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  1. I have to agree with you I does make me think of a tank instead of a crane
  2. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Krusty Krab

    You definitely did a fantastic job on the exterior and interior and out did the official LEGO set in both looks and “playability” with the interior.
  3. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    Wait I just realized something. It is an aircraft carrier that is capable of flight(and you previously made a battleship) but why it is already in the sky. I am reading a bit to deep into it.
  4. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    Ah ww2 advanced science I like it
  5. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    I guess it is a ww2 helicarrier, great design I only have one question how does it achieve lift?
  6. The midak skyblaster is what your referring to.
  7. Toa_of_Shadow

    [S15 - Scarif - TT] Scarif: Ugly Secrets

    Ugly just means that it is basically cobbled together with whatever was lying about in the scrapyard.
  8. Toa_of_Shadow

    [R4 - Gigor - TT] ...then things got ugly

    Nice X-tie I love the green color used and the snow landscape you had built.
  9. Toa_of_Shadow

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] We choose to be Imperial

    Nice “ugly” design using the body of the vulture droid is neat, would it be considered a droid or a star fighter?
  10. Toa_of_Shadow

    [S15 - Scarif - TT] Scarif: Ugly Secrets

    Nice eta 2 interceptor moc I love the idea of the empire making uglies from republic and new tie fighters, but I do have a couple questions, 1, how long did it take you to build the base moc alone? 2, what gave you the idea of making the eta 2 interceptor? fun fact the eta 2 is technically a tie fighter because they used twin ion engines.
  11. Nice skull, that drill is just beautiful.
  12. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] The myth of Perseus and Medusa

    Hi, I like the use of all the sloped pieces.
  13. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Micro Zenith - Old Republic escort Cruiser

    Oh cool it’s the predecessor of the hammerhead corvette. Neat
  14. Toa_of_Shadow

    [MOC] Fictional MBT

    This kinda reminds me of the leopard 2 tank from Germany during ww2