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  1. Hello, I am sharing here an idea I got over a year ago: fix the paddles to the steering wheel in order to make up space and therefore make the supercars' interiors much cleaner. The idea might seem a bit complicated but thanks to the use of a mini LA, it somehow becomes much easier. Putting the LA through a mini turntable allows to transmit a translating movement while still allowing the mini turntable and therefore the steering wheel to rotate. The design I am showing uses @Didumos69 stepper. I am quite happy with how it it performs and how it looks even though it may not look like that inside a car. The process behind this took about 200 different designs and iterations and I was helped by @T Lego who will use this idea in his car... Instructions :
  2. Thanks ! Lorenzo's instructions are gone so I made them :
  3. Hello, I have finally decided to upload the instructions to Rebrickable :
  4. Hello, I am sorry for the late reply, school is keeping me extremely busy. I didn't know you had to get a level 3 account on Rebrickable, the most direct way to get in touch with me is by the email you find here : @Robo-Knight I don't know anything about this, it looks like a mix of a copycat set and lego bricks. And there quite a few errors form what I have seen. At this point I am considering putting the instructions on some website to make it easier for everyone, as Chinese companies managed to copy it anyway. I don't know yet and I don't have experience with any of them. The file has a password and is 700mb so I don't know if it will work on Rebrickable.
  5. Hello there, I would really like to buy the instructions to your Mclaren 720S please.

    1. Scoar Sonander

      Scoar Sonander

      Get it on, then search for the MOC. 

  6. Hello @Semka08, you can't unfortunately send messages directly here as it isn't allowed for new members, but you can send one on Rebrickable !
  7. I've had the exact same idea with the microphone on the current version of my gearbox !
  8. Well I think Sariel was doing this way before me : Concerning this particular design, I like it but I'm a bit concerned about that rubber band, it looks to be about to break each time it reaches 4th. Maybe using a gear rack and extending the rubber linearly could help.
  9. Hello, I am not very experienced with the price range of 1:8 supercar but I think it should be around 400-500€ max. The part list is for the white version and all of the white parts are for the exterior so to choose another color you will have to change the color of all of the white parts ( there may be a feature on rebrickable that allows this but I'm not sure). Also, @lego_tactics took another amazing set of pictures of his version :
  10. hello @vss2sn and @Seba1234 my rebrickable inbox was full, you can now send me a message !
  11. @Seba1234 Hello, see the first post ! @Phlsupr34 Instructions for the chassis only aren't planned, sorry.
  12. Genuinely honored. I am still amazed by this design, you achieved to build such a beautiful bodywork with a very clean chassis !
  13. @fedcor check the first post ! Thanks for sharing, it looks surprisingly fast !
  14. Thanks you very much for sharing ! Looking good, especially with all of the supercars together.
  15. Hey, yes it has been discussed a few pages earlier. I will know for my next builds ( if there will ever be ) that this method isn't useful. But I will still keep the current method for the future buyers, I am very busy and this helps limit the number of instructions sold.