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  1. xadrian

    B-Wing Microfighter

    Thanks! It also swivels, it's on a pin to attach it to the body.
  2. xadrian

    B-Wing Microfighter

    Greetings all. One of the Microfighters I hadn't done was a B-Wing. I found a few online that were great, but decided I didn't want to just build someone else's. The cockpit rotates laterally a little which I don't like, but I think it looks good. Hopefully posting more now that I got recruited into Factions. Got a lot more of these that I haven't posted since last time.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm pretty excited about this. I just got all the parts in for my barn owl that I designed late last year for a contest. It didn't win because they wanted something simpler, so I made it for myself. I also submitted it to Ideas and it was accepted, so now I'm going to be begging politely asking for support votes. I hope you like it. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/75401d26-b144-4ecb-af72-39f69ba3055b/comments_tab#content_nav_tabs
  4. I would love to build this if the LDD or stud.io files are available for d/l or purchase.
  5. You could get away with the 29119 and 21120. That's still 2x2. I used that part on my microfighter Raddus as well. Kinda seemed important that the front had that look.
  6. I used that part on my microfighter Raddus as well. Kinda seemed important that the front had that look.
  7. xadrian

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    This is really amazing. The intakes are so pretty.
  8. xadrian

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    Man those are pretty. Also, fwiw, the 7's have the astromech on the side, the 7B's have them right in front of the cockpit. Doesn't impact your work, just adding.
  9. xadrian

    [MOC] Chibi Bantha

    So, I've been trying to reverse engineer this guy for 7 months. Just can't figure out the internals. I assume a lot of 1x2x2 with studs are being used, but the spacing and placement is just baffling me. I've asked OP on flickr, but it's kind of an older build and they didn't have it anymore. Anyone wanna help a brother out? I've got most of it done in stud.io.
  10. xadrian

    Custom Microfighters

    Thanks everyone! To answer some questions, I used stud.io 2. The newer version has a great rendering engine, which is partly why I like using it. It has some issues and it doesn't have 100% of parts (namely minifigs, which is why some of these are kinda of kitbashed) but I've grown accustomed to it. So, I'm comfortable showing these because for the most part they're my designs. I linked to a Google Drive with the .io files and some instructions and wish lists for BrickLink but also a lot of other designs I found online and reverse engineered. There's a B-wing and a B-wing prototype from Rebels as well. I adapted the prototype but it wasn't enough of a change for me to feel it was my design. Still, it's available if anyone wants to d/l and build it. To that end, a lot of the well known ships are already taken, either by TLG or the rush that happened to do this like four years ago. This is just a deep dive into Legends stuff, so they'll get more obscure, but I probably won't run out of designs any time soon. :) Additionally, I have the list I'm using up on drive as well. If you want to request something that's not there, please feel free. I add stuff to the list as I run into them. Usually while randomly browsing Wookieepedia or watching Spacedock and Eckhartsladder.
  11. xadrian

    [MOC] UCS chrome naboo royal starship

    So pretty. Some good work there.
  12. xadrian

    Custom Microfighters

    Greetings all. A while back I posted a Home One microfighter I'd done. Since then I've designed about 100 more. It's been a fun ride and I'm slowly getting the parts to build them all out. These are mostly Legends ships as a lot of canon stuff has already been done. I'm still working on them and may stop when I run out of material. https://photos.app.goo.gl/AUfokQhoguhMf8YXA I also have a Google Drive with all the stud.io files. This also includes about 30 or so designs that I've reverse engineered or downloaded from here, Flickr, BrickLink, or other places . I haven't got all the wanted list xml's uploaded yet but I'll get to it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fTn5kCAfR4akWOVFYwI47Ygy1ILIRUL1 I hope you enjoy them and try building some of them. I only have instructions for a couple but could be persuaded to do more. They're pretty small, so having the .io file should work in most cases.
  13. Any idea how they'll do Rio? The only other four armed figures were the stacked torso Ninjago things, right? Or I guess a droid armed Grievous. Rio's much smaller.
  14. xadrian

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'd buy the snot outta that. I'm actually surprised, but then not, that we haven't had more aviation. SR-71 (I get it, it's military), Bell X-1, Tin Goose, etc. Maybe even da Vinci's flying machine.
  15. xadrian

    [MOC] First Order Elite TIE Interceptor

    Cool thanks. I thought it might be that FO TIE cockpit, but the render made it look flatter. :)