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  1. MurmeltierMOCs

    [MOC] Tyrolean Mountain Refuge

    Thank you so much!! I'm really pleased to announce I have also made a winter version. You can check it out under the "updates" tab.
  2. MurmeltierMOCs

    [MOC] Tyrolean Mountain Refuge

    Thanks so much!! And also thank you for supporting me! I am just starting out with MOCs so I thought let's give it a shot. I love figuring out all the different ways to use the pieces. I wanted to bring Austria into my home since I'm not able to go this year due to Corona and our little boy we had last year (he is too young for hiking). Currently working on a winter update. Hope Lego allows it. It's just under 290 interchangeable bricks. Do you have any experience with updates in Ideas?
  3. MurmeltierMOCs

    [MOC] Tyrolean Mountain Refuge

    Hi and thank you so much for accepting me on your forum! I am a beginner moc builder and I mainly build alpine themed MOCs. I have just made my first submission in Lego Ideas, a Tyrolean mountain hut to have a break from all the hiking. Rest and eat some homemade cheese here! Please tell me if you like it and if you do, please support me on Lego ideas. It would mean the world to me to know you would enjoy such a build. I would love to have Lego develop an outdoorsy alpine theme. Thank you so much for reading and click below to vote!