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  1. The skeletons in the Barracuda Bay set got me curious what an (imperial) skeleton army might look like.
  2. janhansson


    Wow, this will be on the top of my list of things to look for.
  3. janhansson

    [MOC] Imperial supply depot

    I decided to build a small supply depot for the imperial soldiers/blue coats. At first I thought to limit the size by using a 8*16 base plate (same as in the Armada sentry). However I thought it was a little too limiting, so I changed to 16*16 instead. The place has a bit of an crowded feel, but so would a real supply depot I think.
  4. janhansson

    [MOC] Brickbuilt (working) cannon

    Not a very good one, but I have one video of the cannon being fired http://www.janhansson.com/lego/moc/cannon/test.mp4
  5. janhansson

    [MOC] Brickbuilt (working) cannon

    I have been thinking for a while if it would not be possible to build something akin to bb0039 (but larger) from some "Brick, Round Corner 2 x 2 Macaroni" + some more. Back when I was a kid in the 80:s I modified an idea from the Idea book LegoLet's Build and Play - with your Bricks where a rubber band powered contraption could set speed to cars. I turned it into a "super cannon" capable to throw out duplo bricks. Now I got back to that idea, but wanted to refine it a bit. I had an idea to put a spring inside the cannon to make it look nicer, and work more like bb0039, but the technic axle would not stay connected to the other bricks unfortunately, so I got back to using rubber bands. The cannon may still misfire and throw out the internal mechanism if too much power is applied, but if handled carefully it works quite well. Governor Broadside looks quite happy about the new cannon, but his soldiers seem a bit dissatisfied with having to carry the heavier ammunition...
  6. janhansson

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first sets were Buried treasure, Harbor sentry, and the figure pack (6251). Back in the days I think I liked the Harbor sentry the most, since it was the cheapest way to get a cannon.
  7. janhansson

    Raft with castaways

    1. I had to buy something more to get a BrickLink order to work, so I added 100 barrels. (Somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time, it always do... :) ) 2. Very - I already had the rigging more or less ready, but was missing a ship to test it on.
  8. janhansson

    Raft with castaways

    A merchant ship is smashed against a rock. The survivors (two soldiers and a sailor) find themselves hanging onto a part of the deck. They manage to find some empty barrels and spars and a small sail, and use them to create a raft. Afterwards they spend a long time drifting, and trying to sail in the direction of civilization.