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Colony Name: Free City of Charlatan Bay

Ownership: Sea Rats


Location: Infero Pordejon, Sea of Thieves


Island Description: With 50 to 200ft High cliffs on all sides, and an active volcano that gives off smoke more than a couple times a year, this small island his highly volatile.   An eruption in '618 was felt as far away as Nelissa.  This seismic activity has led some to believe that there is gold to be mined in the cliff regions of this island. A large native tribe lives on this island, and they are rumored to be hostile.

Colony History: The colony of Charlatan Bay is a free port and city-state located on the island known as Infero Pordejon. The main town itself was founded at the top of the cliffs overlooking the bay, but over time a warren like community has sprung up by the docks along the cliff base and this haven serves pirate captains and smugglers both looking to resupply their fleets and as source of miscreants for their crews.

After the death of its founder, the colony found itself under Mardierian military control, though every day governance was the purview of a civilian mayor.  With the eruption of the local volcano in May '618, the colony closed its port and fired on all foreign vessels trying to make landfall.  Now under new leadership, this self-imposed curfew has been lifted.

The colony presently hosts the headquarters of the Free Traders Association.

<More details below>

Edited by Kwatchi

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Era II Dramatis Personae (Kwatchi & Gulagurag):


Yellow Skull Pirates: :jollyroger:


The Lord of Whispers, Lord-Admiral of the Yellow Skull Pirates [Kwatchi]


Commodore Katrin DeKruger

The Lord of Whispers' proxy fleet commander


Robin, Cabin Boy

Bishop Meloche's dogsbody and personal spy, he maintained his master's gun-blades and occult library.  He was recently broken out of an Oleon jail in Acropolis.


Ships of the Fleet:


Hand of Fate II - Class 8 (sistership)

  • Commodore DeKruger


Apollo's Mirth - Class 6

  • Captain Orven Reddington

Pieces Of Eight II - Class 5 (captured Jan. '623)

The Gallant - Class 4 (captured Jan. '623)

Losses to date:

Hand of Fate - Class 8 <- Sunk February '620

Marvel - Class 5 <- Sunk December '618


  • Captain Jardines (deceased)


Marvel II - Class 5 (sistership- Lost to Eslanadola December '623


Mya - Class 4 <- Sunk December '618


  • Captain Silas Pike (deceased)

Hotspur - Class 6 (captured and refitted Dec. '618) <- Lost to Oleon June '622

Stormbringer II - Class 6 (captured Jan. '619) <- Sunk February '623




Fleet of the Amazon Princess:

Amara the Amazon, Former Bodyguard of the Dark Bishop, "the Landlocked", Mayor of Charlatan Bay [Gulagurag]


Daughter of the amazon queen, Amara acted as Meloche's bodyguard as per a prophecy. Her loyalty was assured due to a solemn promise made by the Dark Bishop not to reveal the location her island homeland while she sails under his banner.  With his death, she faced either the gallows or acting as the puppet mayor of Charlatan Bay while under Mardierian occupation.  She wisely chose the latter until she escaped back to life at sea.

"Fish", member of Amara's Circle


Captain of the Puck's Jest II.

Ships of the Fleet:


Dreamchaser II - Class 7 (sistership)

  • Captain Amara


Puck's Jest II - Class 4 (sistership)

  • "Fish"

Le Petit Bleu - Class 3 (captured Jan. '623)

Losses to date:

Dreamchaser - Class 7  <- Sunk August '618

Prince(ss) Alex - Class 6 (captured Feb. '620) <- Sunk June '622

The Thunderer - Class 6 (captured Jan. '623) <- Sunk December '623


Era II Storyline:

Edited by Kwatchi

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59ea4e94af6ad_BoBSEraITag-SeaRats-Silver-50px.png.9627b53b1d5a42090c8fc4f0d19ac2b9.pngIn Memoriam - Era I (Kwatchi & Gulagurag):



In Memoriam - Bishop Meloche's Squadron

Peregrine - Class 4 - Seized by Eslandola in Feb '618


Emil Meloche, the Dark Bishop / Pirate Lord of Charlatan Bay / the Rejuvenated - DECEASED OCTOBER 617


A former Oleon monk, Emil Meloche waged a private war against the mainstream Church of the Aplynacian Gods and its authority as the spiritual leader of the 'Old Faith', an off-shoot of the Oleon religion which stresses blood rituals and devotion to Hades in prominence over Zeus and Poseidon. While he was the pirate lord of Charlatan Bay, he also found himself frequently at sea. He and his fleet of reavers pounced on any prey they come across with wild abandon.  While plunder wa taken, it was objects of occult significance that were most sought as he tried to follow the historic path of the heretic Bishop Millar.  Unbeknownst to him, teh Empire of Mardier were aware of his plans and he fell to an assassination plot orchestrated by Admiral Yohan Armentura Cadiz.

Brother Axel, Enforcer / Cook of the Donatus - DECEASED MARCH 616


The last of Meloche's monk followers and still pious by his own thinking, his great size and limited capacity for independent thought proved useful time and again. He served both as the captain's enforcer and cook. Executed by Bishop Meloche for disloyalty in March 616.

Lancel Montriche, Navigator of the Donatus - DECEASED APRIL 616


This vainglorious son of a minor Olean earl fought for the pleasure of seeing his foes begging for mercy before being dispatched, as well as constantly sought ways to increase his reputation for debauchery while in port. Executed by Bishop Meloche for incompetence in April 616.

Donatus - Class 2A - CAPTURED APRIL 616


Captured by Mardier during predatory run versus Eslandola.

Clarence Moore, former Captain of the war schooner Peregrine - LOST AT SEA MARCH 617


A Corrington army deserter and longtime first mate on the Donatus, his obsession is to become a pirate captain himself came to fruition when Meloche gave him command of one of the ships the Charlatan Bay fleet. His gratitude meant he was absolutely loyal to the Dark Bishop and stuck fanatically to the "Pirate Code".  Moore died while repelling a boarding action by the Eslandolans during the first day of the Battle of Five Fleets.

Willem J. "Big Tobacco" Morris, Mayor of Charlatan Bay - DECEASED OCTOBER 617


Willem J. Morris was a somewhat bumbling gentleman merchant of Corrington lineage who acted as Meloche's majordomo. Tasked with the day to day running of Charlatan Bay, he sought to both better the comfort and safety of the inhabitants. Not a 'true believer" himself, he was nonetheless tolerated due to his financial acumen. His attempts to establish his own trading empire had been consciously overlooked by the Dark Bishop whom has no time for such mundane matters, and his growing snuff and cigar company (and hefty person) had earned him among the populace the nickname of "Big Tobacco".  W. Jethro Morris was uncovered by the Dark Bishop as a spy and executed during the Mardierian plot to assassinate Meloche.

Macy Nitoni, Quartermaster - DECEASED OCTOBER 617


A former member of a minor Eslondian duke's court and quartermistress of the Donatus, she abandoned the life of a courtesan in order to freely explore the darker side of her passions.  After loyal service, Meloche rewarded her with command of the war schooner Toucan. She was hung during the October '17 Mardierian purge.

Aron Fox, Master Gunner - DECEASED OCTOBER 617


His keen eye and good humour masked a man who is free of any fear or morality. Aron was given command of the Peregrine following the death of Clarence Moore at the battle of Five Fleets in March '617, but was captured hung the October '17 Mardierian purge.

In Memoriam - Captain Amara's Squadron

Poseidon's Wrath - SUNK MARCH '616

Capsized by storm during trade escort duty.

Athena's Grace - SUNK DECEMBER '616

  • Patches - lost at sea.
  • Shirtless - lost at sea.
  • Vanessa - lost at sea.

Sunk by enemy action.

Hera's Fury - Class 5HA - SUNK MARCH '617


Sunk by enemy action during the Battle of Five Fleets.

Puck's Jest - Class 4 - SUNK OCTOBER '617


Sunk by enemy action during a "routine patrol" of the trade lanes.

In Memoriam - Ashen Guard Mercenary Corps


This professional soldiering corps was originally formed by a battalion of Eslandolan Colonial Guard which deserted en mass, after their government wages went months unpaid due to corruption in the foreign ministry.  After years of being denied permanent residence due to fear by various colonial governors of a diplomatic incident, they gratefully found a home and legitimacy on the volcanic island of Infero Pordejon, from which they took their new name.  They served as garrison troops for the colony until they were roundly defeated by Mardierian marines under command of Admiral Cadiz during the purge of October 617.


Colonel Muscat - DECEASED OCTOBER 617


In Memoriam - Imperial Mardierian Marines of the Red Fleet


An occupying force under Captain Jardines of the Mardierian Imperial Navy, that was disposed of in May '618.




59ea4e94af6ad_BoBSEraITag-SeaRats-Silver-50px.png.9627b53b1d5a42090c8fc4f0d19ac2b9.pngMeloche and Amara Era I Storyline:

Edited by Kwatchi

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As the Lord Mayor of this free port, I am pleased to announce that our town charter has been changed this very day to reflect our our happily growing community. What once started out as a small hamlet will henceforth be known as the TOWN OF CHARLATAN BAY.

Edited by Kwatchi

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As the Mayor of this free port, I am once again pleased to announce that our town charter has been changed  to reflect the rapidly growing colony's success. Our happy community will henceforth be known as the (Large) TOWNSHIP OF CHARLATAN BAY.

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On behalf of Mayor Amara, I am happy to announce that our colony's charter has been changed once again.  Our free port will now be referred to as the City of Charlatan Bay.  Thanks to all who helped us get to this point.

Happy Christmas!

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A big change for Charlatan Bay has occurred.  I am stepping aside and @Roadmonkeytj has become the new mayor and keeper of the greatest free port in Halos.  Once we get the bureaucratic "fun" of the ownership transfer out of the way, expect great things in the future.

Congrats to RTJ!

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Governor: Gustaf VonBricktin [Roadmonkeytj]


Who can trade in Charlatan Bay:

Due to the ever changing political climate (and RP storyline), the town government has implemented the following decree.

  • Port Open (friendly) to: Free Traders Association, C.Bay naval assets, Sea Rats, Oleon, Garvey
  • Port Open at present upon Special Dispensation (PM to @Roadmonkeytjfor approval *) to: Corrington, Prio, Terraversa,  Altonia, Carno, Namere, Pontelli ,Varcoast, Eslandola, Mardier
  • Port Closed to (unfriendly): none
  • Port Closed / will be fired upon (hostile): Independant Pirates associated with "The Dragon" 

*Please note that without prior approval via pm your ship will be treated as hostile and be sunk/detained 

Also note the Port is known to have Black Flag, NPC Pirate and Smuggler traffic.

Who can own licensed property in Charlatan Bay:

Licensing property in Hightown, or at the top of the cliffs, is limited to by request. However, licensing properties in Lowtown is open to all as long as a tumbledown, piratey aesthetic is maintained.  Stone may now be used as long as the main structure is wooden.

Defensive Garrison (Sept 21, '618):

  • 1 small fort
  • 1 medium fort
  • 1 large fort
  • 1 battalion & 2 companies of regular soldiers
  • 1 squad of militia


Free Port of Charlatan Bay



The colony of Charlatan Bay itself is divided into two distinct neighbourhoods based on the unique geography of the island, which in itself mimics the social stratigraphy of the community. 

Located along the thin strands, beaches, piers, and even caves found at the base of the cliffs, Lowtown encompasses the docks and wharves of the freeport as well as the seedier businesses that support/prey on the crews of the ships that put in.  It is made up of predominantly drift wood shanties and ramshackle public houses that cater to the sailors on shore leave and the minifig flotsam that have washed up on Infero Pordejon's shore.  Some stone construction is starting to be used but the major part of the structures are wood.  While not entirely lawless, it has grown out organically from the cliff face like barnacles on a hull and it is easy to get lost amongst its warrens.  The criminal gangs who carve out their own small empires are tolerated as long as their crimes and internecine conflicts are kept relatively discreet from the powers above. 

At the top of the cliff lies Hightown, which is has been built with both proper planning and funds as a refuge for the well off.  Buildings are brick built in a colonial style with cobblestone streets linking them to open marketplaces and plazas, and the town itself is supported by the outlying plantations.

Travel between the two was formerly the province of the Porters Guild, which runs a number of winch-lifts dedicated to the movement of goods and people for an established toll rate.  A road was cut into the cliff face in '617, which broke the monopoly. 



Recent volcanic activity has covered the settlement in ash but with the rainy season upon us it will soon be washed away.

Current Story Line:

Out of the Ashes -Roadmonkeytj

To hell (and back?) -Keymonus

Meanwhile in Acropolis -Keymonus

Devastation of Charlatan Bay -Roadmonkeytj

Waiting in the wasteland -Keymonus

Those Damned Cannons -Keymonus

Restoring Order to Chaos -Roadmonkeytj

Relief Mission - Gedren_y

The road towards peace - Keymonus

Town over the cliffs - Keymonus

Battle for Low Town - Keymonus

Civilization is Returning - Roadmonkeytj

Out of the Ashes -Roadmonkeytj

To hell (and back?) -Keymonus

Meanwhile in Acropolis -Keymonus

Devastation of Charlatan Bay -Roadmonkeytj

Waiting in the wasteland -Keymonus

Those Damned Cannons -Keymonus

Restoring Order to Chaos -Roadmonkeytj

Relief Mission - Gedren_y 

The road towards peace - Keymonus

The town over the cliffs - Keymonus

The Battle for Lowtown - Keymonus

Civilization is Returning - Roadmonkeytj

Fire and blood! - Keymonus

Time to Go Home - Keymonus

The Unknown Letter - Roadmonkeytj




HT - Hightown
LT - Lowtown
O - Outskirts of colony


HT - Charlatan Bay Tailor - medium (+2) - Gulagurag
HT - Wood Worker's Cottage - small - Gulagurag
HT - Barber Surgeon of Saville - small - Kwatchi
HT - Crazy Julio's Gem Emporium - small - Gulagurag
LT - Smuggler's Tavern - small - Mike S
LT - The Lucky Lamprey - small - CelesAurivern
LT - The House of Ill Repute - small - Brickwolf
LT - Flotsam's Rest - small - Kaiju


HT - Milton's Auction House - small - Kwatchi
LT - Shadow's Point - small - CelesAurivern
LT - North Dock - medium - Kwatchi
LT - House of Clover - small - Sir Stig
LT - Mafia Headquarters - small - SilentWolf
LT - The Firebirds - small - Elostirion (came to light in Sep 2017 that this had been licensed)
HT - Free Traders Hall - medium - Free Traders Association (via Kwatchi)
HT - Hightown Market Square - small - Kwatchi
LT - FTA Warehouse - small - Free Traders Association (via Kwatchi)
LT - FTA Trade Office and Warehouse - Free Traders Association (via Professor Thaum)

HT - High Town Winch Lift - small - Keymonus

LT - Arnesto the Blacksmith - small - Roadmonkeytj

LT - Open Market - small - Roadmonkeytj

LT - Honest Bob's Warehouse - YTBD - Keymonus


HT - Altar of Hades - small - Kwatchi
LT - Shrine of Poseidon - small - nivremis (via Kwatchi)

HT - The Babbling Gull - small - Roadmonkeytj


O - Ava the Oracle - small - Kwatchi
HT - Red Monks - small - Kwatchi
HT - Altar of Science - small - Professor Thaum


O - When the Captain's Away - small - Gulagurag [Phred's suggestion to license... thanks P.]
LT - Heldenberg Bakery and Supply - small - Kwatchi
HT - Municipal Brick Kiln and Construction Yard - large - Kwatchi
LT - Salty Shipworks - medium - Roadmonkeytj


O - Hidden Battery - small - Charlatan Bay (via Kwatchi)(Hidden battery was given a facelift via Keymonus here)
O - Fort of San Millar - medium - Charlatan Bay (via Kwatchi)
o - Campanas de los Infiernos... the Hell's Bells - large - Charlatan Bay (via Professor Thaum) 


O - Fortune Favours the Gold - gold mine - Kwatchi

O - Salty Dawgs Mine - salt mine - Roadmonkeytj


O - Big Tobacco's Schraebitz Plantation - small - Kwatchi 

O - 

O - Oriental Poppy Plantation - Professor Thaum


LT - Dugay's Hut - small - Kwatchi
HT - The "Slums" of Charlatan Bay - small - Gulagurag
LT - Exiles - small - Kwatchi
LT - "How to Choose a Crew" - small - Gulagurag
LT - Affairs of State Part 1 - small - Kwatchi
HT - Becoming a Landlubber - small - Roadmonkeytj




O - Meeting the Locals - Gulagurag
O - Investigating the Coastal Cave - mine exploration (salt) - GulagUrag
O - Improving Prospects - mine exploration (gold) - Kwatchi
LT - Yharnam's Offer Part 2 - Kwatchi

Gangs of Charlatan Bay:

LT - "Queenpin" of Lowtown: The Painted Ladies of Charlatan Bay - nivremis

LT - The Alleycats - blackdeathgr
LT - Captain Crazy and the Criminal Crew - SodorBricks
LT - Captain Old Beard Caliquot's gang - Faladrin
LT - The Corry Boys - Brickwolf
LT - The Drifters - KaiNRG
LT - The Firebirds - Elostirion
LT - The Lord of Wars Gang - Maxim I
LT - Lucky Charms Gang - Sir Stig
LT - Mafia of Charlatan Bay - SilentWolf
LT - The Red Hat Gang - Capt Braunsfeld
LT - Safe-House Gang - The Architect
LT - Wu Shoot Gang - dr_spock


Charlatan Bay Fleet:


Toucan - Class 4

Captain Silas Pike Resigns

  • Captain Silas Pike, Acting Commodore - Charlatan Bay Fleet [Kwatchi]


Was a late addition to Meloche's inner circle.  Already a proven and ruthless reaver Captain, some unnamed past favour to Mardier spared him during purge and he was granted command of the schooner Peregrine in the employ of the colony's  merchant marine.

Edited by Roadmonkeytj

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raising troops on Charlatan Bay


51110592562_7e6a617a5f_b.jpgDSC08677 by Philippe, auf Flickr



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raising troops on Charlatan Bay 2



51599107964_f13f36a2d0_b.jpgDSC08707A by Philippe, auf Flickr

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Royal Artisan, Bahía de la Cascada



51715874442_6971e21d19_b.jpgBDLC 03 by Philippe, auf Flickr


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Sea Rats Military Units Part 1: NOD Grenadiers

52089924835_cd7b5d89c1_b.jpgDSC08770 by Philippe, auf Flickr

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Sea Rats Military Units Part 2: NOD Dragoons


52132575852_fe7119ecc2_b.jpgDSC08846 by Philippe, auf Flickr

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