Field Hospital near Charlatan Bay

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Tristan was hesitant about the decision to accept the offer of medical assistance from the Crahaish neh Triuri. The Order of the Faith had long maintained that they were a heathen cult bent on The Order's destruction. They were allowed to come ashore, and set up their open air field hospital, staffed by Wandering Acolytes, on a sheltered stretch of beach north of the hidden battery. Tristan is glad to see that his concerns were unjustified.


The Valiant Phoenix crew was able to make some small profit on some luxury items remaining in the hold from their last port of call, and sold to people who had the means. Captain MacMathain is turning over this modest amount to Tristan to help fund his campaign. The Crahaish neh Triuri will be covering the crew pay, with bonuses, for this relief mission.

One of Tristan's men is sighting a buzzard that is slowly circling overhead. He has no real expectation that he will bring it down with his pistol, but maybe he can discourage the bird from trying to scavenge from the wounded here.


Amelia Rosen is highly incensed about what happened to this little girl here. She was beaten simply because the costume jewelry she is wearing wasn't worth stealing.


Sessi the Comforter escorts a soldier determined to make a report to his commander. He has been fitted with a walking cast, and given a crutch, but she is still concerned that his leg may be too weak to hold him. She does admire his devotion to duty, though.


Here lies one of the many 'working ladies' that had been passed around by the pirate gangs, without pay, and then dumped in the streets when they can no longer continue. She and the little girl were placed over here because the leaves of these plants give off a calming aroma.


This young man had staggered in after an encounter with some kind of beast. The scratches on his chest weren't very concerning, but the lacerations on his arm, and the possible cracked skull, were. He has been babbling about his encounter for the passed two hours.


"Shut up, ya idjit!" growled the soldier that had five musket balls removed from his leg.


This gentleman is mortified at the state of his undress while the ladies bandage his leg. They had given him the stick to put into his mouth while they tended the knife wound that he received in a fight over a hunk of salted beef.


This soldier, recovering from a bayonet wound, is worrying that he will have to ask for help, because he really needs to pee.


Here we have an older workman who is suffering from the effects of some tainted pork. Gwynniff the Steady thinks she has the right tincture, but to get him to take it she may have to ply him with some uisge first.


This young man is fervently praying to Zeus in a panic for accepting help from a "heathen."


Callie the Westerling has taken a few spines from a loti puff, and dropped them into some noji juice. The resultant vapor, which she is capturing in the synthetic bladder, is a powerful sedative. She will be using it on the praying young man. She had been able to clean and dress the wounds on his feet, but they had been so filled with grime that she knows she will have to treat him further. Knocking him out to do so seems the most logical course.


This woman is the sickest of all the patients that are currently being treated here. When she was brought in she could barely breathe from all the ash she had inhaled thanks to the volcano's eruption. She now has a very high fever, and a painful cough that is currently producing a greenish-grey phlegm. Because of the worry of respiratory infection Helena the Whisper is wearing both gloves and mask while trying to bring her fever down.


Lyssa the Brightener is happy to have found koola mushrooms growing locally. She is currently filtering some sheep's milk through one to produce a quality pain reliever.



When it becomes public, you can find additional detail images of this build, along with the .lxf file, in this Brickshelf folder. When opening the .lxf, don't worry about the piece that gets removed, it was just a flower for the young girl's hair. It is unimportant, and doesn't appear in any of the pics.

I hope you have enjoyed my not-so-little scene. This build, at 50x82, is free to be licensed by Charlatan Bay.

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I love how much work you put in the seperate scenes & storytelling. Very nice!

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This turned out quite well!  I like how you came up with the back stories of why each is being treated. 

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