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  1. Brickwolf

    Settlement: Spudkirk, Avestia, Corrington

    Licensed as a small residential property in Spudkirk.
  2. ETTC sepoys patrolling among the colourful houses of Spudkirk.
  3. Brickwolf

    BoBS Challenge I - Voting is Closed

    Cat A : Finis Dierum Keymonus Strange Weather LM71Blackbird Cat B : The Conclusion Fraunces The Orders Professor Thaum
  4. Licensed as a small residential property in Port Mordo.
  5. Something was off with Bennett Wolfe. His fellow cadets at the Military Academy of Belson felt it. The commanders of the regiments, where he applied, felt it too and sent him away. Finally he was able to get a commission with the ETTC sepoys. The ETTC needed men for the Lotii war and turned a blind eye to Leftenant Wolfe´s pecularities. Normally the economic competion between ETTC and WTC, Corrington´s two biggest trade companies was civilised, until that day in Port Mordo:
  6. Brickwolf

    [ESL - FB] Welcome to Ceniza Bajo

    Beautiful house!
  7. Brickwolf

    Bloxley, an O-guage homage

    Wonderful layout!
  8. Great scene, good carbonite build!
  9. Brickwolf

    [ESL - FB] Punto Sur Waterfront

    Wonderful build, beautiful houses and nice minifigs!