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  1. Thanks all. After looking it over again, I think my hang-up on the roof is that the upper section peak is too high. 1x3 slopes would likely give me a better silhouette and I'll try it next time. A couple of years back, someone pointed out to me a tutorial about rock work; with half my colony along a cliff base I figured I needed some pointers because I was going to do a lot of it. I can't find the link atm, but it made a good argument. The jist of it was that most rock is laid down in layers, so for you to get a realistic look you simply build sideways. This rock face ends up being a veneer over a solid brick wall with maybe the odd attachment point using a headlight brick. It can be pretty unstable when jostled but for displays that usually isn't a big concern. Like anything, your success can be constrained by what is in your collection but it is pretty easy once you get started. Considering your portfolio of work Ayrlego, I am betting you'll master it with ease.
  2. They can be changed of course, but BoBS has been operating under the existing ones for nigh on two years and there doesn't seem to be much need for this imho. I recall at one point I had 6 properties waiting in queue to be licensed; they got done within a couple of months. Now that the initial rush of the new ERA start-up is over, I think you'll find most players get 0-2 MOCs done a month (regardless of licensing).
  3. Originally built by the Tifune Clan as a trading post, the building was recently re-appropriated by the Free Traders Association to serve as a dock side warehouse in Charlatan Bay's Low Town. ---x---x---x--- Tried my hand at a pagoda-style roof but it did not come off as well as I'd like. Not awful, just not completely happy with it so I'll try new technique next time. My investment in a few blue tans tiles for water though paid off really well; I plan to add to my collection in that regard. This will be licensed as a small commercial (warehouse) by the Free Traders Association.
  4. It is half of the old school Blacktron scheme...
  5. [OL - FB] The Yacht Majestic

    Daughter is getting a cute little ship with a nicely shaped hull. Hopefully she treats it with lighter hands than my son normally does with mine.
  6. Captain Whiffo's Duel...

    First off: MONKEY! The forest green and wood are a perfect combination to give your bar a classy look. That chair design is innovative too (consider it "stolen"). Oddly enough though, I kept coming back to the interior lamp; I really like it. Great MOC and and look forward to the story-line. BTW, what set did the minifig portrait come from?
  7. The Cocovia Wagonway: Wooden Bridge

    Wow! That cross-section view is a great part of this MOC. The under-construction bridge trusses are my fav though. Great job.
  8. Try not to trip while you do that back-pedaling. Based on the observations I've made of the children in my circle (which is anecdotal evidence, so take with a grain of salt), I don't think this is true. I honestly believe a purely classic castle wave (minifig factions only) would have failed miserably, just like the last pirate wave allegedly did. The successful toy franchises at the moment (e.g. Pokemon, Minecraft) all have a fantastical element to them. Nexo Knights attempts to tap into that, but missed the mark slightly. I don't know why either tbh. Maybe it was because it underestimated the backlash from the vocal minority. Maybe it was associated media not being polished enough. I personally think an important part was the inclusion of trans pieces, which pushed things a bit too far into the dollar-store plastic toy look. It is popular, but not to Ninjago levels. Why is up to Lego's marketers to figure out. I will make a prediction though. This is not the end of the iterative process we have seen. After Ninjago's accidental runaway success, Lego tried to duplicate it with Chima. When that did not recapture lightning in a bottle, they took what they learned and came up with NK. The next "castle" series will be the third iteration of this project to develop another evergreen line. Those waiting for a return to classic castle are going to be disappointed.
  9. I dunno. Is it really necessary to monetize colonies even more? They already pay a salary to the mayor and generate a bank before you even count the yields of the individual builds. I thought the point of them was to simply give a reason for player's to build land MOCs. I don't care strongly either way tbh, but it seems like a needless addition that just adds on to the admins workload. Frankly, mayor's can already charge a dock tax if they want to (see Oleon).
  10. Your hut came off well Phred. Nice job.
  11. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  12. [SR - FB] Sweet Novvember

    I'm .... uh... what the what? There are shards of the 4th wall all over the place. It looks nice of course.
  13. Dear Rear Admiral S. Fletcher It saddens me to read about this unfortunate turn of events. To condemn our trade fleet for the actions of others beyond our control seems churlish and reflects poorly upon you. Charlatan Bay has been a stalwart friend of a number of Corrington nationals and still values this relationship highly. However, for the sake of our safety, our port will be closed to all Corrish traffic as of the 15th of this month and remain so until the matter is resolved satisfactorily. Any vessel flying the flag of your nation seen in our environs will be considered a prelude to an act of aggression and fired upon with extreme prejudice. I urge you to reconsider your stance before any incident can occur. Most truly, Mstr. T. M. Porari, Envoy for Mayor Amara of Charlatan Bay
  14. [SR - FB 3 Nov 2017] It's all about expertise

    That is an impressive LDD build you created (for Corrington ). Nice work.