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  1. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thank you guys ! Yup, this car have the same problem. I think there is no real solution, even though I tried to reduce the play. I didn't add a clutch tho, every one will most likely notice if there is a double engagement.
  2. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thanks @zhaolei520 ! I'm out for holidays for a month so I will start them when I come back. Hope to finish them before school starts tho.
  3. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thanks ! I would love to do my 720s in orange but we are still missing the #5 and #6 panels in this color. So, unless these panel are released in the 1H2018 sets, I will stay with my regular white-black combo.
  4. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thank you ! I have dissembled the car in small blocks before going to holidays so I can start instructions when I come back. If you want to see the chassis and the front suspension (which is similar to the 42039), I have all of the pictures I took while building the car :
  5. Hi, I did a quick video showing how I did my last video : Now, thanks to Tommy Styrvoky, I don't have to use LeoCAD to import Lego in blender.
  6. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thanks you ! Yeah, that's true. But, you know, this is not a real car so there is no real rule on how to do it.
  7. Show us your Working Place

    I need to start a WIP topic now .
  8. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thanks you guys ! I already tried, but it looks a bit too long :
  9. Show us your Working Place

    I have those and they are perfect :
  10. Volcano RS Supercar

    I think it looks fine now. Will try to put the small panel upside down, but I'm not sure that it would look better.
  11. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thanks ! Some new pictures of the new version :
  12. Volcano RS Supercar

    Yes, I will do instructions (like the one I did for the Porsche 919) i think I will stay with the second version, I'm starting to like it more.
  13. Volcano RS Supercar

    Thank you guys ! I rebuild the front after seeing some comments : What do you think ? I don't know what to chose, they do both look good to me. Man, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much ! Right now I was using LeoCAD to convert from LDraw to .obj. Thanks man. You got it right, the Predator is my favorite Lego supercar
  14. Hi everybody ! So, this is the MOC I have been working on since September. It's a supercar inspired by the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Icona Vulcano. My goal was to actually have a clean and solid build. Functions : - Openable front and back hood and doors - Direction controlled by a HOG or by the steering wheel - Front and rear suspension - 4 speed gearbox with an H6 fake engine Design : The car is mostly inspired by the Icona Vulcano in the front and the Vulcan in the rear. The spoiler attachement and the exhaust are inspired from the P1 GTR. Full flickr gallery :
  15. He actually used my gearbox :