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  1. Pointblank

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    I personally prefer the SNOT look of the blast doors of the 7666, although this verson is a lot wider (bigger). The redeeming factor for this set is for AFOLS who have not had any previous HOTH sets before, although it is a fairly weak reason to be honest. I prefer if this set is a much improved version of all the previous versions, although it is looking on par with previous sets (to be kind). The K3PO is updated, although Tauntaun and Wampa are exactly the same, no bacta tank, no Leia. The good points are the ION cannon and the generators (although it is inaccurate). :)
  2. Pointblank

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I don't know. So far, I have not come across one that expects a AT-AT to be in this set. AT-ST I have seen, but not AT-AT. For system scale sets, a number of people do care about minifigs. For UCS, not so much, but they do care about stickers though. I think it's fair to comment that the opinion of this set is mostly negative, and these are not comments from one day old forum goers. While it is true that some may still acquire it, a more than usual number wouldn't. You will surprise to see pricing, while often as a point of discussion, are not the biggest inhibitors to acquiring a UCS set. Look at the aftermarket of a UCS set vs a regular set, the evidence is there. Hence the term " wishes " in pricing, just a hope that things will be more managable. The biggest issues like so many have point out, is that it is essentially several older and current sets combined into one. Yes, sure if you start collecting 2015, you wouldn't mind that. But a lot of the long stayers have several similar and different iterations of hoth sets, and Hoth is regarded as one of the better scenes, and ESB is one the better OT movies (IMO). So when a UCS set comes out for the first time of Hoth, expectations ran high, but were greeted with " lolwut?" And many of the long stayers are not just collecting, they build them too, and forseeably if they go about building this set, that special feeling of something new is going to go away real fast. And the final product is likely not worth displaying too, sitting beside the other UCS greats. I hope that the pictures and videos are wrong and deceiving, but it's looking less and less so. Without the UCS badge, it is simply a glorified and larger Hoth playset, and by that, mark it down by another USD20, remove the badge, it will likely sell tons better. By the way, yes this means we can save buying this for a future UCS Set, but we all know its just self-consolation. It's like when you break up, someone tells you a better one will come along... thanks eh Hopefully some changes can be tweaked (there is still time TLG!). Anyway, the Alderaan set is really funny. maybe that certain someone could bring in a shot of 7666, 7749, 75014 and the 8089 all in one, and compare it with this set
  3. Pointblank

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    I don't know about that. In Australia, for the larger sets (12/14+), I tend to see more adults (30+) buying it. Once a kid hits teenage years, often they do not want to be seen by their friends owning or getting a Lego set (they're too cool for that). And that usually prevails through 20s. Kids (<12) often do not have the patience to complete a 1000+ pieces set on their own, let alone a 2000 pieces and mighty expensive one.
  4. Pointblank

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    While the math suggests so, we are forgetting a lot of residual effect of UCS loving AFOLs. For many AFOLs who buy UCS, I believe a majority of them 1) Buy other Lego Star Wars sets as well. A UCS is more display, the system scale are just bolts on (or the occassional swoosh). Lego Star Wars is probably the most profitable theme in TLG. 2) Returned from the dark ages, and can be attributed to having children of Lego playing age. The children will be influenced to buy more, and buying decisions will be easier if the parents are AFOLs themselves. AFOLs tend to be more affluent, which also implies they have the ability to acquire for their kids as well. 3) Use UCS as an excuse to collect/build lego, display "toys" or relive a childhood. If the UCS name detoriates to nothing more of a playset, I am inclined to believe that AFOLs will simply lose interest because it is not as displayable to standards. UCS displays have a soft marketing ability for Lego. I am not saying because of this set, I am going to stop getting UCS, hell no, but criticisms must be given when its due, and not giving excuses to what appears to be a very average set. Constructive criticism must be given for TLG to lift or maintain their game. It is the passion for UCS that a lot of us are criticizing TLG. I am not going at them with pitch forks. End of the day, they will get the idea if it doesn't sell nearly as well, but till then, it in the hope of many AFOLs and fear(of not) that the next UCS will be of a standard of yesteryears. Yes, its up to TLG. Agreed :) AFOLs believe in the collectable more than the complex IMO. There are several UCS sets that are not really complex, but can be tedious to build, but the results have been mostly amazing. In the case of UCS vehicles, there was always the size and detail. In other sets, its always the build technique, unique printed parts and how it captures the scenes (like EV and Death Star 10188, which are incidentally not official UCS :P ). In this set, it has not much of either. If I were to put some of the older system scale sets together, and do a quick DIY on the generator and ion cannon, it will be fairly hard to tell them apart from a distance. The naboo starfighter, I don't have it, is one of the poorer UCS, but has fairly unique parts that have not been repeated since. At that time, there was only one Naboo Starfighter previously made, and TLG hasn't really caught on yet with Star Wars. Granted as well, PT sets generally have less appeal as well, hence the aftermarket demand is less, which I suppose the criticisms have been less. Since then, 10030 (and then 10179 )made all the rage happen. :)
  5. Pointblank

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Doesn't really change anything. UCS has never been a point about piece count, or minifigures. Some may argue minifigs do not belong in a UCS set. UCS is a matter of expert and enjoyable build, beautiful and iconic display, and a level of awe and uniqueness. This Hoth set has none of that. Throwing in a large number of minifigs, piece count or big figs do not make a set UCS. Compared to Ewok Village, which is unique from any other sets that preceded it, this UCS hoth set is a combination of all things before, with the exception of the ion cannon and generators. I would much prefer it with some depth or interior design, take out the wampa, tantuan, snowspeeder and the dreadful stud shooter. The ewok village when displayed has presence, this looks just like my 7666 plus 2 x 7749. Sad to see this, as Hoth is without a doubt a favourite scene of mine in Star Wars, and I have all the previous hoth sets, including 3 AT-ATs and 5 snowspeeders. This is a very very undeserving UCS set.
  6. Pointblank

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Ikea Kallax series. Sorry for delayed reply.
  7. This is simply amazing. This is so much better than getting a UCS ISD for whats its asking today. How many pieces in total? And would like more pictures for techniques used (especially the angled underside, and foundational support)
  8. Pointblank

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    To bump this up and also share an update of my collection. There are more to this (represents 40%?), but have been really busy to keep those displayed tidy and neat for a nice shot.
  9. Pointblank

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Great Contest!
  10. Pointblank

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    We have Cody, Wolffe and Fox before. Gree and Rex as well. Only a few others like Bly are missing.
  11. Pointblank

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Has anyone give a thought that it might be a (world of)warcraft theme? Not sure if megabloks has ended that license. Will gel well with the movie release date. Dwarfs and Trolls might blend well :)
  12. Pointblank

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Thanks for this. The sets dont look all that inspiring. The shuttle looks ok, dimensions a tad off and a strange plate at the side of the cockpit, but overall recognisable. Looks to be a usd 90 set at least. The speeder looks tad better and i think the main draw is the 2 naboo guards. The final duel set is not mostly what i expected. Might be the scale isnt what i was expecting. Feels more palpatine arrest than cantina in terms of look and scalability. You cant get 2 or more to make it better. Still nice but not great great. Naboo fighter easily the worst of the lot. Hope that isnt the final.
  13. Pointblank

    Episode VII: Heirloom

    Such violent tendencies... tsk.. tsk.... The Empire is a loving and peaceful organisation, which believes in universal equality - that is, equal subjugation of everyone in the galaxy... and we are coolz Yes, we all love to stroke Darth Vader, cos he haz cookies ...
  14. Pointblank

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Hmm.. I am surprised UCS Helicarrier is not being announced officially yet, given its mid way through January, and rumoured to be a Feb VIP release. Anyone at Alabama Brickfair seen or reported any sighting of it yet?
  15. Pointblank

    Episode VII: Heirloom

    Well done Empire!