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  1. @Bregir Friendly reminder that you need to roll some dice or something.
  2. Kwatchi

    [COR - FB] Shot Tower, Quinnsville

    Neat! I learned something new. Nice build as well, even with highly illegal pirated bricks.
  3. A greenie pirate hunting squadron huh? Challenge accepted! (My eyes kept getting drawn to floor. That’s a lovely coloured pattern. Nice touch.)
  4. The Yellow Skull Fleet wishes to condemn the following ... erm... legal prizes captured in the most recent sailing season: Chamelon - class 3 unm0cced Chipmunk - class 3 unm0cced Payment can be made to our broker (Kwatchi), who will distribute shares out appropriately.
  5. That is a nice build, but a weird concept. :)
  6. A gorgeous build. The wall details and main tower carving are perfectly done.
  7. Wow. I have been looking at all the little details for 10 minutes straight.
  8. This is a well put together parade MOC, with a nice supporting story line. Nice photography as well. Good job. Also proof that Corries tend to be a bit over-equipped (compensating for something?) and thus why they can only manage to march 100 m a day. 😁
  9. Kwatchi

    Fire and blood!

    Rest assured Keymonus, you and Roadmonkeytj have kept me entertained with where you taken the Charlatan Bay story. I smiled when I saw your interpretation of the sloped walls of San Millar and the reasoning behind the low rear parapet - nice work.
  10. It honestly takes 5 minutes of effort to go back through the KPAs in order to find a ship. Start at the most recent issue (use owner breakdown list) and simply work your way back through the volumes. Easy-peasy. Troop locations though... lost in de sands o time dey be.
  11. Still waiting on answers from back in March, so I'm taking advantage to tack on a few more ships to be sold. Ships I wish to condemn to the prize court: Hammerhead (class 5) - formerly ESL - unmocced Mimi (class 4a) - formerly Mardier - unmocced Misty (class 4f) - formerly Mardier - unmocced
  12. The loss of the Driftwood Heart is worthy of a sad ballad (best shipname in the game so far), but I’m happy that we could once again cause chaos on the brick seas. ’Take all you can - give nothing back’
  13. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB] Map Stand

    Nice! 👍