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  1. Taking/uploading pictures (even poor quality) and writing up proper text is pretty time demanding. For me, asking me to update would not be motivating but frustrating. When I'm in a rush and hopefully in a flow mind-state, updating the WIP would totally distract me. So I think enforcing would mean decreasing WIP topic quality (I guess I'm not the only one with this thing). But if that would be the rule, we would adapt, I guess...
  2. About the "video" wins thing: look at my winner entry videos. It's hard to say that they are killer videos. Only my photos are decent. Sheet of paper+natural light+any phone would suffice. Please, no mandantory WIPs. That minimizez the chances for me to EVER enter a contest again :P Really, making time for a contest is hard by itself, but to be available through he whole contest time... And no chance to one's my mind if one realizes one's model woudln't work and restart from zero.
  3. I have always been modelling things. In my teenage days I did paper modelling (also MOCs) and 3D modeling. After that programming (games and a simulator, which is modeling in a way), at the moment nothing. I'm interested in system Lego too, but Technic is simpler (less parts to choose from). I don't know why but it was always easy for me to finish things. I don't know why "modeling". Maybe when I'll have kids (and with the new house) I'll start to build more serious and awesome things.
  4. Okay, I'm still lost for words. Anyhoo, I rehashed my paypal account, I'm going to look into the instructions. One minor grip: using the windshield wiper and function selector is a bit strange for me (I know you did the same in the LaFerrari), I'd prefer a normal selector, you don't have to hide/disguise everything (especially with a totally unrelated, but functional-in-real-life thing), it's a functional toy after all.
  5. I works, of course, but it seems to increase part count and weight for no real benefit. That was just one example by the way.
  6. Speaking about solutions and techniques, those 3 frames stacked on to of each other in the axles burns my eyes. For me, this and the Chiron are a bad sign of the degrading building quality.
  7. Everything looks pretty fix to me...
  8. People keep arguing about the suspension, but real cranes of such type doesn't seem to have suspension either (or only a minimal). The mudguards are too close to the wheel.
  9. Lipko

    Technic Photography

    We also did some video shoot, maybe you can find it if you look for bizarre porn.
  10. Lipko

    Technic Photography

    I killed the forum...
  11. Lipko

    Technic Photography

    A probe shoot for wedding photos: By the way, the blue background didn't work so well for the photos...
  12. No, we shouldn't. Because it's just a matter of personal preference. I, for one, find many parts per step to be much more exhausting (and boring) than few parts per step. And I want to have fun with building from instructions, MOCing is struggling enough. Maybe I wouldn't bother with buying sets if they were exhausting/boring to build. The difference between system and Technic (as it was also discussed numerous times) is that system models can be built in layers so it's easier to detect where parts go. On the other hand, studless Technic is usually not built in layers. In some cases, there may be layers so more parts could de inserted in some specific steps, but that would be against consistency, I guess. *I honestly don't get all the fuss about instructions. If you want more challenge, skip steps, build subassemblies without looking at the callout, whatever. You can build the way you like, but in the other case (many parts per step), you couldn't decite to build in a casual way.
  13. I agree with that to some extent, I can only compare the model to my telehandler, which is about the same overall size (mine may be a bit longer), simliar level of visual details, the strenght of the chassis is the usual from me, and also the way it's motorized is very similar to 42082. My model has 2300 parts, but no rotating superstructure, no fake engine and no rear outriggers. I has a few features the crane lacks (3 steering modes and pendular suspension, working steering wheel). But yes, I think the crane can be done with 3000 parts. If I had time, I'd take the challenge. I think I'm going to buy the model by the way, and will try to design C, D, E etc models.
  14. It may be totally wrong, but one reason for the lazy B.model may be that the model is simply too large and taking it apart takes too much effort for the customers. I'm not sure if I'd bother with it just to build the B model. So a proper B model would mean not much added value for most of the customers but great effort for TLG. Maybe TLG learned it from the BWE. Of course, I didn't take a look at the B model in detail, so if the bottom is actually different, my argument fails. Edited stuff. My English fails me again...
  15. That's a decent inventory. Maybe that'd be my first piece of furniture after moving.