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  1. Lipko

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I prefer paper instructions but I wouldn't be too upset with digital only either.
  2. I guess they are manufactured in Hungary. I can only praise Hungarian manufacturing quality...
  3. Lipko

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    No, I forgot to look... For a manual model I wouldn't use the planetary hubs but who knows...
  4. Lipko

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    I'm more interested in the backlash of the new parts (male + female axle, not the hub). How does it compare to the old CV joint and the universal joint?
  5. Lipko

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Guys, the suspension is no that bad. The model is an ""offroader"", so a softer suspension enables it to settle nicely on a rough surface.
  6. Lipko

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    The car doesn't stay low, but certainly it doesn't come back as high as it sits if you lift the car and put it down carefully. I couldn't look into at the details of the suspension, I don't know how the stabilizator is implemented if implemented at all. I forgot to mention that the sequential gearbox is operated by a rotating knob, so no sequencer mechanism this time. But the end speeds are blocked at least. All in all, many solutions felt hacky (the rear door lock is a real son of a btch), the side doors' fake handle is a bit complicatedly placed for something that doesn't actually work.
  7. Lipko

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I saw the model yesterday, and since it was in a public event, I think I can tell what I saw: mini fake engine (forgot to count cylinders) hi-lo selector D N R selector 4-speed sequential transmission winch, operable from the engine bay HOG steering with working steering wheel standard double wishbone suspension (very soft) a horribly overcomplicated lock of the back door operable with the spare wheel. So basically a car with a very simplistic winch mechanism and a very very slowly rotating mini fake engine.
  8. Lipko

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    How does the servo behave when the motion range is mechanically restricted? Do you (anyone) think that this overshoot can be eliminated with a better controller or is it a restriction of the electronics? Because the servo function this way is clearly much worse than the PF servo.
  9. Lipko

    MOCs vs Official Sets

    Yup, there is a need for a MOC reviewer channel. The one that I know of (Osuharding) hasn't been updated since three years (just after he said he'd review my simple supercar. I am quite unlucky in being promoted)
  10. Lipko

    MOCs vs Official Sets

    It's too generalizing to say that MOCers don't have constrains. I, for one, had so much that it actually reduced the overall quality of my MOCs. Many of these constrains were similar to TLG's. Playability, usage current parts, building experience, sturdiness, child-durable, whatever (also my models have tons of compromises because of those). But I have to agree that looking at some of the most famous MOCs is real life (also build one of them) and I was quite disappointed with the quality. Weak connections, deformation of parts, easy to break off-almost impossible to put back again solutions, need of tweaking etc. Not that some of the official sets' quality isn't disappointing. Also looking at MOC instructions: almost all of them didn't really care about building experience. There are even models that are simply build front to back. I understand that it's extremely hard to make instructions alone as I did some.
  11. Lipko

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I think I know what my problem is with the model: it looks like a toy Land Rover but not a Lego Land Rover. For some reason, Meccano was my first thought or another construction toy. But not Lego. The too few pinholes must be the reason. Either no pinholes or many pinholes make a Lego look Lego for me.
  12. Lipko

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I'm honestly not sure. Those fenders are a bit too much for me. Looked like a simple creator set at first look. I can't keep up with Technic...
  13. Lipko

    Happy Hourglass

    Oh, sorry I missed those...
  14. Lipko

    Happy Hourglass

    I'm sure everybody but me knows what this actually is, but would somebody tell me what this actualy is? And yes, it does look awesome. It would be lovely to see a video too.