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  1. That's a enough of that, you meme warriors. It's not an ideal situation, but the court will figure it out as soon as we can.
  2. Kwatchi

    The Henri Sinks!

    News certainly travels slowly in Eslandola. That is some very detailed sculpting of the water. Kudos for all that effort - it paid off in a lovely vignette.
  3. And the first micro build is up; Fort Maartens in Poppy Port!
  4. As the colony of Poppy Port started to grow, the inhabitants realized they were at risk of reavers plundering them at will. The townsfolk banded together for the civic project, and the coastal battery of Fort Maartens was built. ===/===/=== This small fort is using up one of the small micro-licenses won by the Sea Rats in Challenge V back in 2017. It is therefore free, but does count towards the colony's fortress limit.
  5. Kwatchi

    [BTSC] Wanted: Merde the Murderer

    I have to agree on that one. Even as a nickname, its stinks. That is a lovely set of figs you have put together though.
  6. Kwatchi

    [SR - UoT Sep 18] Anatomy theatre

    LOL. The axe in the theatre made me laugh. What kind of doctors are you Reds? Another nice idea @Professor Thaum
  7. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB] Bastion coast guard

    I love you taking the tower technique and making it look ramshackle. This is a fine addition to the Sea Rats "capital" colony.
  8. We tend not to update much here (being a sneaky and dastardly lot), but us hardy few have been pretty active behind the scenes of late doing sneaky and dastardly things. It recently came to our attention that we had a slew of free micro-licenses dating back to our 2nd place finish in Challenge V... awarded in Jun 2017. So we have been running with it and have held an intra-faction sort-of-competition to finally use them up; because we never doing things the straight forward way. The first round is coming to a close and we'll be posting the results soon. The second round will be for the remaining licenses, and we may actually need out of a couple of out-of-faction judges. Please send me a PM if interested.
  9. While my brother Gulagurag stopped playing BoBS a while ago, he still enjoys building. He showed me this MOC over the weekend and I decided I'd post it for him on the off chance he ever comes back. It'll end up being a small residential property in Bastion.
  10. Kwatchi

    [SR - FB]Out of the Ashes

    Nice concept to deal with the volcano fallout. I like it.
  11. Nice twist to explain the rock monster. I enjoyed it.
  12. The fort issue likely stems from the switch of rules mid-Era 1. Originally you had one small fort, which you could upgrade in stages. A colony would upgrade one fort stage per level increase, which could be used as either a fort size increase (with appropriate MOC) or additional small fort. The problem ofc was the gaming data systems could not accommodate that rule set so things morphed into simple Fort license slots. So forts were already overtuned and then their numbers exploded. Tack on challenge micro-forts which were handed out very liberally & the poor financial return compared to trading, and raiding immediately became a dead-end. Which is a pity because as the only succesful colony raider in BoBS history, it gave my brother and I a fun storyline, even if we only made 27dbs in total. My take is that these new rules should be seen more as national army combat rules than for lightning attacks. It was the now defunct SR-Prio conflict that brought to the forefront anyway and it was to be a true war before everyone meddled. True raid and pillaging will require some major changes to the economic and property system before it is made viable, and I doubt that is on the ‘front burner’.
  13. Kwatchi

    Hugo is pondering (aka drinking)

    Gorgeous tree.
  14. Dragons? That was a slice unexpected fun. Nice job
  15. Wow. Very nicely composed and executed. Great job.