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Found 8 results

  1. Hi to everybody! It's been a while since I posted something now here we are. Little prefaction, in the last year both time and motivations are dropped down, this Moc was almost ready in may 2017 and it took me a bit to find the desire to do pics video and instructions.....the instructions are not ready yet, but they are at a good point. IMG_2348 by Lucio Switch, su Flickr Now about the Moc, this is a sort of a Dakar Truck, it's a lot simpler compared to my usual Mocs, the idea behind it was to use the Claas Tires, trapezoidal panels...and don't use the parts of my Crane Truck, furthermore, to make it light (or try to do so), I added less details then usual. So it's son of a lot of (personal) compromises. It is driven by 4Xl Motors, 2 for the front axle and 2 for the rear and it's steered by a servo motor. 2 M motors are used to run the pump and to actuate a pneumatic valve. It's powered by 2 Li-Po battery and controlled by 2 SBricks. 6 pairs of Led are used for the lights. One small pneumatic pump, a pneumatic valve and 2 small pneumatic cylinders make up the pneumatic system. The truck has live axles with Anti Roll-bar, the differentials are lockable pneumatically. It has openale door, tiltable cab (with some interior details), and a door in the back to acces the battery. That's all, I hope you like it!
  2. Hi to everybody, lately I'm not really active here, well I'm not really active on Lego in general, but I'm still in business! So here it is my new moc: More info here: I hope you like it.
  3. Hi to everybody! I'm here to present my new Moc. I started building this crane truck about 6 months ago with the main idea of solving the problems related to a failed attempt of a crane for my previous truck. IMG_1608 by Lucio Switch, su Flickr Starting from the cab...despite the undeniable resemblance to the cab of the dump truck (with a bit of the tractor truck), it has slightly different dimensions, and the add of some new details/functions, forced me to revise it completely. In fact, in addition to the "standard" opening doors, this time, as on real trucks, the cab is suspended, while maintaining the tilting function and the working steering wheel and the front grid is openable. Moreover the seats are pneumatically suspended via 2 (1+1) 1x5 pneumatic cylinders. The chassis has the tractions on the 2 last axles, they are driven by 4 XL Motors and uses 2 Servo Motors to steering the first two axles (with different turning radius). The first two axles use independent suspensions. In this case I was inspired by the Mod of the chassis of my Tractor Truck done by Efferman ... that has a perfect shape for a fake v8. On the back there are 2 live axles (with a total of 24 hard shock absorbers). Between the first two axles there are two small pneumatic pumps moved by two L Motors. In addition to that, on the chassis are present 2 Li-Po Battery, 5 Leds for lights and 2 SBricks. Behind the cabin there is the base of the crane, it contains the front stabilizers, extendable via a M motor (connected to one SBrick), 6 pneumatic valves, moved by an M motor each, 4 IR receivers to control the 6 valves motors plus 2 other M motors, one to rotate the crane and one for the winch. The 4 receivers take power from a port of an SBrick. Finally the crane ... well, the classic design of this type of crane with the upper arm offset (as on 8258 for instance) built on this scale, gave me big problems twisting the whole structure ... and a lot of headaches. One day I came across by chance in a truck with a Cormach crane, it presented a unique design that would solve the twist problem. So inspiring to this design, I have developed my crane, which consists of a telescopic upper arm (extension via 2x 1x11 pneumatic cylinders) supported by two side arms moved by 2+1 2x11 pneumatic cylinder each. It isn't able to lift heavy loads, but it works and, considering the masses involved, I'm fine with that. Now some numbers: Length: 86,4cm 108studs Width: 24,8cm 31studs, 28cm 35studs with mirrors Height: 39,2cm 49studs Weight: 8.6 kg Total number of parts: 8000 PF elements: M motor: 9 L Motor: 2 XL Motor: 4 Servo Motor: 2 PF LED: 5 Lipo Battery: 2 ..and a couple of wire extensions Pneumatic Elements: Small pumps: 2 1x5 Cylinder: 2 Medium Cylinder old: 4 Medium Cylinder new: 2 1x11 Cylinder: 2 2x11 Cylinder: 6 Valve: 6 ..and several meters of pipes. For more pictures check my Flickr Album: Crane Truck Flickr Album And this is the video: To conclude, I would say that, in some way it was a new and interesting experience for me. Due to circumstances beyond our control, I was forced to transfer my Lego room in the basement, comfortable although perhaps a bit rustic but not directly connected with my apartment. This, coupled with the fact that my free time has been drastically reduced, has led me to review my usual workflow. So this is my first model built before digitally and then physically. This way allowed me to use better my free time and to select and pick up only the needed parts to build, reducing drastically the mess in the living room. Also part of the work for the BI is already done, I'll done them for sure, but I don't have idea when they will be ready. I'm afraid that it will be a huge job! I hope you like it!
  4. 3 years ago I've decided that I'm getting tired of building medium-scale trucks and want to try something larger. Here's the result: Truck: Dimensions: 98 studs long / 29 studs wide / 43 studs tall Weight: 5.7 kg Motors: 14 Functions: drive with 2 PF XL motors on two rear axles a 4-speed sequential remotely-controlled transmission connected with a gear stick in the cabin, which moves as the transmission shifts front wheels steered using a virtual pivots steering system so that they can fit under realistically-sized mudguards fake engine with a rotating chain belt and 2 rubber belts, driven by the propulsion motors bypassing the transmission steering wheel rotating as the front wheels are steered left and right cabin doors independently opened by motors left and right sear independently adjusted forward/backward by motors remotely locked/unlocked fifth wheel openable sleeper with interior and interior lighting fake microwave with internal lighting and rotating turntable in the sleeper (yes, seriously) lighting kit by Brickstuff with 38 LEDs, featuring remotely-controlled turn signals, emergency lights, and automated reversing lights Trailer: Dimensions: 132 studs long / 30 studs wide / 22 studs tall Weight: 3.07 kg Motors: 3 Functions: remotely-controlled heavy-duty flip toe ramps remotely-controlled parking outriggers lever-operated winch LED beacon by Brickstuff Special thanks go to Brickstuff for all the lighting, Chrome Block City for beautifully chromed and engraved pieces, and Seven Studs for the awesome "Angry Hamster" hood ornament. Thank you guys! Photos and detailed description:
  5. Hi to everybody! It's been a while from my last MOC...a year and 1 day to be precise ..well, how some of you already knew, the last year I bought and refurbished a home and that involved much of my free time. Now that the home is almost finished (I doubt that it ever will), a baby is coming ...that's mean that I'm planning to do instructions, but I don't know when. Now, that's my new MOC. It's a Dump truck 8x8. The scale is about 1:11. It was inspired by the Iveco Trakker (more than anything else to derive the dimensions), but the front grid ended to be more a beheaded batman logo. It's 8 wheels drive, moved by 4XL Motors connected to the wheels via a driveline, it has a differential per axle. 2 XL Motors drive the 1st and the 2nd axle and the other 2 drive the 3rd and 4th axles. This allow to have a virtual central diff and stress a bit less the drivetrain since the torque is splitted. A fake 6-inline engine is connected to the driveline of the 1st and 2nd axles. The 1st and the 2nd are steering axles via 2 PF Servo motors (one for each axle), with different turning radius and working steering wheel. The suspensions system consists in 4 live axles. Shock absorbers for the 1st and 2nd axles, with an anti-roll bar for the 1st axle, leaf springs for the 3rd and 4th. The Pneumatic system consists in 2 small pump driven by an L motor, that provide compressed air for tilting the cab, elevate the bed and to an hypothetical trailer. The lightening system consist in 4 PF Led, 2 in the front and 2 in the back for the headlights (and 2 extension wires). In the back there is a connector where is possible to connect lights of a trailer. There is even a winch in the front moved by an L Motor. It uses 2 SBrick that control everything, with the exeption of tilting the cab and providing compressed air to the trailer, that are actuated manually. It has openable doors (manually) that allow access to detailed interiors of the cab and it has a trailer coupling. The truck itself is built to be a base for several future MOC/MOD. In fact, tipping bed system a part, everything is contained in the chassis or in the side tanks. Weight and dimensions: Length: 93 studs (74.4 cm) Width: 29 studs (23.2 cm) (without mirrors) Height: 42 studs (33.6 cm) (without antennas) Weight: 6 Kg PF elements: 4 XL Motors for drive. 3 Servo Motors, 2 for steering and 1 for the tipping bed pneumatic valve. 2 L Motors, 1 for the pneumatic pump and 1 for the winch. 4 Led, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. 2 Li-Po battery. 2 SBrick. 4 20cm extension cables. 1 50cm extension cables. Pneumatic elements: 3 new long pneumatic cylinders 2 new small pneumatic pumps 3 pneumatic valves 2 M pneumatic cylinders A video is coming soon For more pics see: I hope you like it!
  6. Hi to everyone!! I'm new on this forum, and honestly I'm new in a forum, so, please forgive me if I do some mistake or brake some rules. Anyway this is my Lego Technic Tractor Truck. I upload just one picture (in bad quality). For more detail take a look at: For Hi-Quality pics at: or you can see a video of it at: Bye!!
  7. The creation costing me 52 man hrs to build. I guess the core using around 45,000 bricks, but the skin was unable to count, since too many plates used. Goto the album on Facbook
  8. Hi to everyone!! This is my Lego Technic Race Truck. I upload pictures an video about one month ago, but at that moment I wasn't subscribed to this forum. I know that bmollema had done one copy of it in Red and Black (but with some improvement and a differnt drivetrain, XL motors in place of the RC Buggy Motors) and he had done a topic with his version, but i will be glad to know what you think about it. For more detail take a look at: For Hi-Quality pics at: or you can see a video of it at: Thanks!!