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  1. This is helpful. I assume the benefit they would offer over a simple pivot would be that they would more or less return to center due to their elasticity.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but these are a bit too flexible and also too small. Does anyone actually have these parts and can vouch for just how flexible they are?
  3. Lego 45803, 45568 Are these strange looking beams and lift-arms actually flexible? Could their flexibility feasibly be used in a torsion type of suspension? And to be sure, they are compatible with modern lego pins and axles, right?
  4. If you’re still looking for inspiration, I designed a steered and driven virtual pivot for my rocket crawler: https://youtu.be/5Y9k_nxJnbw
  5. You could certainly try. It won't be ideal, but it should still perform quite well. You could also use larger/heavier tires for more weight on the axles and, thus, an easier time flexing with hard yellow shocks.
  6. These gears need more bracing. Any amount of torque will instantly push the gears apart, cause them to click, etc.
  7. Also, while it costs US$250 to buy 42099 from Lego, its being sold new, sealed from sellers in Germany and Hong Kong for as low as ~US$177. Is the simple explanation for this price difference exchange rates?
  8. Does anyone know how I could get ahold of the new planetary hubs and CV joints before getting 42099? They aren't even on bricklink yet and I'd imagine they'd be super expensive, anyway. Is it true that I could email TLG and order them individually this early?
  9. I agree. This is why its great that Lego increased the RPM of the new motors. I'm still curious about the limits of the new CV joints. They seem promising!
  10. Has anyone tested just how strong the new CV joints are? I'm really hoping they're better than the current U-joints. Also, is BuWizz planning on making a new version to accommodate for the new cables? Or is there an adapter? I'd love to make full use of the new motors.
  11. Oh I was referring to requesting replacements for broken or missing pieces from sets through Lego's website. I wasn't aware you could actually order certain parts over the phone.
  12. Lol yeah. I think they’ve caught on though, the best pieces and motors are “out of stock” for replacements.
  13. Is the in-line clutch gonna be exclusive to the Liebherr? Cause if it is it’s gonna be priceyyyy
  14. Wait what’s a biscuit? Is it a 3x3 pinhole beam?