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  1. Brickwolf

    My recent Amtrak MOCs

    Great builds, especially the Amfleet cars!
  2. Great build, so much to like: the Quay, the houses, the shrine, the details the minifigs.
  3. Brickwolf

    [COR-TROOP] New Recruits in Wullham

    Love this, the cannonball drill (a British Empire military tradition/punishment) and of course that you featured Sergeant Allister!
  4. Brickwolf

    [COR-FB] Return of the Count pt. 3

    Beautiful house, esecially the court floor.
  5. Nice houses and minifigs, especially the pink/white one.
  6. Great Micro and mininfig, depicting the Mining guild.
  7. Brickwolf

    [R4 - Lur - CE] The bright side of the road

    The character is former Mining Guild, the colour scheme fits (for MG and this LTC ).
  8. Brickwolf

    [R4 - Lur - CE] The bright side of the road

    Nice Mining guild vehicle. Great snotted base with the tire tracks!
  9. Thank you! Thank you! I aimed for a look like your farm house.
  10. Brickwolf

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A new lease of life

    Really nice wall ornaments and floor!
  11. Brickwolf

    [J8 - Reecee - FF] Life on Reecee's Streets

    Wonderful build! I like the tiered approach, the aesthetics are Noir and Star Wars, great creative minifigs!
  12. Brickwolf

    [O17-Naboo-TT] Not jedi life

    Nice shrine!