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  1. Sir Edward Summeridge, I authorise the purchase of Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery bonds for up to 1000DB. Major Bertram Rickard Wolf
  2. Brickwolf

    Life sized "LEGO" locomotive in Hungary

    This video?
  3. Budapest children railway made one of their locomotives look like it was build from LEGO. more pictures
  4. Brickwolf

    Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    Great build @Paperinik77pk Thank you for posting it here!
  5. Brickwolf

    [MOC] BR Railfreight VGA Van

    beautiful freight cars
  6. 2 axle tank cars with "unbalanced "brake platform prototypes:,7659945 tank wagons with brake platforms in GB:
  7. Brickwolf

    Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    I would love to see them here or in their own thread.
  8. I found this gondola on @Steinkopf Dave Stannard´s Flickr. I thought it is a rather easy build, but the construction with the changes between 6 wide and 5 wide (for the opening sides) made the reverse engineering interesting: The tank car is basically a MOD of the tank car from 7939. I added a brake stand with brake wheel and a few other details for a more prototypical look:
  9. Just paticipate in Cat.A of the challenge. It is not mandatory to participate in all categories:
  10. Submissions can compete in multiple categories.
  11. Brickwolf

    [COR-CWW] Revenge of the WTC

    good one @Mesabi
  12. Rules updates: 14. This challenge is open to citizens of all civilized nations. Sea Rats who want to participate need a special permit from Corrington authorities. (contact me for the permit). 15. No LDD or other digital builds. 16. Submissions which are deemed offensive or mock the Queen, Corrington, it´s citizens and institutions etc. are disqualified from the challenge, and cannot be licensed on Cocovia.
  13. New Deadline: This challenge ends 2nd April 2018. As long as it is the 2nd April anywhere in the world you can still enter a submission.
  14. Brickwolf

    MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    great idea!