn't really share his stuff here any more. Yes, but as it was already mentioned, this also puts stress on the design process as the circumstances are continuously changing. Developing something for months that becomes totally obsolete with introducing some new parts is extremely demotivating. This was one reason why I pushed myself finishing my models even if I didn't feel the design was mature enough. And this drive certainly doesn't help quality and wow-ness of a MOC. And I do feel that new parts are coming out more frequently and in bigger quantities nowadays.
  11. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Yes, if you are not auto signed out from either sites for some reason. I use Brickshelf. A quick image posting here alone takes 5 minutes with a PC (logging in to BS, navigating to some temporary folder to upload (waiting to finish), getting and copying the deeplink and posting here). Not counting picture resize operations which this site requires to be readable.
  12. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I think a few tricks would improve the site a lot in mobile view. Like shallowing the menu, hiding avatars in posts and set the margins between the posts to zero, a better/more obvious gallery view or even a fixed gallery on the top (where all the pictures in a thread are automatically collected), I'd decrease the font size of posts too (take a peek at Facebook) and hide quotes by default (zero side margins for quotes), etc. Many of these are rather simple CSS tweaks. That enormous header doesn't help too much either and I don't really think those tags are having any informational value (does these tags have actual usage value? I never used then or searched for them). The "recently browsing" field in the footer is also doesn't hold much value in my opinion. Also the topic list has very big list items as it is filled with not very relevant info. Those info should be with smaller font and margins at least, but also could be simply hidden in mobile view (like view ad post counts, tags, timestamp). Though indeed the biggest influence would be hosting pictures, that's a bit of a hurdle to get pictures up here. But that's the hardest thing to solve, I guess. Though maybe Eurobricks could make a huge account on an image hosting site and simply use some scripting to host there and embed images from there. Sorry to hijack, i really don't feel like doing my actual job, so I post instead...
  13. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I'm here for being included in Lego themed books and to be invited to TV shows. So that I'd b famous and very cool. Or get donations so I can quit my daily job. Or get a comment from Sariel/M_Longer/Mahj on a MOC of mine at last. Missions not accomplished.
  14. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I'm not sure. Probably before 2014, when The Lego Movie came out. It was totally awesome, don't get me wrong. But by this time, we even have a Lego building reality show
  15. Lipko

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Interestingly I experienced the opposite in the last few years, though I don't follow Lego MOCs lately during the pandemic (I'm watching the death statistics more). For me personally (apart from having very small free time) seeing the flood of good quality looking MOCs was demoralizing (everything worthy is done and better that I could ever do) and also when I started this and got some success, Lego was not cool. Since then Lego Marketing became so aggressive (also for MOCing) that it became cool but also irritating at the same time. Maybe similar happened to the others of the older MOCer generations. I consider myself one of the last of the generation before Lego was cool. The greatest of that generation now has families, so we will see MOCs from them less often. Nevertheless, probably Eurobricks is now simply NOT a market leading forum (if it ever was) and we old farts don't know where to look. The problem is that many really bad quality MOC instructions are sold for money. I agree that most MOCs focus on looks and functions and don't care about quality.