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  1. An air conditioner? :D
  2. I watched this latest game from the sidelines, having played the abortive Pirates II. I hadn't planned to comment until read the Deadboard and this statement: Not sure, but you may be recalling what I said back in during the previous game I played to Bob's Pirates duology. First off, take this as constructive criticism not a personal attack. I'll couch things as nicely as I can. Bob had me slated to play Michael Lavoie (town watcher) in this game, even though I had not signed up. He assumed I would flow from Pirates II to III. When I was contacted to take on the role I lied; I told him I was too busy with work commitments. (Sorry Bob - I didn't want to hurt your feelings or start you on a negative foot) The truth however was that Pirates II showed me that the same issues still exist in the EB mafia community as when I had last played a year previous and they generate a negative play experience for players "outside the veteran circle". Keep in mind I won in Pirates II (in fact I have never lost a mafia game yet on EB), so this is not sour grapes fueled. Best way I can put it is this: Why when we are all supposed to hide our identities did certain vet players make no effort at all in concealing themselves? Twice. This is not like Tariq and his account mix-up accidents, but deliberately ignoring the whole premise of anonymous games. Heck, one player proceeded to alpha dog both games and survived to the finish both times - did everyone knowing from day 1 who they were factor in do them lasting where most others would have been lynched? I'd say yes, but that is my opinion. Unfortunately my opinion is the crux of the negative play experience. For new players, it looks like a clique. Some of you believe this is simply new players being out of their depths and that they should go through "Mafia school" before they can play with you (Which is a pretty insulting thing to say if you sit back and think about it. This game is not rocket science. You could write the rules on the back of a napkin. Funnily enough, the last mafia school run here voted out the only 'new' player on day 1 iirc). I can guarantee that you will not retain everyone anyway, so you can't worry about those who leave in a huff. I am also not suggesting you penalize people for not being sneaky enough, but if you approach this with the dismissive attitude I saw on the Deadboard rather than with a bit of introspection on how to make your community more welcome and fair to all, you will always be struggling to make up 16. I'll probably see you in-game in a year or so when I hope things are improved.
  3. I noticed that straight away. It was a fun thing to add.
  4. Kwatchi

    Account Summary

    @Capt Wolf What is the skill set/language needed to run the spreadsheet?
  5. Apparently our fears had been misplaced. The infiltration of pirate scum had been no threat to the fort at all and easily fended off, like a bear swatting a butterfly. With a smile of satisfied relief, I quietly turned and left - once again returning to the shadows from whence I came. Fate only knew if or when I’d resurface again. (PS Thanks for the game Bob. I look forward to seeing action board for the sake of my curiosity.) (PPS Vote: Ethan Dunn)
  6. My apologies to Blackbird but I’m going to pile in here. We’re still a building game right? I would say this should be the driver for decisions. My view is sistershipping is a ‘cheap’ rule to begin with, hence I haven’t used it since the era 2 start. And I am not a fan of multi-builds either; it led to those ridiculous row boat fleets for example. One MOC should equal one ‘game move’, otherwise we’re just hosting a board game here. Ofc the court already knows my position from my private letter I sent a few months back, and obviously disagrees with my opinion.
  7. Kwatchi

    The Mardierian Legion

    I love how the Mardier storyline keeps popping back up. Nice work!
  8. The pictures and story give a nice tense claustrophobic feel to me. I really like it.
  9. Kwatchi

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 3]

    I'm starting to fear I have been doing piracy wrong all this time.
  10. Thanks guy. I was doing an MRCA scene anyway, so I figured I'd stick it into the Challenge for fun - 'cuz I never participate in them. Also I'm glad someone got that it is a tribute to the show, though you really need to read the ambassador's lines in Werner Herzog's voice to get the full effect.
  11. Entry for Category D4: The Bounty
  12. Feb 28, 620: Ms. Twee Lek's Healing Baths, Prinport Ah. Commodore De Kruger. The town Reive (Karga) had informed me that you had docked earlier today. Please come and join me. I was curious to see if the loss of your flagship meant your end, though I can see that was of no great consequence to one of your reputation. And what reputation might that be Ambassador? A reputation as one of the best at your profession, as would be expected for one of the Lord of Whispers inner cir.. HOLD IT! Ah. Please forgive my bodyguard's indiscretion. While I am sure one of your reputation would make short work of them, it would complicate the conclusion of our arrangement. ... Very well. Good. I must commend you on the destruction of the Duchy of Prio's fleet (KPA Vol. 5, Ed. 1). After the Loti Imperial Intelligence Service learned of their diplomatic negotiations, it was crucial we denied Carno of that potential asset. However we were disappointed to hear that you only managed to partially destroy the Carno fleet previous to this (KPA Vol. 4, Ed. 5). I acknowledge that piracy is a complicated profession, and therefore I am in the position to offer you only partial payment. Your reward is the information you requested. Now that our business is concluded, my understanding is that this will now all be forgotten. Is that not the code? Yes. That is the way. Good. Thank you Commodore. Just as we now have the Loti Empire returning to its former place of prominence in the New Haven Sea, I wonder how long it will be until your master, the Lord of Shadows, revisits us in person. It would be good to see balance being restored to Halos, don't you agree? ...
  13. Kwatchi

    [MCTC: Salida Este] Seaside Fort

    Having tried my hand at angled Fort walls previously, yours outshine my attempt by miles. Great work.