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    Pohatu Nuva (phantoka)

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  1. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    I never noticed that it is totally reminiscent of the metru toa with the three gears within their chest.
  2. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] FS ALn668 Ceva-Ormea in 1:38 scale

    I wonder if anyone has made a moc of the polar express from the 2004 movie the polar express hmmm
  3. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] FS ALn668 Ceva-Ormea in 1:38 scale

    O Oh you know your trains nice job
  4. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] FS ALn668 Ceva-Ormea in 1:38 scale

    Is that a European style train?
  5. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Air Battlecruiser

    That’s awesome.
  6. Toa_of_Shadow

    Is there a discord server for eurobricks?

    I have gotten discord a year ago and I’m wondering if the site has a discord server?
  7. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Cthulhu

    I recently talked to my uncle about Cthulhu (he has read a lot of love craft stories) and he helped explain the true form of Cthulhu, the fact being that all of the characteristics of Cthulhu that we associate with him is that are tiny brains(compared to Cthulhu) that we can’t actually imagine all of him, if we did we would mostly likely go insane.
  8. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    I think that was the point
  9. Toa_of_Shadow


    Thank you.
  10. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    I love kongu mahri the fact that he gets two cordak revolving blasters is so cool, so the way you have beefed him up into looking like a beast with those cordak blasters. Great job.
  11. Toa_of_Shadow


  12. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Transformer Triple changer Snapdragon

    Were these partially inspired by blitzwing or astrotrain?
  13. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Vintage Computer Room

    Looks amazing I especially love the unique office chair design absolutely brilliant
  14. Toa_of_Shadow

    Xmas raffle?

    Hmmm that seems like a good idea but I’m going on a cruise for like a week and I won’t have access to my supply.
  15. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Destroyer- 619 "Dominion"

    This kinda reminds me of the ships from halo, I think it wa hayclon class cruiser, example the pillar of autumn was that an inspiration?