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  1. Ethan0080

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Hate me or not. I already pre ordered from some inside sources. I will let you guys know what really inside the box
  2. Ethan0080

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    you know there's hypercar mocs from loxlego and others right?
  3. Ethan0080

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Its will be my 13th 1:8 supercars collection. Now i need to start build some shelf for them.
  4. lolz...sadly building an MOC is not a cheap hobby. I have to say it this way because building such complex MOC require some experiences. So rather sell it to everyone its better to sell it to actual collector instead. I've been in the community for a while and see too many things like that so the designer has no choice but to be cruel to some of the beginner builder.
  5. Should i say maybe you should just cut the sells at this moment even some one is asking? Not being mean but a lot of people who is asking for instruction sounds like they dont know anything about rebrickable nor bricklink or even how to purchase parts from reliable sources. Like it is very strange that people with lack of knowledge of these stuff try to do build an expert level MOC. It just doesnt make sense to me at all.
  6. Hello. Charbel already post the how to purchase on the top.
  7. Ok this is not good. Charnel are you able to figure out who leak out the instruction?
  8. You sound so sketchy
  9. Just check my inventory and i have all the parts ready!!!
  10. Ethan0080

    Ferrari FXX 2005 1:8 new version

    Yes I do. BTW I bought your Laferrari instruction and planning to build a Laferrari Fxx K evo in 1:8 scale. Your instruction is very straight forward yet the engine can be use on 1:8 model. I tested.
  11. Um..where should I start. Last year when I first join this group. Lachlan Cameron and Dugald Cameron bought me into the world of moc super car. While the Ferrari FXX is my first moc that I got from Rebrickable. Which I start the brick hunting and my supercars collection journey. And then I start building supercars like brunojj1 P1 and Cameron's brothers supercars. Half year later when I look at all these nice looking supercars. I realize that the FXX has some portion issue which can be better. So I start to learn how to mod / upgrade supercars to my liking. ... And two weeks ago i finally have enough guts to start my so call moc project base on someone's design and frame. Two weeks later. I present to you the new version of 2005 Ferrari FXX. This is a very unique project because I bend the best chassis of all time (Bruno Jeason P1 frame) and Lachlan's body work. And of course, brand new V12 engine. I can't thank the Cameron's brother enough for teach me a lot about moc. It's a step stone toward my future design. Also special thanks for brunojj1 for the beautiful P1 chassis. Cheers and enjoy.
  12. Ethan0080

    My 1:8 collections

    Most of them are from Loxlego. I bought all the instruction from him. Took me about half year. Talking about design. Yes i do redesign a little bit of the car. Like hard top version of the Veneno. And the Scorpion. The McLaren were modded to the LM version.
  13. Just want to share my 1:8 supercar collection so far. Cheers. Note: The white Porsche on the first photo i airbrushed the arch from Orange to white with clear coat. Dont want to buy Lepin stuff so i airbrush my lego to thr color i need.
  14. Ethan0080

    [MOC] 1:8 Scale Scorpion CK-R Supercar

    Everyone has its own style. Thanks for your comment.