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  1. Looks freaky and cool! Is it remote-controlled per-leg, or did you program it somehow to make it easier? I.e. do you have to move the legs one by one?
  2. teetertater

    [MOC] All-Terrain Winter Expedition Vehicle

    There were lots of issues with the drivetrain. I think the biggest issue is that I used waaay too many gears to connect from the motor to the powered sprocket. E.g. motor --> 5 gears --> differential --> perpendicular gear --> perpendicular gear --> 5 gears --> sprocket. If I put the motor physically closer it wouldn't have as many problems with friction. 42069 did it right: the drivetrain is uhh yeah glad you noticed the ladders! Took some thinking how to make them so compact.
  3. Hello EB! I'd like to humbly show this remote control (PF) winter expedition vehicle (MOC). Featuring 4 independently driven tracks with a unique steering system. More explanation below and in my YouTube video. It has many issues that I'm not willing to spend more time to fix, but I've learned a lot from the process, which will help improve my future MOCs. If I was to start from scratch here's what I would change: Put motors closer to driven axles Split drivelines into either front/back or single motor per tread less complicated steering system Use a different type of suspension instead of pendular raise the height of the driven sprocket instead of extending driveline with gears reduce weight with panels vs lifttarms (I didn't have any at the time of building) Never use an Adder again, or if I really have to then use the old-style 24t differentials Work more on the cabin/exterior design A sizeable portion of the issues stemmed from the weight, which is something I didn't expect! I ordered some parts to allow me to finish the frame, and added design elements in the meantime. The design elements were pretty much the difference between being-able-to-carry-its-own-weight and not. The MOC is already disassembled, but I'll be happy to hear feedback and suggestions!
  4. Cool! How does it fit in with the rest of the train layout? Just curious.
  5. Sounds cool, looking forward to seeing the result. Although I'm especially curious about how you'll make your Vacuum out of Lego
  6. Nice work! I'd be careful with that battery lying so close to the sawblade/sawdust for risk of fire though. What kind of motors are you using? Will this cutting machine be part of a bigger project or is it meant to stand alone? :D Cool to see how Lego can be used for irl applications.
  7. teetertater

    [MOC] Christmas Tree (of Doom)

    Haha thanks, motorizing each section was an interesting challenge but not too bad if you know how to pass two inputs through the first turntable
  8. Hello, I got back into Lego during quarantine and decided to try something unique in the holiday theme. Here's my driving, spinning, Christmas tree. The top part is made with three turntables, with rotation driven by motors at the base. Frictionless pins and/or axles allow the "branches" to raise or lower with centripetal force. I know it's ugly, but I was aiming for a freaky vibe so that worked out Here's a short demo, with some videos of the inner workings too: View from underneath: Side detail closeup More photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/191824083@N05/with/50858767061/ Happy to hear your feedback and design tips. I lurked this forum for a while and learned many building tricks.
  9. teetertater

    Hello everyone! Glad to be joining the forum

    Thanks deraven! :)
  10. Hello everyone! I had a 10 yr hiatus from Lego, but had a recent spark of interest in Lego Technic during corona lockdowns. I hope to join the ranks of Technic MOC designers with fresh perspectives. I'll upload my backlog of MOCs soon, I'm excited to share them. LG from Austria Nice to see new members posting here every few hours, that means the community is alive and well!
  11. teetertater

    I've not been in a forum for years

    Your designs look super cool! I'm glad that there are more experienced members joining the forum