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  1. [SR] FTA Redtail

    I love the detail on the sail. A great touch.
  2. The power drill in the row boat is a bit of an odd choice, but an interesting scene nonetheless.
  3. [OL-FB] The Pearl of Loyalty

    I very dark and foreboding colour scheme for your religious (fanatic) ship. I like it! It is a build to be appreciated for the small details (incl. that pegasus ofc) but it's a pity you never hoisted an inch of canvas.
  4. Please refrain from making statements for us @Bregir. Your opinion has no bearing outside your faction on such matters, and I for one do not appreciate the meddling. @Bart Bastion is still the nominal SR capital, so feel free to build there. Unfortunately @MKJoshA has been rather busy on the Star Wars forum and hasn't set up our monthly internal discussion thread. Hopefully he'll get to that soon and you can bounce ideas off of us then in private.
  5. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Sorry, I can't tell you. It is trade secret that has nothing to do with being over tired and trying to apply logic to an illogical situation.
  6. Glad you guys liked it. I have to admit I cringed a bit at the last photo. You can really tell which of those white bricks have been with since I was a kid; the yellowing and chipping is pretty noticeable.
  7. Ayrlego, your sense of colour and polish show through once again. And that fish hook technique - consider that "borrowed".
  8. [ESL] Blood Diamond

    I don't know if it is my eyes playing tricks on me, but the hull somehow appears dark olive green to me in all of one of the photos. It's a striking combination with the red and forest green highlights. Regardless, you've ended up with a nice little ship out of it.
  9. Well, they say there is a fine line between madness and genius... It is a well thought out and gorgeously clean MOC. I'm bloody envious. You have really set a high bar for yourself (and for us poor slobs) to follow. Great job!
  10. That is an awesome build with a lot of attention to details. Great job. I will admit though that seeing the wolfpack shield & flag made me smile, because I always thought that sigil look rather rat like.
  11. Wow. You are quite prolific. It is a beautiful design. is that a caterpillar track linking to the bowsprit?
  12. The Free Traders Association has established an office in Fuerte Unido at Pionese House. (small commerce)
  13. Crisis can bring opportunity. While their ships were detained by the Eslandolan government in February '618, the FTA captains took it upon themselves to find lodging more suitable than the dockside inns. Using the profits they had made in port, they purchased a small estate known locally as Pionese House - after the distinct red flowers cultivated in the garden. Not only did this serve as housing for the captains while the bureaucratic fracas played out, it was also decided it would be a suitable location for a new trade office. Needing a factor to run the office, the Sirrus' First Mate Edgar Marquez was selected. He had faithfully served under Captain Preston dating back to their days as pirates, but having taken a splinter during a battle this past October had severely hampered his mobility. Rather than cash him out, this gave the former Eslandolan privateer a regular stipend a new purpose. And since Pionese House was opulently appointed (in order to more easiltydeal with the rich merchant class of the town), his life would be one of wealth that he had never would have dreamed of. ==/==/== This is the second in my series of FTA satellite offices, and in this case I tried to mimic the architectural style of the Brickwall Memorial Park. The style was actually a lot of fun to try out and is very striking in real life. While I am happy overall, the exterior pictures are not great (I hope to redo them later this week), and I only had 11 of the dark tan brick facade pieces; I wish I had more to use as an accent. And I can't forget to mention that my proud 7 yo did the gardening and was insistent that I mention it. Some further story below:
  14. Thunder

    Yep. That jumped out at me too. Very creative. It's a lovely vessel overall ofc.
  15. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Thanks for having me @mediumsnowman. While I am still trying to get me head around the revealed set-up at the moment, I did enjoy myself (except for the start of day 4 ofc). And the binary solution table was a solid idea! I swear!