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  1. You have my vote too, and I love that the wacky function isn't about harming the other racers.
  2. Hmm, I agree that openable trunk and hood is pretty important because those are functions that might be used even in a display only model. I think if you invest a little more time in your models (the world can't keep up with you anyway ) than this should be a non issue.
  3. Thanks for mentioning me! But I don't get one thing: in one image you use the placeholder/dummy cylinders and on another one you use modeled cylinders. How is that?
  4. Just focus on the model, and this is "wacky races", not "sound and paradigm-shifting concepts race". If you let the center of gravity move away from the turning-circle's center (and slightly elevate), you actually make the vehicle more instable (prone to flip over) when cornering compared to a fixed center of gravity (just imagine the center of gravity at an extremely low position). In real tilting vehicles the cabin tilting is forced and the center of gravity is moved inwards, so the cornering will be more stable.
  5. By the way, it's interesting that you mentioned the Unrollable by @kodlovag, because these are two models that I would build (hopefully I won't forget this when I'll have time to build).
  6. I like the model very much, but I'm wondering what the PTO will be used for.
  7. Jim is a bit lazy about frontpaging Techinc stuff... :P Anyway, You guys outrun us all. Though I have to say that I don't like those weak connections I see at many places. Maybe if you'd spend some more time perfecting how the body parts are fixed (and maybe make some trade-offs too), your cars would be perfect. (And what makes me extra jealous is that you'll find the time for building even if you have families. For me, kids are still "in the making" and I'm about give up this hobby due to lack of time...)
  8. You are one of my favorite builders because of builds like this
  9. Invert selection. Or whatever it's called. I use that for unhiding specific parts/groups.
  10. There is a minifig icon on the right-top that's covering its eyes. Click that.
  11. yup, zooming in and out all the time.
  12. Copy+Paste is the most often used tool for me. I even copy-paste single parts to preserve their rotation. Building gearboxes with this method is pretty quick: you usually have to carefully align only the first few gears then just copy-paste axles to preserve their angle, insert the gear on the axle then delete the axle and insert the proper-length axle in the gear. I usually build subassemlbies separated from the main model, so that it's easier to find the correct connection points, and rotating parts don't force the whole main assembly to recalculate rotations (if you rotate a part on an assembly, the whole assembly with its connections refresh, causing major slowdown and may even cause crashes, slight misalignments, random other parts rotating, etc) Also, my LDD files usually contain tons of temporary assemblies and rotated parts floating around. So I can copy-paste :) My building speed in LDD is about the same as my speed with real bricks. I hope my post was clear and sorry for the typos, no spell-check and time in my workplace.
  13. I think the cabin just pops out on the other side (with the help of yellow shocks) and only the seat and the steering wheels rotate.
  14. It's absolutely awesome, I love the looks, the idea, everything. The cabin looks awesome even by itself.
  15. It seems that I will celebrate the anniversary by not building anything this year and possibly quitting the whole hobby.