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  1. Kwatchi

    [OL-FB] Kurenai

    I rather like this build. Nice work.
  2. Kwatchi

    Jack and Kate buy a ship

    ROFL That coin was an inspired bit. Our deal is complete. I hope you don't mind me re-using this:
  3. It's a gorgeous build. The snow seems a bit odd for a pseudo-carribean locale (BoBS climate change?), but I can appreciate it nonetheless.
  4. Those are some nasty looking troops.
  5. Kwatchi

    [Lotus - Seawatch campaign] Counterstrike.

    This is great. The tree costumes had me laughing.
  6. Kwatchi

    Oleon - Kojima settlement

    That's a lovely, well sculpted building. Good job!
  7. (C'mon snipers! Where are you?) Oh, and a great build as well. The terraced staircase is gorgeous.
  8. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB] Wine Terrace, Lavalette

    The arbor concept made for a lovely exposition scene. Great idea!
  9. Sorry. I was trying to be half funny and it fell flat. I'll edit it to be a bit lighter in tone.
  10. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB] Cemetery, Lavalette

    Some clever bits in this MOC. Nice job!
  11. This. Some of these are still active. A nice harbour defence gunboat MOC is great. A "masse" of modded rowboats sailing between colonies on the other hand...
  12. I do miss the Letter of Marque shenanigans of Era 1 a bit. That was a wild time. Poor Legostone... I still feel a bit guilty for turning on him.* There is a bit of a hiccup rule wise atm that impedes us helping because... we have split personalities. To explain: All my income generating and land-based stuff is "legal Sea Rat" and thus pseudo-protected from being targeted by anything but NPCs. All my warship fleet is "Pirate" and everyone is gunning for me in the MRCA (or running I suppose). Yes, I could raise some troops and use mercantile boats as transport to enter the combat zone but my escorting warships would be black-flagged and so i) sailing with a BFlag turns you into one (not great for a merchant) and ii) I'd show up in the same zone and just be jumped by every non-Oleon warfleet before I did anything. The trade-off to dabbling in piracy means you split your fleet and militia, and they can't support each other. A weird side effect of that is that some of us become very fleet oriented. So I put this to you @Jeff of Clubs: let's assume you get both the COR and ESL to agree to stop targeting BFlag SR and half the Sea Rats join up. How would you address the other half who keep to their buccaneering ways? A bit of a fox in the hen house scenario there. I can only speak for myself, but I am happy sitting this one out. I had my bit of fun during the Terra Versa war doing misdeeds for someone who will remain nameless, but the 3 factions united so quickly in this Loti war that is was essentially over before it started. I can still enjoy the builds from the sidelines regardless. ==/==/== Now, if faction leaders wish to bribe a certain Pirate Commodore not attack their juicy, wallowing, trade convoys, I'd be open to hearing what they have to pay say. *No I don't
  13. sigh. I had hoped we had moved beyond the 'dinghies of doom'.
  14. @Garmadon An attack on a two fort guarded Mooreton Bay (that took some cojones), followed up by a fine prize and ridding the seas of a couple of those annoying Corrie war dinghies?
  15. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB] Courthouse in Bastion

    I have to admit I wasn't so sure at the first build (way too nice looking for us bums), but the guillo-multi-tine was great and court scene is absolute perfection.