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  1. I am not panning on putting it on Rebrickable for the moment as I don't have already much time to deal with the instructions currently. But the part list can be uploaded on Rebrickable.
  2. When the length isn't mentioned, it means it is an axle with stop so here it is a 8 with stop.
  3. Thank you very much @brunojj1 ! Those pictures are amazing and still confirm that your car looks better than mine . I totally agree on the seats, that's the part of the car I am the least proud of, it was quite tricky and seats are really not my thing lol. Now I need to build yours and get those rims. @lego_tactics All done on photoshop ! @LvdH Stellar pics too !
  4. And the instructions are finally available ! The price is 23€. To get the instructions, you can send me a PM on Eurobricks or on Rebrickable, so if you are not able to send PM here, you may use Rebrickable. If you are a new user, please send with your demand some screenshots of your latest parts orders. Part list : Big thanks for everyone that helped, pretty happy to finally be able to release them.
  5. Hello ! Sorry for the lack of updated but the instructions are bound to drop, for sure tomorrow. @LvdH asked them to get early, but the instructions weren't mistake-free at that point. Thanks for the wait !
  6. Yes, no problem ! I will sum up everything once the instructions are ready but at the moment if you can't contact me on EB, you should be able to do it on rebrickable.
  7. And the part list is done ! Link to download : So if you really want to build the MOC, buy the part first and then send me screenshots of some orders and it will be perfect ! The instructions are finished and are being tested, they must be ready for tomorrow.
  8. Thank you @brunojj1 and @LvdH ! I am actually thinking to sell the instructions only to people who aren't new to the website. I will do some exceptions if the person manage to provide proofs that they are building the car (like some screenshots of their latest Bricklink orders), it would be really bad that someone actually spend money on the parts but can't build the car ... Edit : to get the instructions send me a private message, I haven't decided on the price yet but I will know that you are interested !
  9. Thank you all for your comments ! The instructions are almost finished and I'm now doing the part list, so it is coming very soon. I will sell the instructions through Eurobricks and Techlug I believe.
  10. Hello, I believe I need to give some news. The instructions are 75% finished and I will be trying to provide a part list in the next few days ! Thanks for the wait, it is taking much much more time than expected...
  11. Hello, @EVILMONKEY I'm really sorry but I can't provide a partlist for the moment since it is a photo sequence instruction. I need to unbuild the car to make a part list and I still have some modules to take picture of. I will try to release it as soon as possible though.
  12. Hello, sorry for the lack of updates. Thanks a lot for the comments ! Hey, I'm sorry the instructions will be ready around mid to end October. I literally only have 2-3 hours of free time per week with school, so I'm trying to manage it the best possible. Thanks you very much for this very precise feedback ! I haven't shown the monocoque alone yet but I tried to make it as close as the original and the modular build makes the construction more faithful I think.
  13. Thank you very much ! I have started instructions :
  14. Thank you very much @DugaldIC @Pvdb @Jeroen Ottens The real car design was quite controversial when it came out so I understand that some parts of the car could look weird. I haven't tried to use small white panels but I'll give it a try once I come back from vacations, I like that idea.
  15. Amazing work I guess you spent your 2 year work much better than me. The bodywork is very clean with zero holes. And congrats for the frontpage