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  1. Account Summary

    Thanks Phred
  2. Account Summary

    My 'personal' numbers are back to normal , but the Settlement Status page is still out of whack . Total size is showing up as 75, when my calculations (incl the solved mystery Commercial property that was revealed earlier in the thread) have it at 45. I'm guessing the Trade Value seems to been derived from the 75 as well, because it looks ~100 pips too high. Without seeing the hidden columns U and X, I can't figure out what is causing the miscalculation. Phred, if I could send you a BEvERage over the internet, I would.
  3. Well these last two hours of posts certainly sucked any returning enthusiasm right out of me.
  4. She's a lovely ship. Well done
  5. Account Summary

    Yep. Something went seriously wrong. Charlatan Bay's size jumped by 21, and my "personal" finances decreased by over a 1000.
  6. Account Summary

    Really? He licensed a burning tavern?! That might be it, though it would be an artisan not a commercial property. I am even more confused now.
  7. Account Summary

    Nope. The Lucky Charms Gang's hideout is taken into account. Commercial (6): HT - Milton's Auction House - small - Kwatchi LT - Shadow's Point - small - CelesAurivern LT - North Dock - medium (+2) - Kwatchi LT - House of Clover - small - Sir Stig LT - Mafia Headquarters - small - SilentWolf Not sure what I am missing that pushes the total 7.
  8. Account Summary

    Nice to finally see life returning to BoBS again, which of course brings the bombarding of Phred with questions concerning his wonderful bookkeeping spreadsheets. Mine is in regards to the "natural growth" of residences in colonies. It looks like Charlatan Bay stopped naturally growing in July. Was this rule rescinded? Frankly it should have been since it is a giant pain in the proverbial to keep up to date, but I thought I'd check. Also I am fairly sure Charlatan Bay is being wrongly credited with an extra Commercial pip atm, but there may be someone else's MOC in there I lost track of.
  9. Era II Trade MRCA

    I have a granular question regarding the mechanics for Interception (no surprise to anyone I am sure). Can the departure and destination port be set as the same in this case? Curious as it will affect my eventual ship builds.
  10. [COR - FB] Visiting Tortuga

    Well, this is a fascinating turn of events (and nice little MOC, don't get me wrong). Henceforth, let no man say that Don Montoya is craven; he has come alone as promised and proved beyond doubt that he is a man of his word. ... ... ... I say we kidnap him and hold him for ransom.
  11. The Highwayman's Return

    I've been enjoying the storyline, and your rowboat does look good. Plus who doesn't love monkeys! Not a criticism, but a question: why did you go with grey for the spit of land? It looks a a bunch of vegetation growing out of the rock, so it had me curious why you went that route.
  12. [COR] A Fort for the Refugees

    While it is rather square on, I really like this build. It has great colour and contrast, the walls are well built to allow it to be played with but you put a lot of nice little details in to it too. Nice job!
  13. [SR - FB 2 July 17] Essential turtles

    Cute! I like the water to beach transition you went with.
  14. [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    A very promising start. Looking forward to the completed build.
  15. Account Summary

    Phred, are forts no longer counting towards property totals? I only ask because Charlatan Bay went down in size and trade value in July even after I added a small res in June. It has me scratching my head trying to discern what changed.