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  1. Bricksonwheels

    Big Boys 70000 pieces

    Many of our models are motorised, that is a misconception by the author of this topic. It is also much easier to add engines to something big, merely because of the availlable space. On topic: This a cool Big Boy model, and I really admire the work, knowing what he went through. The scale looks accurate, and its very recoqnizable, but on a critical note, if allowed... at this scale (1:13?, around 1.90 meter?) it should be much more detailed in my opinion. There is so much more room for detail and realism, compared to smaller scales. It looks like a stripped Big Boy a bit. I think its the mistake many make by going big. You need to put in much more detail to make it a really interresting model. On the other hand I think it is still a work in progress as the tender is not there as well (another 115 cm if the scale is 1:13), and serials etc are missing. Another 5000 bricks on the loco, and many more on the tender will make it great. I like his oldskool stud approach. Thats contradictionally a fresh angle these days. On the other hand, without studs it would have looked twice as real, but thats a matter of style. If you choose studs you cannot make it smooth.
  2. Bricksonwheels

    Australian classic Kenworth T900 (RC)

    Looking good!
  3. Bricksonwheels

    [W.I.P] BMW i8

    Good to see you back on the table Rolands. The Beemer is looking good so far.
  4. Impressive enough for such a small scale!
  5. Bricksonwheels

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    Top quality, and let people never forget to remain that level is always a challenge.
  6. Bricksonwheels

    [MOC] Mack LMSW - GVB 1:16

    Very good job Dikkie!
  7. Bricksonwheels

    MOC/WIP Fairplay IX en XI TUGBOAT in scale 1/60

    Very good Ed!
  8. Bricksonwheels

    Scania 142H V8 PWT Thermo with trailer (1:17)

    Its just a different trailer.. nothing more nothing less :-) The company has a number of trailers that have different axle configurations.
  9. Bricksonwheels

    Scania 142H V8 PWT Thermo with trailer (1:17)

    Here is the original with different trailer. This truck has actually seen some transformations over the years, but the color scheme remained.
  10. A few months ago I build a scale model of a Scania R-series of PWT Thermo; a Belgian trucking company. This company has also operated some older Scania types like the one I modeled in this new project. It is a 1:17 scaled 142H V8 with Vebe refrigerated trailer. The model is scaled 1:17, remote controllable by bluetooth SBrick, and equiped with two Lego PF XL engines for drive and one PF servo engine for steering. It is powered by an RC battery pack that is placed behind the seats in the cabin. The combo consists of about 4300 bricks.
  11. Awesome. You really have your own style. One thing I would do is remove the brick figures. They look childisch compared to the realism of your models.