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  1. This is a well put together parade MOC, with a nice supporting story line. Nice photography as well. Good job. Also proof that Corries tend to be a bit over-equipped (compensating for something?) and thus why they can only manage to march 100 m a day. 😁
  2. Kwatchi

    Fire and blood!

    Rest assured Keymonus, you and Roadmonkeytj have kept me entertained with where you taken the Charlatan Bay story. I smiled when I saw your interpretation of the sloped walls of San Millar and the reasoning behind the low rear parapet - nice work.
  3. It honestly takes 5 minutes of effort to go back through the KPAs in order to find a ship. Start at the most recent issue (use owner breakdown list) and simply work your way back through the volumes. Easy-peasy. Troop locations though... lost in de sands o time dey be.
  4. Thanks
  5. Still waiting on answers from back in March, so I'm taking advantage to tack on a few more ships to be sold. Ships I wish to condemn to the prize court: Hammerhead (class 5) - formerly ESL - unmocced Mimi (class 4a) - formerly Mardier - unmocced Misty (class 4f) - formerly Mardier - unmocced
  6. The loss of the Driftwood Heart is worthy of a sad ballad (best shipname in the game so far), but I’m happy that we could once again cause chaos on the brick seas. ’Take all you can - give nothing back’
  7. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB] Map Stand

    Nice! 👍
  8. Question: What is the historic inspiration for the architecture of Alexport?
  9. (This type of news tidbit always improves my day)
  10. Back from my work up north and enjoying some catch-up reading. Fascinating (if confusing at times) discussions so far. That scum trap night 3 (?) was inspired stuff.
  11. Kwatchi

    [SR-FB] Trouble comes with 8

  12. Welcome to the 'Rats Captain Flint!
  13. Kwatchi

    [Esl] More ships for the Fleet

    A nice vignette. Good job.
  14. Mar, 619 - Parts Unknown To whom it may concern, I wish to condemn the unmocced vessel 'Hammerhead (5)' as a prize. it came into my possession during the most recently completed MRCA. -Missive from the Yellow Skull fleet ---x---x--- Also a little book-keeping: 1) I sold the Magnolia (3) to the prize court back in Oct: It is still showing up in the account sheet under my name and I can't seem to figure out if I ever got paid for it. I'd sell it again, but I'm an ethical guy. 2) Could I have the captured Stormbringer II transferred to my ownership in the account page please?