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  1. That is a fun little boat and great story accompanying it. Nice work.
  2. [TSotEP] 6 - Splish Splash & Fish

    The captain’s is very well done and nicely furnished with items to catch my interest. Nicely done.
  3. Sorry. I am going to have to pull out as my schedule has changed. Have fun all.
  4. Having given up her duties as mayor of Charlatan Bay, Captain Amara returned to where she was happiest - living the pirate life on the high seas. Aboard her new war brig Dreamchaser, she chased the horizon once again and woe betide any merchant she came across. ===x===x===x=== My brother @Gulagurag finished this MOC over a month ago but couldn't bring himself to post it - he avoids the forums after getting turned off by the drama.. So I am doing it for him. No need to criticize or comment, because it is highly unlikely he will ever read it.
  5. My bad. I completely passed over that bit of info in the description. Makes perfect sense now.
  6. Very nice LD build. Why a white roof?
  7. I’d like a spot please.
  8. Was dis? I canz be Stormtrooper?
  9. [SR - FB] The Alois Forever

    I am... am... not at all certain what to say anymore abut this series.
  10. @Legostone Figured I'd respond here rather than Bart's Narwal thread. Here's the issue I've been having: This build is leans more towards playable than accurate, as my style/collection dictates. Even by that standard though, these head rails look completely rubbish. I've tried a few different pieces and connection points, but I can't seem to get a nice vertical arc. It is not the only problem the ship has, but it is the most glaring and I really want to get this off my desk since it has been acting as a sort of "builder's block" for months now. TLDR - If you can point me to some of the head rail examples you mentioned earlier, I'd appreciate it.
  11. First off, congrats on becoming a colony owner! I look forward to visiting Poppy Port! MOC - you have a nice story there and I like the colour palette. The rockwork really could have used some slopes - it unfortunately looks like you just slapped some BURBs together and it takes away from the build. Licensing - This is where it gets subjective. Always keep in mind that you don't need to license every build; sometimes you create a MOC just to drive your story and it is perfectly fine as that. BUT, I also realize you are starting a new colony and need... well... builds, and Dbs are a necessary evil, so no one will begrudge you here. In this case, I would say you should license it as small Education. The reasons: i) In my experience finding believable ideas for EDU builds in a pirate/free port is rather difficult, so this gets that nuisance out of the way early, and ii) You have a lot of open space in this MOC and it is a pretty simple build. Since the leadership don't seem to police is this kind of thing anymore, you could certainly fill in the form as is a medium/large build based on the overall footprint rather than effort, and wait to see if anyone objects. And to be completely honest, I "rounded up" a couple of builds early on (though I round down more than up). Problem is that people who do that consistently get a rep. In the end, they are your (virtual) toys, so your decision. Last thing: definitely license this under yourself, but put the location as Poppy Port, once the account is updated to show the colony. You'll need some bureaucratic help for that. @MKJoshA @Phred The only MOCs I'd license under a colony's name are forts, and maybe a ship eventually. PS: Poppy Port? You sure you want to go with that name? It becomes Poopy Port so easily...
  12. [SR - MCRA Mar] On Trial Again

    ROFL Despite all the headaches these incidents cause us at the time, watching Sinbad's subsequent legal "maneuverings" crack me up to no end.
  13. [TSotEP] 3 - An Inn in Quinnsville

    Are you sure you are helping him? I don't see a monkey anywhere...
  14. [Prologue] The Return of Sister

    The red micro fighter is inventive, but I guess I have always had a soft spot for Blacktron because I like the corvette more.