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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Newbie around here, used to play with lego back in the days and somehow got back into it but this time as grown up and and adjusted gaming budget ended up buying some Lego Technics models along the way (mainly stuff with tracks :) ). So got my hands on the 42065 Tracked Racer, really liked it but fell in love with the B-Model/Off Road Truck and started putting my two RC 5292 motors into it. Here is a short video about the evolution to my so far "final" v5.3 Mod: Short recap about the progress: replacing the two PF motors with the RCs, and going for an SBrick increasing the wheel base and changing to 3:1 gearing, then getting to know about the fuse inside the battery box, adding suspension, moving the battery up increasing the wheelbase again to get two battery boxes inside and double the SBricks, and change to 1,667:1 gearing Putting the RCs horizontal with a 2.5:1 gearing Currently working on: Getting a GoPro attached Getting it a bit water/splash proof to be able to go through some puddles (so far cling foil wrapping battery cases) ToDo: Get some filminig done of the v5.3 with the 2.5:1 gearing Getting the PS3 controller working on the Nexus 5 together with the SBrick Future ideas Improving suspension, weight is currently heavy on the rear Getting a winch into it on the rear or front Automatic two gear box to get faster on plain surface and getting more torque when going through terrain, looking at sariels automatic two gear box so far, but it probadly wont fit p.s. These are my first attempts at shooting videos as well, so bear with me ;-) . Most of them are handheld from my Google Pixel while driving with my other hand on my old Nexus 5
  2. When I was thinking about what to build out of set 42065 (RC Tracked Racer) I've got idea to increase its playability by adding blade. So I started building bulldozer. Finished model features blade that allows you to push something. I had to deal with lack of liftarms and pins that led to sacrificing easy access to battery box - if you want to replace batteries you literally have to dismantle almost whole model. In short, it is compact, sturdy, too fast and fun to play with.
  3. The only thing worse than a hungry meat-eating dinosaur on your tail is one with a tank! (Well, getting caught is pretty bad, too.) Battery: 7.4V PF LiPo rechargeable in place (was AA box) RC receiver/controller : SBrick/custom joystick on Android phone (was PF with bang-bang handset) Motors: L front and rear (were Ms) Drive train: Direct drive (no change) Steering: Differential power to the tracks (no change) Tracks: Lugs every link for traction (new) Overall dimensions: 206x170x146 mm (LxWxH) Mass: 546 g (down from 599 g) Installed power: 4.3 W (was 1.5) Power to mass ratio: 7.9 W/kg (was 2.5) Stalled torque: 0.52 N m (was 0.18) The biggest and most important advance over 42065 was in outdoor play value -- by far my best yet in any MOC or MOD. The biggest contributors there were the L motors and the red rubber track lugs. Dinotrack performance was generally traction-limited without the lugs. Photos and write-up at
  4. Well, ErikLeppen posted his work in progress topic for an improved version of 42064, so that spurred me to post this. Like he said, complaining is too easy, so rather than continue to do that, I made an improved version of 42065, to actually make it a Technic set. Going by what I know about the pricing, the set should retail for about $85 dollars. Going by Lego's pricing scheme of having the set cost as much as a regular set with the same part count, and then adding the price of the PF parts, I have about 400 parts to work with, which I did manage to do. And, in rebuilding, I made this into a set that would still be fun, but worth buying for a Technic fan. Now, this model does not keep much of the look, because of how radically different the drivetrain is. But the idea is there. Ultimate 42065 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The features of this thing include a subtractor, driven by an L motor, and steered by an M motor. This is a modification of @Sariel's longitudinal subtractor mechanism, and works quite well. The other feature is suspension, based on the 2L rubber damper piece. These are used more or less as really stiff rubber bands, and hold up well with a light model like this. Instructions for the model will be available soon, when Rebrickable approves them. As a note, the magenta pin with stud and the extension cable are not part of the build, and are only to substitute for the L motor's missing cable end.