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  1. Joemmo

    [MOC] Porg

    Love this! Makes me think a porg brickhead could be fun to design
  2. Joemmo

    [MOC] Microfighter First Order Transport

    Happy Christmas to you and everyone too!
  3. Joemmo

    [MOC] Microfighter First Order Transport

    ah non, je suis anglais mais je travaille pour un compagnie francaise, donc je parle un peu de francais :) I'm really flattered you liked my model enough to make your own - and to make a video. Very cool, thank you very much! Do you have any photos of your minifig scale AAL? Yes, I really enjoyed The Last Jedi - and am pleased that they were not afraid to do something different (No spoilers) and surprising. I will go and see it again next week. re: the Microfighters, I've started a design for the Resistance Bomber in LDD... it's going OK so maybe I will post a picture for some feedback. thanks again!
  4. Just seen 75201 FO AT-ST... What on earth were they thinking? Certainly have a full model with a removable head but that just looks awful - it's just a pair of legs! On a related note, I saw some images from the TLJ concept art book and the FO scout speeder looks like another victim of a change of design late in production.
  5. Joemmo

    Crait - STAR WARS The Last Jedi

    this is awesome - especially love how you made the cracked surface.
  6. Joemmo

    [MOC] Microfighter First Order Transport

    Merci beaucoup Bricks Feeder :) I was hoping to see the troop transport used again in TLJ but it only really appeared in a couple of shots (no spoilers). Having seen the new series of Microfighters for 2018 I have an idea for a ship to build that wasn't part of the range. I'll post it once I get the model started.
  7. Cool model Martini, I've been thinking about trying this one as a Microfighter myself. I'm sure it can be done smaller and with fewer parts, maybe look at the TIE interceptor and TIE Striker micros for ideas?
  8. Joemmo

    Favorite MicroFighters

    Not a rebels fan but the ++ Ghost ++ is a clear winner of this round for me.
  9. Joemmo

    Favorite MicroFighters

    A pretty strong series this one but I'm going for the Snowspeeder because it's well proportioned and fits the theme perfectly.
  10. Joemmo

    Favorite MicroFighters

    Tricky. The Falcon is probably the best Microfighter of all - and I have most of them - but for me, the X-Wing (and kids) got me back into Lego after decades away so I'm going to vote... *** X-Wing***
  11. Tough call but I'm voting for Snap Wexley. The print is great and the dual mould helmet is such a nice piece.
  12. Joemmo

    [MOC] MINIs from Rogue One

    Some great work here, I especially like Krennics shuttle and the Tank.
  13. Joemmo

    [MOC] Resistance Transport Microfighter

    Thanks again for your kind comments, I think this is one of favourites too. As an aside I originally built it as three separate sections connected with pins, with the intention of building some non-canon modules that could fit in place of the central section... The ship has that kind of aesthetic. I'm struggling to decide which ship to do next but I feel like it needs to be rebel or resistance to balance the number of Empire / FO micros I've built. I am doing a blue squadron X-Wing from R1 but that will be more or less a recolour of the official set. Any suggestions?
  14. Joemmo

    Star Wars Mighty Micros

    These are great, especially like Leia & the Emperor. Look forward to seeing some more!
  15. Joemmo

    [MOC] Resistance Transport Microfighter

    Thanks very much for your comments folks - much appreciated. Moppo: now I can't not see it as a sofa - thanks for that :) Here's the .LXF file If you load it into bricklink it will give errors about invalid parts so you need to delete the stud shooter. the 2x1 inverted curved slopes and the 2x2 DBG wedge plates then add them back in Bricklink - there seems to be a mismatch between LDD the entries in BL for some reason.