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  1. beautiful vignette with a very good story!
  2. @Ayrlego Major Wolf would be honoured to attend.
  3. Thank you! You are welcome, I would be honoured.
  4. I love the classic pirates style!
  5. Thank you all for the praise! Maybe we will never know. The datachip is a McGuffin.
  6. @pombe I really missed your builds! They have become scarce since the end of AG! Are these condiment containers? Mustard and Ketchup?
  7. Thank you all! The toilet is on the planet. Star Wars - a space soap opera -
  8. Brickwolf

    [L13 - Fondor - TT] No Introduction Needed

    great build @halixon I especially like the bulkhead!
  9. Dr. Thaddeus Wolf´s room Licensed as a small residential property.
  10. Brickwolf

    Settlement: Spudkirk, Avestia, Corrington

    Small commerce property:
  11. Seawolf Shipping´s new Warehouse in Spudkirk: Licensed as a small commerce property.
  12. Dr. Thaddeus Wolf rents this room while studying the flora and fauna of Alicentia. An interesting specimen has just come for a visit. Licensed as small residence.
  13. In my service for the empire I have been to many places, some famous, some infamous. Where I currently am belongs definitely to the infamous category: The Bastille prison on Virgilia. Here the Aristocracy tortured their Virgilian Free Alignment enemies. My Neo Republican jailors gladly told me, that it is now used to incarcerate Imperial war criminals like me. Suddenly the door opened and in came a beautiful Imperial captain! Your name prisoner? Wolf, first name Brick, Lieutenant, BW-257728. (The right one) Lieutenant Wolf, I am Captain Markland, we know you have a data chip belonging to the Triumvirate. But because of your previous service aboard the Avenger, I have a generous offer for you on behalf of Commander Bannon: You will hand over the data chip to us, for this we get you out of here and you are allowed to continue your service in the Triumvirate´s forces. You get me out first, then you get the chip. When I had to leave the service, I was in line for promotion to Captain, I want that promotion too. Consider it done. Anything else? Since we are now of equal rank, how about drinks later? You overestimate yourself.
  14. Done. I am not an officer. I am a Sergeant. I work for my money! Thank you for the praise!
  15. Training the Elizabethville Militia