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  1. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB - Oct 21] The frigate Magnetic North

    It is absolutely gorgeous Professor. Great lines, great colour scheme, and great name/theming (great photography too to show it off properly). I was happily stunned when I saw your MOC. #perfectionmeme Of course the unspoken rule of BoBS is that it will sink first time out because it hit a drunk sea turtle or something equally dumb; quality of the ship build is always inversely proportional the to luck it has in the MCRA.😜
  2. Kwatchi

    Captain Cookies next move

    Lol. This series is truly bizarre.
  3. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB -Ship] Cornucopia

    I’m envious of your Viking ship hull. I’ve always wanted one myself. Looks like a fun ship build/problem to solve and great dialog alongside. I think the hull has one too many colours (black, green, red, brown), but I figure it’s a collection constraint so no big deal.
  4. Not overly complicated build, but instantly recognizable as a cog. I’d call this MOC a success.
  5. The Lord of Whispers approves this message.
  6. Kwatchi

    [GoC] The Queen's Crown Public House

    To echo others, the light grey slate tile roof (and superb cobble pathway) looks great next to the dark red. A very appealing colour selection by you. Nice work!
  7. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB] Shrine of St Axel

    Wait? That oaf Axel was canonized?! Damnit @Ross Fisher, you had me laughing out loud like a crazy person. A nice build as well.
  8. Kwatchi

    [ESL - Ch IV - Cat A] Priorities!

    As others have said, that tile floor is gorgeous.
  9. Kwatchi

    Lego and Cricut

    Looks good. Time for you to start a custom sail side hustle? 🤔
  10. Kwatchi

    [COR-FB] A Toast To Corrington!

    I love 99% of this MOC. It has superb details (spacer tiles in the garden wall are a neat trick... going to try to remember that one), a lovely palette, a well crafted story, and great photography. I don’t like the roof unfortunately. I see where you were going with the green lichen on the edges, but the flat dark grey tile bricks ubruptly going to earth tones has me pondering what it represents. A sheet metal roof? I wonder if a brown tile ‘wood shingle’ or dark red 1x1 tube ‘red clay tile’ roof design might have looked better. But as I said, I love all the rest of it.
  11. Kwatchi

    Space Police 2 Parking Enforcer

    Nice work on the cheese slope landing pad, though the whole scene is great too.
  12. Kwatchi

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    I for one enjoy the sneakiness employed here. I hope it stands.