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Found 7 results

  1. Good day, everyone! This project has started as an idea of creating better a bodywork for 42099, but after some time in development it turned into undependent rc modification of Defender 42110. I took inspiration from Bowler WildCat and Bowler Nemesis which are extreme buggy-like offroaders based on Land Rover cars. So I pondered the question, What if... new Defender would be made into Bowler? In result - original defender has become lower, has got lower roof profile, bigger tires, front and rear pushbars, snorkel pipe, stronger footrests, two sets of additional lights and fog lights, antennas, front and rear mudguards, some chains ('cause chains are cool!). Engine was swapped from 6-inline to V8-supercharged! (After I made this model in spring, LR has announced that they will actually make a V8 Defender. Sadly, not supercharged :) Engine and cooling fan are connected to the front axle via chain links. (Yes, chains ARE cool. I had to buy whole Ducati set for this) And the most important - Control+ components. As this Bow-fender shares control profile with 42099, set of electrics is the same. One XL+ for each axle One L+ for steering SmartHub for SmartThings And then I found out that I am... well... not really good in making offroad chassis. At least it was my first try. So I tuned it as much as possible and made a note for future to learn more about lego offroading. (I think, I'll start with Zetros). Video of how this Bow-fender drives on everything it can is of course here: Watch till the very end! And Thanks for watching. Subscribe. P.S. This cat was walking nearby, while I was making video, so I asked him to participate. So there is A cat in the video now, instead of THE Cat - erpillar :)
  2. Hello everyone, as i didn't see any Mods topic for this set, i decided to start it myself, and to start, i would like to share with you the LDD file for the official set (not sure if there was one already), there are some parts missing and some pieces are not fully connected (could i have used developer mode to solve this? yes, but for some reason i decided just to place apart the pieces i couldn't fit in), here is the model: Missing parts: -x4 24118 Panels in Dark Purple (Brick-built and grouped in the model) -x11 6167281 (I didn't add any substitute) -x1 6187734 (The rope) LDD file: And next is my modifications for this set so far, the first thing that i wanted to do was to put wheels and tires, and because this is an snow-themed set, i decided to put tumbler tires, and i knew that these tires didn't look good in those very wide axles, with these tires the vehicle would look silly, but after narrowing the axle a little bit, i think it is looking like an authentic snow expedition vehicle (it even looks like an JLTV from the sides), i also changed some colors, but is just a test (the model is still WIP): The goal is XL-Motor for drive, Servo Motor for steering and M or L-Motor for the winch (and possibly some lights): I hope you like it, i will try to make more improvements, and i am looking forward to see more modifications by any other member, have happy modding.
  3. Hey Eurobricks, PunktacoNYC back again with another rock crawler! This time it's called the Rocket Crawler and it is my largest, fastest crawler yet. Youtube video: Features: - 4 L-Motors for drive (one per wheel) - Ackerman steering with custom virtual pivot system to maximize steering angle - Rigid, triangulated 4-link suspension with 100% Lego-legal original, extra large links - Very minimal, light bodywork, and a cute rocket atop the cab - BuWizz for extra power and SBrick for a great custom control scheme - RC4WD 2.2” Bully Competition Tires The initial inspiration for this crawler was twofold; I wanted to build a RC competition super-class-like crawler, what with giant relative wheel size, slim body, and high articulation. I also really wanted to make use of RC4WD's quite large Bully competition tires. This project has been in development for over a year thanks primarily to issues with the front axle. The problem with the front axle was that Lego universal joints simply could not handle the high torque required to spin such large tires. I tried using custom Lego universal joints custom dremeled brass remote-controlled boat u-joints, and even knob gears at the pivot point - nothing worked. So, I mounted the motors directly to the wheels, all within a virtual system to move the steering pivot closer to the center of the wheel for a better turning radius. There is approximately 90° of articulation between the front and rear axles: Easily adjustable suspension height: (high) (medium) (low) The chassis: Wheel comparison: Concept 1: Concept 2 (later): This has been my favorite project. Let me know what you think. P.s. I got a snupps page (nice idea, Sariel):
  4. Hello, When I saw the very first preliminary image of the 42070, I was inspired to convert the 9395 Tow Truck into a 6x6 off-roader. After looking at some pictures, I realized it would be easier to make it a 4x4, so I've decided to go for that instead. I've had the idea in my mind for a few weeks, and don't have any current projects, so I'm going to start this one. Reference picture. ^^ Here is what the set looks like, IMO. This is what I want it to look like when I am done. ^^ The functions and features I want it to have are: 4 Wheel Drive with an XL Motor Steering with an M Motor 2 live axles pneumatic raising/lowering crane pneumatic extending crane I don't want it to be a rock crawler, but I want it to have off-road capabilities. Let's get started! I have built the truck with new axles and removed all of the inside functions. It has many problems, though, like the wheels rubbing the fenders and small range of movement for the suspension. Some pics: I'll be redoing the chassis soon but keeping the axles and changing them only a bit. Please tell me what you think.
  5. Here is the updated V2: LDD E.C.H.R..lxf Rebrickable Here is the 1st version:
  6. Hi all After getting the 42038 Artic Truck, I played around with the track links and noticed that if you make a loop with all the tracks inverted, it can compress, but spring back to its original shape, and so I figired if I had the tracks jammed between some rollers on the underside and on the topside is a sprocket, it will have a motor per wheel and very high ground clearance. I have made a mockup of 1 wheel, it is fairly smooth running but needs stabilizing a lot, the wheel wobbles around. I think having two sprockets on the top then a roller in the middle on the underside might be better (like a triangle shape). The good thing is the wheels change shape depending on the surface it is driving on, the wheels in the mockup are quite hard to compress so just add more links to it. Heres the pics: Now since i'm too busy to start building this I'm just gonna leave the idea out here and see what happnes, I have my 42029 project on the go already... I'm sure somebody willl make something cool out of it, post ideas and builds below!. Regards, Snipe
  7. Hi, few months ago I've submitted here GEN1 offroader, and I promised the second generation with many improvements - so, here it is ;) (GEN1 topic: http://www.eurobrick...52#entry1806014) 1+1XL (independent propulsion for each axle, 2*M, 1*V1 reciever, 1*V2 reciever, 1*Li-Po Battery. Youtube: Flickr (model): Flickr (disassembling): LDD of chassis is also availible.