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  1. Yep. From my discussions with @SkaForHire, Era 1 Sea Rats were just to be a catch-all for different play styles: pirates, small nations, independent traders, indigenous tribes, etc.. That ran afoul of Era 2 MRCA "targeting" mechanics though, so the Black Flagged system was created to patch over the problem. HOT TAKE: I have argued in the past that the Sea Rats as a faction are really no longer necessary (shocking, I know). But being Black Flagged in the main three factions covers that pirate play style and I don't believe anyone is gaming as an NPC nation (I was leaning to do Mardier but no free time) or anything beyond the normal. Ok, @Professor Thaum is not exactly normal. In fact, the present Sea Rat "no ship upkeep" special rule swung things a bit too far for me; where I used to desperately scrounge up coin for operating costs by building land properties/story builds, I can now just sail 'em and forget. It stopped being a building game and more a simulator. With the remaining player base so spread out, maybe the time has come to consolidate a bit. I can't say it won't sadden me to see the faction retired, but it would be for the betterment of the game's health.
  2. My first reaction was for me to lament my bad luck, then I saw how Nod and especially poor Capt. Wolf made out. Holy poop! The fates were cruel this month. @Capt Wolf Thank you for all your hard work that has made the KPA the highlight of our strange little hobby. You've left some big shoes to fill. With you retiring your pen (erm... keyboard), saying that this is the end of an era is doubly appropriate. Addendum: Did our attempt to return the class 3 Le Petit Bleu to Oleon work? My brother tried to sailing into Pilton in order to return it, but I see he ended up making money rather than losing ownership of the ship. It's a nice bonus mind you.
  3. I applaud this initiative. Era 2 did a great job fleshing out the the initial vision SkaforHire had for a game system. The world building has been extraordinary and the action turn improvements welcome. But that world map(s) is a wee bit bloated and unwieldy, the sheer amount of legacy "generator" properties broke any economy long ago, and the active pop. distribution has become a skewed. Hopefully Era 3 comes with a reset of some kind. May I suggest a massive tsunami caused by an exploding Bruhaha brewery? Looking forward to seeing more information.
  4. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB] The Death of Hercules

    Well, I come back from holiday and find this little gem. Nicely written story conclusion and a great MOC scene too. Top notch work. Refresh my memory though: which faction eats horses? I’d like to file that insult for potential future use.
  5. Oof! Twenty-nine ships sunk. Some "old" names too. That is a rough outing. Sad to see the Fluttering Petal sunk. It was my favourite ship build.
  6. Kwatchi

    [SR-FB] Salty Dawgs Mine

    Heh! This was a surprise to read this morning. Looks good.
  7. Kwatchi

    [OL-FB] Kurenai

    I rather like this build. Nice work.
  8. Kwatchi

    Jack and Kate buy a ship

    ROFL That coin was an inspired bit. Our deal is complete. I hope you don't mind me re-using this:
  9. It's a gorgeous build. The snow seems a bit odd for a pseudo-carribean locale (BoBS climate change?), but I can appreciate it nonetheless.
  10. Those are some nasty looking troops.
  11. Kwatchi

    [Lotus - Seawatch campaign] Counterstrike.

    This is great. The tree costumes had me laughing.
  12. Kwatchi

    Oleon - Kojima settlement

    That's a lovely, well sculpted building. Good job!
  13. (C'mon snipers! Where are you?) Oh, and a great build as well. The terraced staircase is gorgeous.
  14. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB] Wine Terrace, Lavalette

    The arbor concept made for a lovely exposition scene. Great idea!
  15. Sorry. I was trying to be half funny and it fell flat. I'll edit it to be a bit lighter in tone.