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Found 13 results

  1. Since July of 620, Jack and Kate have been the prisoners of the Lotii on the island of El Oleonda, initially forced to work in a textile mill in Oryant. They briefly escaped in April of 621 and stole a small junk, but were quickly recaptured. Since then they have been put to hard labor in Luyang. But nearly 20 months of captivity have not dimmed Jack’s hopes. “I swear they gave us this view of the harbour to torture us,” lamented Jack. “I don’t think they’ve giv’n us that much thought, Luv,” replied Kate. Jack was strangely silent in response. Something had caught his eye. “What is it, luv?” queried Kate. “I can see the Nightwing!” “Our ship? Maybe they are trying to torture us!” exclaimed Kate. “Yes, our Nightwing. They’ve captured a fair number of Halosian ships. We know that from all our fellow prisoners.” The wheels were turning in Jack’s head. “And they don’t appear to have merged many of the Halosian ships with their own patrols. They must not like working with what they consider to be strange rigging. But I can see several brigs, and even a man-o-war down there, that they never sail out.” “What of it?” sighed Kate. “We have the men to sail them!” declared Jack. “If we can pass the word among the prisoners and effect an escape, instead of trying to sail away on a small junk, we could sail out of here with a war fleet under our command. We’d have more than a fighting chance to get out of here for good!” Kate perked up. “Just get me a blade and I’ll cut us a path through the guards to those ships.” The wheels in Jack's head continued to turn. “Hmmm, yes dear, I’m working on that…” To be continued. --- Making another attempt this MRCA to get Jack and Kate out of captivity, and using this as the required build to sistership the Nightwing. All C&C welcome.
  2. Jack spied the three junks on the horizon. "Enemy ships south-southeast!" he yelled. "Make sail and bear directly for them! And signal the Colonial Storm!" The crew of the brig Nightwing sprang to life. The helmsman turned the ship to the ordered bearing. The mainsails were unfurled and filled with wind almost immediately. "Kate, my dear, we have them," remarked Jack to his longtime companion. "They outnumber us 3 to 2, but we have advantages in tonnage and I'm most certain we can put more shot into them then they can handle." Jack paused to take in the moment. "This will be our shining moment, a story that will be told throughout Eslandola, our conquest in the battle with the Lotus..." "Er, Jack," Kate interrupted, "I think those odds aren't what you think." "What do you mean?" he asked. Then he noticed Kate pointing at the man-o-war Colonial Storm, their squadron mate on this patrol. It had not turned to the Nightwing's new course. "What is the matter with Captain Bloenhardt? Can't he see the enemy is ours for the taking?!" "I think he's hung you out to dry, luv," replied Kate. "It's possible he caught wind of your plans to take the Colonial Storm from him when we were up north." "Nonesense, my dear. Those plans were known to only a trusted few. And had we not been ordered away from that island for this patrol, his ship would already be ours." As Jack tried furiously to signal the Colonial Storm, it tacked away to the north, leaving the Nightwing all alone. "As much as I despise Bloenhardt, I can't believe he's a coward." "I don't think he is, Jack," replied Kate. "But I think he stuck the knife in yer back before you could do the same to him." Jack slumped against the rail and took in the scene. The Lotus junks, seeing the brig separated from the man-o-war, closed in line of battle and let loose a hail of gunfire. The Lotus ships continued to pound away, encircling the Nightwing and prepared to board her. "We have lost before it even started," said Jack. "So, what are you goin' to do, luv?" asked Kate. "I must think of the men," Jack replied. "We could fight to the death, but discretion is the better part of valor. Better to strike our colors, save the crew, and live to fight another day." "If we survive captivity," muttered Kate. "This was not the end of the story I had imagined..." sighed Jack. --- A much abbreviated build due to real life constraints. I think it still illustrates the story, but I had hoped to do more. And here's a shot that has the junks in focus so you can see them a bit clearer: And here's a micro of the Nightwing that I didn't work into the official build: All C&C welcome.
  3. danstraindepot

    Batcave MOC

    Here is our LEGO Batcave. I realize there have been many amazing Batcave MOCS, but I wanted to give it a go anyhow. This is about 2 months of my LEGO building time. Lights are from Brickstuff. The biggest building challenge, besides the pure size, was to try to have decent rock work, and lots of different angles going on. Not sure the photos do that justice, but I was pretty happy with the overall result. I drew inspiration from some other MOC's I a have seen, and various incarnations of the Batcave in the comics. Also I have some minor homages to the previous LEGO Batcaves worked in, the Sewer from the first one, some of the details from the new Classic Batcave, and ..... very little I suppose from the 6860 set. I tried to go for a 'working' Batcave. Something with labs, work-spaces, etc. The wood section is supposed to be a leftover from the original foundation which was simply built up around. And I thought it was nice to add a little different color visually. There is a working elevator to an updated Wayne Manor that sits directly above the Batcave, I'll be adding photos of that soon. BCwlights by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCBats by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCNightwing by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCWorkArea by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCBatcomputer2 by Dan Glasure, on Flickr <p>If you want to see more photos, please check out my FLICKR album:
  4. NIght of Owls 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr The Court of Owls is one of the first Arcs in the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and by far on e of my favorite new "villains", This particular scene did not take place in any comic that I have seen, but enough was left open during the Night of the Owls to imagine many other altercations taking place! I am not a customizer, but really need to figure out how to at least make some decals so that I can do a little bit of it. The custom Red Hood is from Joker's Brick Store on Bricklink and looks fantastic. The Arsenal is completely purist, as are the Talons for the Court of Owls. Night of Owls 2 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Night of Owls 4 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Nightwing 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr NIghtwing and his Wingcycle....heavily inspired by Lego Jalex and his amazing Fenrir from FFVII Advent Children <a href="</a> Red Hood 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Robin 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Court of Owls by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Batgirl 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr
  5. Truth, Justice, and Pizza are all at stake when the Suicide Squad infiltrate Titans Tower. With his team captured, Nightwing must confront Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) in a deadly showdown which could be his last. Directed, Written, Animated, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Bret Newton as Nightwing David Browne as Bronze Tiger, Cyborg, and Deadshot Sean Polite as Lex Luthor and Lexcorp Gaurd Neon Icy wings as Deathstroke Joshua Sims as Batman Julian Smith as Cyrus Gold Scott Glazer as Captain Boomerang Harleyquinnalinlin as Harley Quinn Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! Subscribe for new videos and watch the series unfold! Thanks for looking!
  6. Robianco

    DC - The New 52

    I was pretty sure there may already be a thread set up for this but looking through the forum I really can't find one and searching has also been unfruitful! Bit of background first... I've been a Batman fan for many years... but not always a comic book reader with any kind of regularity (not since I was a kid). I read 2000AD as a young'un... and Dredd was by Batman as a kid... although there's many great characters in those pages. When I got a bit older I was never that interested in picking up weekly comics but got into reading trade paperbacks and graphic novels. I've read a lot of Batman's graphic novels and still own many of them but obviously with the advent of the New 52 there's a huge amount of overlap in stories and crossovers. One thing it's done is really make me sit up and take notice of other characters such as Nightwing (personally I'm thinking he'll return at some point but we'll stick with Grayson for now). I've picked up all of the New 52 Batman, Nightwing and Batman & Robin trade paperbacks to this point as well as Batman Incorporated as a follow on to Grant Morrison's pre-52 volume. So I'm kind of interested in people's thoughts on these titles as well as the Detective Comics, Dark Knight, Batman Eternal titles etc... which ones should I pick up... which don't work for you? I've been picking up digital copies of New 52 weeklies as a catch up for when there's a big gap to the paperbacks and the current weekly timeline. I really enjoyed Talon although I think by the end it was losing a little of the early spark it had... nice to see a brand new hero brought into the mix though. I've head that a lot of the writing for Catwoman was a bit iffy by Ann Nocenti although I'm keen to hear what any recent writing is like as well as any feedback on other related titles such as Batgirl, Batwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws etc. One other series that I've always liked is Green Lantern. It was actually the first US comic I ever bought and I've liked it ever since. I've read most of the Green Lantern series and I'm up to date with the Sinestro title (Sinestro is actually one of my favourite characters). Would people recommend the other GL titles such as the Green Lantern Corps? And then of course we have the rest of the Justice League and the Justice League Dark that I've barely mentioned (I'm sure we could have a whole thread devoted to just Hellblazer) So there we have it... for any of the DC fans here on the forum I'm interested to hear your views... which titles you read... which you don't (and why). I look forward to hearing all your thoughts.
  7. FinalFeature

    Teen Titans Tower (Microscale)

    My latest film called for a Lego model of the Titans Tower so I made a microscale version of the tower. You can check out the Teen Titans film .The towers simple but so is the one from the comic, when I was trying to figure out the positioning of the shot I went with the iconic scene from the show with the Seagull in close perspective. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hello, all. My son and I did this movie for the "Super Heroes Unite" contest that Lego held in 2011. It is 50 minutes long. We recorded this film with a sony handycam and edited it in iMovie. The whole thing was done in 4 months. We worked on it about 6-7 hours a day. All of the voices in my movies are my students and colleagues from the school where I work. Enjoy!
  9. Hi Everyone, I would like to present my latest version of the Batcave I've been building for some time. As I'm planning to upload the instructions for all the bat vehicles (and one nightwing bike) feel free to tell me wich one would you like to get first.
  10. Bricktimus

    MOC Nightwing's Nightbike

    Hi Guys, Another MOC here, I was little idle and decided that the jetpack that came with the 76011 Batcopter was a little lacklustre. I thought a bike may be more appropriate for Nightwing to ride and made this! I quite like the look of motorcycles with a single swingarm and challenged myself to make it part of this MOC. I am a little disappointed that I couldn't make it all black, but lack the right parts. Oh well! DSC04125 by, on Flickr DSC04126 by, on Flickr DSC04127 by, on Flickr DSC04128 by, on Flickr Comments and constructive criticism welcome! Hope you all like it :)
  11. Sorry for double post. I was trying to edit something and it made a new thread...
  12. Hey guys! I was just wondering if everyone would please support my LEGO Cuusoo projects. My main project is LEGO Batman: Killer Croc's Lair. I would really appreciate it if you would support the project and tell your friends. Please comment and tell me your thoughts on this project or my other projects and let me know what you think. I recently updated my Killer Croc project and I will soon update my Man-Bat and Superman projects. Thanks for supporting!!! If you have any questions, just let me know!!! *LINK REMOVED*