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  1. Kwatchi

    [GoC] Spudkirk Library

    That is a lovely scene/build. Nice work.
  2. Kwatchi

    [MOC] White Eagle Knights

    Anyone know if this torso has a code assigned to it?
  3. I'm late to the party, but congratulations on a great build!
  4. Yes. Those are lovely trees.
  5. Kwatchi

    [SR-FB] Charlatan Bay Publishing

    This got a chuckle out of me. And I enjoyed the gothic horror architecture twist on High Town. Wish I had thought of doing that - it makes a ton of sense.
  6. Kwatchi

    The Return of the ... (Chapter 2)

    I have a bad feeling about this.
  7. Kwatchi

    [SR - MRCA result] Beached

    Great story and presentation Professor
  8. Kwatchi

    [SR - MRCA Result 2] Trade Exchange

    /Reads post. /Raises eyebrow. /Looks to see if some slipped something in his coffee. (Lovely MOC build - no clue what that story was all about. Ostriches?)
  9. Lol. No, you misunderstood me. I would have sided with the underdog by Lotii. Unfortunately, they now face Oleon (the strongest fleet sailing by far… they even worry me), Corrington, Carno, and now a PC pirate. It’s way too slanted a playing field to bother. Heck, it would be over already if the Reds could stop losing capital ships. 😜 I was musing more about two ‘minnows’ having a little intercine trade war I could stick my nose into and maybe go semi-legit. No worries though - I’ll just continue picking daisies.
  10. @Khorne I just read the new Farstrider Guide update. They are top notch! Thanks for putting in that level of effort. Question: Is it possible to get a bullet in the Diplomacy Section on how a nation reacts to black-flaggers/privateers? I miss the old days of Legostone/ESL bidding for my services against Mardier and the Letters of Marque, and I am curious if some NPC nations are of similar mind. (Yes, there is the Lotus/Carno fracas but that has become woefully one-sided and I'm not suicidal )
  11. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB] Galleon Cartagena

    A great ship for sure. The water though in the first few pics - that was dazzling.
  12. This was a nice effort at solving a mistake. A tip of the hat to @LM71Blackbird