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  1. Bump again
  2. Just so I am clear (no underlying reason ), this build is now being licensed as a residence and no longer being used to repair the fort. That is my take as per the one moc = one “move” protocol.
  3. Wait! Did I destroy a fort? Neat!
  4. @Bregir bump
  5. The Yellow Skull Fleet once again appears before the Prize Court to condemn her most recent acquisition: Gun Sloop No. 2 - class 2 m0cced [The ship's stats were awful btw; I think I did Corrington a favour by taking this tub off their ledger] Payment can be made to our broker (Kwatchi), who will distribute shares as required.
  6. Kwatchi

    [SR-FB] Refining the Devil's Gold

    I like it. It’s well thought out and constructed. Two bits of constructive criticism/unasked for advice for your next build: 1. Your buildings are all square to each other and the land is perfectly flat/homogenous. It makes things look a bit artificial. Some variance would give your MOC a sense of ‘realism’. 2. I have become a convert to borders on non-ship MOCs. It really gives them a polish.
  7. WHAT?! Swamps and Crocodiles? And us Sea Rats didn’t select it?
  8. Hi Monocle. Welcome aboard.
  9. We already did previously. From Charlatan Bay description: Ok. Nothing on poisonous plants in there, so that would raise the bar.
  10. Look. Whatever fetishes you get up to in your bedroom is your right, but there is no need to share with us. 🤪
  11. list continued: - He replaced the toilet roll but hung it the wrong way. - He kicked a puppy once by accident and didn’t say sorry in a baby voice tone. - He makes a weird noise when he chews his breakfast cereal. ... So we beat ‘im up.
  12. Grabs some popcorn and starts to settle in for the show.
  13. Kwatchi

    Free Class 2 Vessel - Cutter Sea Wench

    That is a great brick built hull. Nice work there. Any chance we could see it without the sails?