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Found 9 results

  1. One of the more unusal exports from Isla del Diablo is the particularly potent venoms of the island's arachnid population. Of course, obtaining said venoms firstly requires finding the spiders, which means venturing out of Haven and into the dangerous wooded portions of the island. Quite a risk, but the hunter's patrons pay well... ...especially, of course, the House of Spiders.
  2. Settlement Name: Haven Owner: Sea Rats Location: Isla del Diablo (Challenge Island 11) Island Description: Located southeast of the Nest of Thieves, Isla del Diablo is named for the large bay and small peninsulas that, once a map way drawn, resembled nothing so much as the horns of a monster. The bay, however, provides an almost perfect natural harbor and a well defensible position. Unsurprisingly the island has already started to draw settlers, although some are scared away by talk of cannibals... Haven is one of the first new settlements. The inhabitants arrived in a small fleet to find clear beaches and dense jungle that provides plenty of material for building endeavors. Already the de facto leader, Roland Blaze, is drawing up plans for fortifications. After all, there are more than just Sea Rats out there. Mayor: Roland Blaze (kaiju) Size: Hamlet Who can own Property in Haven: Sea Rats Who can freebuild in Haven: Anyone Map: Here Fortifications: Fort Crimson - Small Fort Licensed Builds in Haven: Black Tower Lighthouse - Medium Commerce Haven Common House - Medium Residence The Shrines of Haven - Small Art & Cultural Tanith's House of Knowledge - Small Education Unlicensed/Other Builds: Hunting for Spiders About Haven
  3. Tanith Morgan - no relation to the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan - is a curious soul. Supposedly rescued from men with most ungentleman-like intentions by Roland Blaze, she spent some time serving on the Crimson Marauder before Blaze found himself founding Haven and becoming it's de facto leader. As construction on more enduring buildings began Tanith had a very particular set of demands regarding her residence. Being the town's premier expert on medical matters - the town's only expert, unless one counts barber-surgeon Zebediah, and somehow few do - few were willing to risk her refusing to help them. And so Tanith Morgan got her tower. Or, at least, the tallest building in Haven currently. While the ground floor is furnished for comfort it often goes unused. Tanith Morgan has never encountered a field of study she did not immediately become obsessed with, at least for a time. Equally driven to record her findings, much of the building is taken up by her experiments and research libraries, be it chemistry... ...biology... ...or her current interest, astronomy. And being the asocial type that she is, Tanith uses the attic as her personal living space. Well away from the townsfolk, and their distracting requests.
  4. Colony Name: Moray's Den Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Isla del Diablo (Sea of Thieves) Island Description: Located southeast of the Nest of Thieves, Isla del Diablo is named for the large bay and small peninsulas that, once a map way drawn, resembled nothing so much as the horns of a monster. The bay, however, provides an almost perfect natural harbor and a well defensible position. Unsurprisingly the island has already started to draw settlers, although some are scared away by talk of cannibals... Mayor: Captain Benjamin Morgan (Jacob Nion) Who can own property in Moray's Den: Sea Rats only Who can freebuild in Moray's Den: Sea Rats only MOC INDEX Properties Residence: Factory: Plantation: -The first settlers of Moray's Den (small) -The Devil's Fruits (small) Mine: Artisan: Commerce: Education: Culture: -Losing The Head, Finding Heads (small) Fort: Free Builds HISTORY coming soon.
  5. Log Entry, Captain Benjamin Morgan, Isla Del Diablo Bit by bit the dense jungle reveals more grisly secrets. My men were exploring the edge of the pristine boondocks, where the slander palm trees slowly begin to make way for larger exotic trees, when they discovered an ancient weathered shrine. With faces pale and a cold shiver running down their spine they stared at two strangely deformed heads, parched but not rotten, with their lids and mouths sewn up. The most curious aspect of these is their size; they are shrunken to miniatures. Did they belong to an unknown race of dwarves? Or was it black magic, lurking in the deep of this diabolic forest? And the most important yet most fearsome question: Who was it that did this godless atrocity to those poor souls? I see myself forced to lead an expedition into the unholy heart of this mystery one day. Something menacing is lurking in the shadows of Isla Del Diablo... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm going to license this as small cultural property. I found it far better fitting for a cutthroat pirate island than some kind of high cultural building in a pirate town. Also I finally wanted to do the name of this jungle justice Thanks for looking!
  6. Log Entry, Captain Benjamin Morgan I heard word in several pubs and taverns in Bastion, that latewards a mysterious island had been discovered south of the Nest. Rumour had it that this barely explored isle was covered with dense jungle, hiding ghastly things in its deeps. Tales of a wild people came to our ears, men who used to serve any stranger who entered the land of their gods- either boiled or raw. But there were also rumours of large banana trees, countless springs of fresh water, fertile soil and forests filled with more game than any man could ever hunt down. Surprisingly none of the aspiring empires had claimed the land so far. We soon came to the decision that the promises of this island were too tempting to not risk an expedition. Too late to abort the journey, at the pier we heard the name that was given to it. Isla del Diablo, Devil's Island. Unimpressed by the gossip of the sailors we set sail to unknown shores. The sea was calm and the winds in our favour, and after one night and one day, Isla del Diablo came in sight. Although we could see the entrance to the large bay, that had recently be named "Bay of Horns", I gave order to surround the island in the hope that we would find a yet undiscovered part of the coast that was eligible for going ashore. I was in no way eager after joining the settlers that had already arrived in the bay; too soon it would be confined and cramped and well known to every man east of Terraversa. We eventually found a small beach area in the middle of a long cliff that appeared to frame nearly all of the eastern shore. The dense jungle was perilously leaning above the cliffs, blaring out a silent threat against every intruder. Dim scrub came down to the beach reaching almost to the calm billows touching the sand. Now it was time to release the first settlers into their uncertain fate. Even if it would emerge that this paradise really was the purgatory on our continuous way to Hades, we could at least feed on them...
  7. This is pretty much my first real attempt at landscaping, so please bear that in mind. The Shrines of Haven As the town's name suggests, Haven was founded with the idea of providing a sanctuary to those Sea Rats who found themselves following Roland Blaze and the exploratory fleet. Blaze asked for little but the willingness to help defend each other. Consequently, quite an eclectic assortment of faiths wound up being practised in Haven. Until suitable separate structures could be built a small communal shrine building was put up housing four of the largest faiths in the settlement. The north facing side houses a shrine to Oleon's triumvirate. Facing east sits a dedication and ritual sun dial for the worshippers of Helia. The southern side is home to idols representing the Mother of Creation and Serpent of Destruction. The western facing saw the installation of a shrine to the Truachesh neh Triuri. However, some faiths are practised away from the light of day. The discovery of a cave and pool beneath the knoll represented a significant opportunity and one of the last Blackwater Witches set up a shrine to their sinister patron.
  8. With thanks to KolonialBeamter for suggesting I use rendering software to improve the presentation of my LDD based builds. One of the greatest dangers of fledgling settlements is the threat of raids, be it less scrupulous Sea Rats, other nations, or even the natives. When the first settlers arrived on Isla del Diablo they tried to establish a proper defense for the town. Roland Blaze, captain of the Crimson Marauder, offered his heavily damaged ship to form the basis and provide materials for the first fortress. In honour of this, the settlers refer to the building as Fort Crimson.
  9. The first settlers to the ominously named Isla del Diablo needed somewhere to stay. So it was that they pooled together to build the Haven Common House. A few simple rules, and some common sense, generally keep the peace while the Sea Rats build up their presence and resources on the newly discovered island. The common house is built from a mix of local wood and timbers removed from damage ships from the flotilla that brought the Sea Rats to the island. Although little more than an overgrown shack it does have a fire pit for cooking - and keeping the residents warm - and a small bell in case of emergencies.