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  1. Hello, as @Nebulaire said, I have some very important exams coming up soon and I am very busy currently, but I will try to respond to the dms I received, thanks for the wait !
  2. Thank you all for your messages ! Definitely not what I wanted to happen but I guess it is inevitable nowadays. @Ethan0080 I think it's almost impossible, it could be someone who decided to resell them to somebody...
  3. Charbel

    [PORSCHE] Porsche 919 Hybrid

    Hello, the picture with stickers is edited, I haven't done any stickers sheet, sorry.
  4. Thank you very much @Leewan ! It motivates me to keep working on the next car.
  5. I agree that I can't be 100% sure that everyone that purchases the instructions don't have bad intentions but I try to limit error as much as possible : If I feel that something isn't perfectly right, I don't allow the person to get the instructions and I have already done that quite a few times. So even if in most cases there is no issues, I can decide not to sell the instruction to someone.
  6. Well, I haven't changed anything from what I have said, if the anyone proves that he is a real lego fan, by showing his collection, his orders, etc, I will sell him the instructions. So as it needs to check everyone, I can't really put them on rebrickable right now as I have no time this year. Maybe in the future.
  7. Charbel

    Technic General Discussion

    I want so much to build it, it looks very weird but I think that you can put some interesting functions and a nice interior, and the class wheels can make it look amazing.
  8. I am not panning on putting it on Rebrickable for the moment as I don't have already much time to deal with the instructions currently. But the part list can be uploaded on Rebrickable.
  9. When the length isn't mentioned, it means it is an axle with stop so here it is a 8 with stop.
  10. Thank you very much @brunojj1 ! Those pictures are amazing and still confirm that your car looks better than mine . I totally agree on the seats, that's the part of the car I am the least proud of, it was quite tricky and seats are really not my thing lol. Now I need to build yours and get those rims. @lego_tactics All done on photoshop ! @LvdH Stellar pics too !
  11. And the instructions are finally available ! The price is 23€. To get the instructions, you can send me a PM on Eurobricks or on Rebrickable, so if you are not able to send PM here, you may use Rebrickable. If you are a new user, please send with your demand some screenshots of your latest parts orders. Part list : Big thanks for everyone that helped, pretty happy to finally be able to release them.
  12. Hello ! Sorry for the lack of updated but the instructions are bound to drop, for sure tomorrow. @LvdH asked them to get early, but the instructions weren't mistake-free at that point. Thanks for the wait !
  13. Yes, no problem ! I will sum up everything once the instructions are ready but at the moment if you can't contact me on EB, you should be able to do it on rebrickable.