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  1. Brickwolf

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    3 - 1 point 9- 1 point 13- 1 point
  2. [COR] GOC - Redcoats Rule - The southern offensive Part II
  3. After the Carno supply fleet arrived in Seawatch the small port exploded with activity: Supplies are transloaded to ox carts for transport to the combined Carno Corrington force. Newly arrived reinforcements are getting ready to march to the front and Quartermasters are busy with the paperwork.
  4. Thank you all for the praise! It wont be his last visit to Bobs. If you hear a sailor the next time telling a tall tale about flying ships, it might be true.
  5. MRCA Zone 42 The small uninhabited atoll with the blue lagoon is mostly used by young Tyree Dee for certain activities: Today, it is used for much darker purposes: Corrington and Carno Megabloks! For your temerity to challenge the mighty kingdom of the Lotus, you will die! Suck on my Brick, Lotuseater. Bring it on. Spaceman, you are going home! ------------ Holy megabloks, what was this?
  6. Brickwolf

    [COR - FB] On the Road Again...

    Nice oasis, well built.
  7. Brickwolf

    [MOC] Victorian-Era Layout

    Beautiful layout, I like the style.
  8. Brickwolf

    [EBFS] Not Only Locomotives Need Water

    A railway theme garden - great idea! I like the water tower and the freight car!
  9. Brickwolf

    Deutz DG1200BBM locomotive

    Difficult prototype with the rounded forms, but you made it instantly recognizable. The flat car is great, too.
  10. Brickwolf

    [SR - Ch III - cat. D(1)] Privateering

    Great microbuild! The blue blanket serves well as the sea and NPU of the diver ´s fins for the junk sails!
  11. Arlinsport Botanical Garden Licensed as a small culture property.
  12. Brickwolf

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    Arlinsport Botanical Garden