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  1. I said this too many times, but "finally this model really has a chance to succeed on Ideas"
  2. Yup, quite shocking for a first MOC...
  3. Lipko

    [MOC] 1:12 White Supercar

    Well, it has more functions than any of my 1:10 supercars... Great job, on the functions, and the looks is awesome too! The only thing I don't like is the engine cover: the beams spearately pivot on frictionless pins?
  4. Lipko

    Technic Pub

    I also made some small games. Mostly remakes but I also invented one for a contest. You can try some of these games and read more here: Note, that while I did programmingwith passion, I was lazy for making a proper site for the portfolio (it's just a blogger template with some rather lame tweaks), it may fall apart on some browsers/systems. Maybe I will fix it some times, I'm much more experienced with html and CSS since then.
  5. Lipko

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    I like the chassis very much, especially how the motors serve as the main part of the chassis. Make me want to build something in this scale
  6. In my opinion the most interesting contests (big entry count and also some wonderful-by-itself models) were the ones with the more generic topics. The pneumatic contest, the SBrick contest (probably my favorite so far), the C model contest, the first contest with the water theme, etc. These unusual and specific topics were not as exciting for me as a spectator. So in my opinion, it's time for a generic contest again. But maybe it's just me because even in a contest I look for models that are complete by themselves without context.
  7. Lipko

    New LEGO Forma

    At 1:53 in the video I felt second hand embarrassment.
  8. Oh, I see you don't have a pro tag. That whole pro tag thing is quite ineffective and misleading...
  9. Eric Leppen said that maybe this is the reason why it's better to share instruction than not. A good model will be knocked-off anyway, but you can guess the quality of such models with no instructions to work with. With that said, it's still a mistery how the could screw up Bruno's P1 and Madoca's Schaman. Is it intentional?
  10. The question is not wether it's perfectly okay to charge for instructions or not (I also paid for the P1 instructions, even though I never intended to build it). The question is that is it really worth going nuts and perhaps not sharing models because of the pirating, especially if it's not even sure that it harms the designer significantly (not considering knock-offs with mistakes which can ruin a designer's reputation). BTW if I'd be approached by a knock-off company (I will never be on that level), I'd seriuosly consider contracting then if I were allowed to share any of my designs with the puplic without their permission. Also I would never accept a commision if I wasn't allowed to share the instructions (or digital file).
  11. If the conclusion is really not sharing things and doing commission work with privacy then it's time for me to quit the community part of this hobby too. I can spend my time better than looking at medicore models because the real talents hide their works to get some money.
  12. From a full product point of view: Since Lego parts are much more expensive and less easily available (this is a guess only) in the biggest market for the copycats, I don't think that 2 has too much effect on 1. People who buy copycats wouldn't buy instructions ad go through all the hassle (or pay a fortune, like on Mochub) to get the model if it was the only way to get a model (or at least the number of buyers that would is very small). Thins thing is very hard to measure for this reason. From only instructions point of view: I think it's not very different. People who don't want a full model and are just curious about instructions but asshats enough to get a pirate versions wouldn't pay for instructions even if pirate versions were not available. So I may be totally wrong, but in most cases (especially with Technic) we are talking about rather small numbers. In my opinion, the real problem is the ba quality of the copies which ruins the designers reputation.
  13. Taking/uploading pictures (even poor quality) and writing up proper text is pretty time demanding. For me, asking me to update would not be motivating but frustrating. When I'm in a rush and hopefully in a flow mind-state, updating the WIP would totally distract me. So I think enforcing would mean decreasing WIP topic quality (I guess I'm not the only one with this thing). But if that would be the rule, we would adapt, I guess...
  14. About the "video" wins thing: look at my winner entry videos. It's hard to say that they are killer videos. Only my photos are decent. Sheet of paper+natural light+any phone would suffice. Please, no mandantory WIPs. That minimizez the chances for me to EVER enter a contest again :P Really, making time for a contest is hard by itself, but to be available through he whole contest time... And no chance to one's my mind if one realizes one's model woudln't work and restart from zero.