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  1. Submissions can compete in multiple categories.
  2. [COR-CWW] Revenge of the WTC

    good one @Mesabi
  3. Rules updates: 14. This challenge is open to citizens of all civilized nations. Sea Rats who want to participate need a special permit from Corrington authorities. (contact me for the permit). 15. No LDD or other digital builds. 16. Submissions which are deemed offensive or mock the Queen, Corrington, it´s citizens and institutions etc. are disqualified from the challenge, and cannot be licensed on Cocovia.
  4. New Deadline: This challenge ends 2nd April 2018. As long as it is the 2nd April anywhere in the world you can still enter a submission.
  5. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    great idea!
  6. Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    very nice shipyard
  7. Movement: first priority: get the stars at E19 and D19(if possible) afterward secondary priority: general direction down and left Aboard the Avenger: Lieutenant Brickwolf, I have a mission for you: Assume command of the 1st Provisional Platoon and take the soldiers down on the Endor moon to support the operation there. Yessir! Later: Sergeant, I am looking for the 1st Provisional Platoon. You have found them. You are the CO? Welcome to the country club! Name is Miggs, pardon Stormtrooper Sergeant MG-0815. Don´t worry, me and Betsy the Blaster will get the men through Endor. I am Lieutenant Brickwolf. You are Brickwolf? They say you killed two rebels with your bare hands on the Suprosa. They also say you killed a Black Sun kingpin on Naboo in cold blood. Pardon my last words, equipment and men here are a bit substandard, but they have their boots on, so they can go to war. On Endor: Endor is quite a nice world, reminds me a bit of Takodana, definitely an improvement over the sewers of Coruscant. But we are not alone here, we just passed a freshly cut tree stump. Discipline is holding, the men are constantly checking their assigned security sectors.
  8. Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    as requested, pictures of the construction:
  9. Account Summary

    @Phred I sold my fort month ago to the settlement of Mooreton Bay, @Ayrlego please confirm.
  10. [COR-MMM] Love at First Sight

    nice use nice use of the Clan Wolf shield
  11. A new schoolhouse has been built: Licensed as a medium education property.
  12. [COR - Era II - Ch I - Cat. A] Back to school
  13. Thaddeus Lupus had been overjoyed, when his alma mater the University of Belson asked him to organize an expedition into the unexplored interior of Celestia. The university of Belson promised to send him a team of their best scientists. He was able to get the new Jameston Schoolhouse for his briefings and use it as a starting point for his expedition: He looked at the team of the University of Belson and was appalled. Their unhealthy flesh coloured complexion showed that they spent most of their time inside. Well this could be remedied, after a short time under the colonial sun, they would also aquire a yellow complexion, like every healthy minifig. But these were for sure not the best and brightest of the Belson university, two departments even did only send research assistants. They were: Professor Declan Brooks, Anthropology Department. Well known on the campus for his dalliances with female students, Professor Brooks was sent on the expedition to avoid a scandal after seducing a young woman related to the royal family. Professor Hayden Bodkins, (nominally) Biology Department. After a short and mediocre scientific career, Professor Bodkins became the university´s bursar. After irregularities were discovered in the university finances , he was sent on the expedition to avoid another scandal. Research assistant Noah Briggs, Geography Department. An inexperienced bureaucrat, he was not fast enough to say no, when a surveyor for the expedition was requested. Research assistant Henry Jones, Archeology Department. A young Scientist with an unhealthy lust for adventure. Leader of the expedition: Thaddeus Lupus Ph.D. One of the last universal scientists (the university changed the curriculum shortly after he graduated). Thaddeus Lupus dabbles in many areas of scientific endavour: He successfully constructed and flew a phlogisphere, participated in the search for the fountain of youth, some say he even found it due to his youthful looks, and is reported to have invented the wagonway, currently being build on Cocovia. He is a descendant of the Wolf Clan, one of the Clans of northern Corrington (he changed his last name to the high-mardierian form, while being a student at Belson university). The expedition´s support personnel: Sergeant Derrick and Corporal Harry, Clan Wolf Fusiliers. Expedition security. Bill and Pete, animal handlers and general hands. They also do the cooking. Licensed as a medium education property
  14. Santa train delivery

    Thank you for the pictures.
  15. Santa train delivery

    Nice coal hoppers, do you have bigger pictures of the hoppers?