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  1. 1 - the game ends with the gameover sound after 3 failed shots, the program stop and you have to press start for a new game. 2- the pistol is an IR power function remote controller, the infra-red light can only come out through the barrel of the gun, so it focuses the IR light beam. each figure has an EV3 IR receiver in the torso (1-stud hole in the middle of the figure), so the player has to point with some accuracy to the sensor of each figure, and the transmitter can not fire for 2 targets at the same time. Can you see how it works, its just like the real thing (below) but a think they use a laser instead, Lego don't have them yet, IR has to do it?
  2. I'm here again to present a new MOC hope you guys enjoy this one. It's a mix of EV3 / Technic and System build, it use a PF remote controller to shoot the figures, each one got a ir sensor at their back. It's very reliable even with a lot of light and it's really a lot of fun. If you miss more than 3 times it's gameover.
  3. it is not at all robust, when we move it, it does not dismount but it shakes a lot. It is not a very serious problem because what was important to me was just the mechanism.
  4. Just to share with you guys a little MOC i have done some time ago. Hope you like it.
  5. There is a 2 X triple stage counterweights inside the tower but you're right they should be heavier to slow down even more the fall. I thought of using 1x2 plates but i didn't had the required quantity. Some poor quality videos:
  6. So it's done, i had to remove the studio top light to fit this MOC.I'm quite satisfied with the final result. Although i didn't have time to apply led's at the top, I was able to do all the other goals.
  7. 3. DROP TOWER (TOPIC) The tower is fully automatic, it operates with 2 motors, 1 M and 1 XL, it uses an old Pole Reversing Switch (970653-1) to toggle rotation. It has two modules one support and one with the chairs, the first serves to raise the second as well as to alternate the rotations, the second will rotate as it rises and is in free fall when it reaches the top. Inside the towers there is a set of counterweights that are triggered during freefall to soften it. The rotation alteration automatically deactivates the opening and closing of the doors. The cycle repeats indefinitely.
  8. It's pretty much done, just waiting for some stickers and that's it. It is not 100% perfect, but given the deadline this will have to serve. My biggest problem and what annoys me the most it's that it doesn't fit my homemade studio.
  9. Now the hard stuff, the mechanism, i'm using 2 motores one XL for the lifting/descent and one M to alternate the rotation of the XL. I could use a single motor and force the gearbox or pf swith to prevent a stop at the middle, but by experience that solution tend to be unreliable. So i'm using 2 motors. the XL alternate the M rotation when the module reach the top and the bottom and the M rotation alternate the XL rotation . That way it can't be stop. I made this first working version, it's quite messy so a few minutes on LDD and i got a better, stronger one. Time to rebuild that. ps: let me know if I do too many updates.
  10. last night new update: It's getting pretty good so far, alll the mecanisms works as plan, the platform, the winch, the mechanism for changing the rotation still and the slow down mechanism have to be made, i think i will try first the counterweight idea. sorry about the photo i'm using my phone.
  11. After sometime thinking about the slowdown motion for the end of the fall, i came out with this idea: So when the module came near the end i can stack counterweight after counterweight and that way slowing down the movement. I just thought of that because it looks kind of reliable. now i got to choose which mecanism to test first, this one, magnets or Whitworth Quick return.
  12. I thought about it, but the module coming to an end will bounce and I do not like that effect I would prefer and try something that make a smooth stop.
  13. Love the ideia @Doug72 but i will need to convert the translation motion to a rotation one for a winch and multiply by a lot to get the lenght of the string, the torque may be too much. Nonetheless i will give it a try. @Seasider a safety system is being developed by our best engineers to predict possible physical damage. :) A schema to explain my plans:
  14. Hav you tried to lift the arm, with the drum turning? I'm curious if the centrifugal force have any impact when lifting? Another ideia, maybe too much crazier, but hey upside down people is not exactly the safest thing.