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  1. A year later changed the trackes a little again, not much else changed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v368CDmlwd0&feature=youtu.be
  2. I would be really interested in how you attached and operated the front plow. RL stuff happened, hence the long break but I got myself a Buwizz v2. So V6.0 was just replacing the two battery boxes with the Buwizz and using the two SBricks remote. Very nice, but the new ludicrous mode of the Buwizz will fry the. SBricks.... V6.1 had the SBricks removed and used the Buwizz for control too. The Buwizz app is not that sophisticated as the SBricks but it works. Still it is though more difficult to steer due the added power and the smaller interface used by the Buwizz app. V6.2 adapted the chassis size to the smaller Buwizz. So far only tested indoors. Pics and videos will follow soonTM... Edit Here first look:
  3. Really like the set with the wheels and RC motors. Which of the two outputs did you used and are the RC motors driving the wheels directly or did you geared them up or down? Wasn't so impressed by the original set though I have it on my "maybe" buy list because I liked the B model but with wheels and RC motors for me it really moves it to the must buy. Need then two RC motors more and especially two buwizz too then, which probably kills my Lego budget for next year ?. Is it Possible to get some instructions/photos/videos as hints for building? Though I like figuring it out myself and I m usually limited on parts so I often need to work with what I got, it's always good to get some ideas. And often I learn something by looking at instructions and modifying them to my needs or get to know some parts I didn't knew about at all.
  4. Nice mod, but what put me down a bit, is the fact that you needed two buwizz to get it running . I'm currently using two AA battery cases in the B model of the 42065 with two SBricks and two RC motors and was hoping to replace the two battery boxes and SBricks with a buwizz but as it seems one still seems to struggle if two RC motors get under stress. How did you geared the RC more toward the wheels? Did you use the inner or the outer RC Shaft hole?
  5. Heya, Online I go by the Nick Tamahandy. I just recently got back into building and playing with Lego. Used to play back in the days but now somehow I got back into it after my wife gave me the Marvel Hulkbuster Set. From there on I gathered a few more Marvel sets but at a certain point looking at the price tag of the sets In realized I could get myself a 42042 Crawler Crane, especially since I love stuff with tracks, so I ended up buying more and more Lego Technic. Currently I'm modding my B model Tracked Racer/Off road truck 42065, for which I already created a topic in the Technic and Mindstorms Part Anyway browsing these forums in awe a get are really some cool mod and even more cool mocs around here. Let's see where this journey takes me ??. P.s. some background I'm dad of a almost two years old, and a Chinese-Indonesian with Dutch nationality living in Germany.
  6. Small update. Managed to make some short clips and throw them together. Hope you all like it :-). p.s.: I'm not sure why the resolution switches inbetween. The originals are all 1080 HD but when google puts them together it switches up and down within a video.
  7. Hi Newbie around here, used to play with lego back in the days and somehow got back into it but this time as grown up and and adjusted gaming budget ended up buying some Lego Technics models along the way (mainly stuff with tracks :) ). So got my hands on the 42065 Tracked Racer, really liked it but fell in love with the B-Model/Off Road Truck and started putting my two RC 5292 motors into it. Here is a short video about the evolution to my so far "final" v5.3 Mod: Short recap about the progress: replacing the two PF motors with the RCs, and going for an SBrick increasing the wheel base and changing to 3:1 gearing, then getting to know about the fuse inside the battery box, adding suspension, moving the battery up increasing the wheelbase again to get two battery boxes inside and double the SBricks, and change to 1,667:1 gearing Putting the RCs horizontal with a 2.5:1 gearing Currently working on: Getting a GoPro attached Getting it a bit water/splash proof to be able to go through some puddles (so far cling foil wrapping battery cases) ToDo: Get some filminig done of the v5.3 with the 2.5:1 gearing Getting the PS3 controller working on the Nexus 5 together with the SBrick Future ideas Improving suspension, weight is currently heavy on the rear Getting a winch into it on the rear or front Automatic two gear box to get faster on plain surface and getting more torque when going through terrain, looking at sariels automatic two gear box so far, but it probadly wont fit p.s. These are my first attempts at shooting videos as well, so bear with me ;-) . Most of them are handheld from my Google Pixel while driving with my other hand on my old Nexus 5