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Found 66 results

  1. Hello Eurobricks AFOLs, I am Engine and this is my first post here on EB forum. My friend HorcikDesigns told me, some of you here want to know more about my last MOC. My pleassure! Original Vehicle: As some of you noticed, my MOC should be scale model of Ghe-o Rescue. It is a Romanian rescue vehicle designed for extreme terrain, with a capacity of up to 11 people. Dimensions are: 5.2 m length; 2.7 m width (even wider version exists); 2.4 m higth (without rooftop carrier). The weight is 3.2 tons. Under the bonnet, more engine types can be monted, with the most powerful one with 500 hp. Live axles are used for suspension, both equipted by lockable differentials. There are also built-in water tanks for 620 liters for fire extinguishing. Another specialty is the possibility to mount tracks to rear wheels or pneumatic "pillows" on wheels for floating on water. Tires are also special. It is Arctictrans 1300x700-24 (diameter 1300 mm and width 700 mm). The manufacturer shows off an independent test in which they won over Avtoros and Trecol manufacturers. Here you can see several cars built on them. And because the tire diameter and width exactly match the 1:16 scale to the LEGO "Tumbler" tires Ø81.6x44, the scale of the model was decided. So far I do not know any other LEGO cration of Ghe-o Rescue. MOC: The MOC was designed for Trophy Competition, organized by our technic race event guru Peter. And the task was to build a drivable, remote-controlled, off-road vehicle that would be able to travel about 3 km. And at the same time, it should be as beautiful as possible and with design matches to original vehicles. Terrible task. The dimensions of the model are: 332 x 168 x 168 mm (41.5 x 21 x 21 studs), weight 1.2 kg. The drive is permanently 4x4 without differentials. Axles are not sprung. But thanks to the torsionally soft frame of the vehicle, decent axle crossing is achieved (some LEGO trial experience here). Inside, there is a functional winch with a length of 2.5 m. Good lighting is a necessity for the expedition special. The control is provided by sBrick. The propulsion is made by 1 x PF XL motor with a total gear ratio of 1: 1. Schizophrenic steering is provided by the PF Servo. The winch is driven by a PF M motor via a worm gear (8: 1 ratio). Five pairs of PF lights really shine in front of the car. Electrical source is a battery box with 6 AA batteries. The whole MOC is pure LEGO exept of: sBrick receiver, high strength thread as winch rope, threaded cardans and event mandatory stickers. Drive ability: Drivig speed corresponds to a pleasant walk. Off-road capabilities were adequate to the track. Tire traction did not limit offroad capabilities, but a small power of e-motor did. Then the winch becomes useful, that is able to lift the entire weight of the vehicle. And if it was still not enough, the other "competitors" were there to help. A minor issue was the steering. Thanks to the loose in steering mechanism and occasional insensivity in the mobile app, sometimes I sent it out of the way. A major issue was energy consumption. Within 1.5 km, I drained out three sets of batteries (2x alkaline GP Ultra Plus, 1x rechargeable GP 2700). And yet I do not know how to solve it. But most likely it is caused by PF Servo motor, as we disscussed after the event with other partipiciants. ----- Thank you for comments and questions. Pictures are here in my gallery. Original post on
  2. Hi everybody! today i wont to show you my new creation - Gaz 34-6x6 soviet truck. This truck is modification of legendary Gaz 66.I'm crazy about 6x6 trucks,thats why I built Gaz 34. So,here it is: As you see,this is not original configuration of Gaz 34.I'm added portal axles(without diffs),bigger wheels and slightly changed the rear suspension.Finally-it is really good trial truck,with great grip on sand,grass (thanks to the wheels from 42054). So,lets look for the technical specifications: -6x6 wheel drive,without any diffs -portal axles -huge offroad wheels -2 buggy motors for drive -1 medium motor fot steering+micro motor(they tern steering wheel in the cabin) -Sbrick -3s li-fe battery(9,9 volts) -Leds lights(headlights) -balanced rear suspension(thats why truck has really good suspension travel) Let see it in action!
  3. Good day. This is a trial truck using 1 XL motor for drive, 1 M motor for steering and powered by BuWizz. The drive is powered through a worm gear to 8t gear, creating a powerful 1:8 reduction. It uses model team wheels , they don't have the best perfomance, but it is good enough. For the bodywork I was inspired by ГАЗ-66 (gaz-66), although it isn't an exact copy. Both doors can be opened, the seats and steering wheel are adjustable LDD model available here: download
  4. hi everebody! Today i would like to show you my new 4x4 pickup truck. Specifications: dependent suspension portal axles 2 buggy motors for drive(geared 13,8 :1) 1 M motor for steering 107 mm wheels so,here it is and the video available here:
  5. Well, I was not really 100% happy with the buggy I made and in that post I asked for advice on drive axles. Unfortunately as I mostly only have old pieces (pre dark-ages) I could not make most of the suspensions So I tried one that I could use (I originally wanted to make a mini front wheel drive car) and made a mini car with what I could. I'm really proud of what has turned out, the truck looks like a jeep/hummer as is so freaking cute I designed the chassis so that the bodies are interchangeable. I think that a competition where everyone is to make a body for one type of chassis would be really cool, but i'm not famous so it seems far fetched Thanks guys, <forgot to add> The reason this car is a little slow is that my family forced me to purchase rechargeable batteries meaning that the output is 7v not 9v. I would get a buwizz but that is expensive
  6. Hey guys I wanted to test out the unimog suspension but I forgot how it was set up so I tried what i remembered of it into this buggy's rear axle: But I think I somewhat messed up What are the principles for live axles? And on a completely unrelated topic, does anyone have tips to make driven and suspended front wheel drive? Thanks Update: Just took it apart, probably gonna use the advice to make something better.
  7. A model I've been working for a little while, not much to show yet but pictures soon. 6x6 truck with locking rear diffs and 2 central diffs in the 6x6 drive making for a combination of power delivery choices, similar to the drive train of the mercedes amg 6x6. Using tires from 42054 so its, big near half a meter or so now. Rear live axel suspensions front independet fake v 10 soon to be geared in, possinble addition of 4 speed gearbox and 4 xl motors for drive. with fully rc gear and diff lock control and who knows what else?
  8. Silvavasil

    Jurassic Park Jeep

    Hello everybody! This is my first post on EuroBricks! My Flickr: Silvavasil_Lego Jurassic Park Jeep PF: Light - Servo -Lipo - XL LDD: Jurassic Jeep Instruction Look and like my Jurassic Jeep on Rebrickable please! ;) This is '90s Jeep Wrangler from legendary blockbuster Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" As a child i feel in love with this movie. Now i have put together two of children's hobbies - lego and dinosaur!) This is lego technic rc MOC Powered by Lego LiPo battery, remote control drive and steering (XL & servo motors) all wheel drive, suspension, working headlights, opening doors, hood and tailgate, and a folding windshield. Photo by me too) Adventure 65million years in the making! Good text from the Brothers Brick: Incredible LEGO Jurassic Park jeep looks right at home in the jungle And Lego Car Blog: Jurassic Jeep
  9. Well Guys, i finished my newest MOC,the well known red Pickup from GTA V Character Trevor Phillips.The Canis Bodhi might be one of the most iconic Character Cars from GTA V because it`s a unique Vehicle and it has an interesting little Feature mounted on the Grill. Yes,Trevor had some good Times with Mr. Rasberryjam so the little Bear has to come everywhere. I tried to recreate the Car as good as possible and even added some Gimmicks like a Gun, a Shovel (to dig Holes for Bikers) and an Axe for....well chopping Stuff to Pieces. I also tried some detailing under the Car like the Driveshaft and a Pair of Exhausts. To complete the Pickup,i also tried to make two Minifigs of Trevor himself and Nervous Ron. I hope everyone likes my newest Creation,feel free to Comment and Like. 20161110_154908 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154924 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154931 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154946 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_154957 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155029 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155038 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155054 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155119 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155137 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155434 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr 20161110_155442 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr
  10. badchriss

    [MOC] Batman`s Bat-Jeep

    We all know that the Dark Knight has a Vehicle for every Terrain and for each Environment. Now he also have one for Offroad Purposes.With those large Steel Panes he can plow through everything and the sharp Angles of the outer Shell was inspired by Stealth Bombers to obscure Batmans Ride from the Enemy Radar. Hope you like my newest Creation... I know,a Batmobile needs Fins,but i think they would just destroy the overall Look. I made the Car in yellow,black and grey to match the Microfighters Batman. Maybe the Roof will be switched one Day (because i need it for another MOC)
  11. Hi guys! Today I am pleased to present new MOC - RANCHER 4x4. The basis of this model was a completely new chassis, the creation of which took me almost two months. The model is based on the support frame mounted with its two L motors, and a small battery pack. To fasten the frame of continuous two gantry axles - which significantly increases the reliability of the transmission. Servo motor is mounted directly on the front axle. As I chose the stake so beloved by all, but it is quite rare on the Tumbler wheel - 81,6x44 mm. I think this is one of the best wheels from LEGO, along with 94,3x38 from the Unimog. And I'll show you how to use it to modify the set LEGO 10248 Ferrari F40 :) Specifications and features: Four-wheel drive, portal axles uncut; Tires 81,6x44 (Tumbler) 2L motors - the drive motor; Servo motor - steering; 3xLED - lights; Small battery pack; Modular design - a body attached to the chassis by 4 points; Opened doors, hood and door body
  12. Hey Guys, i recently finished the new "Rescue from Ra`s Al Ghul" Set. I really like the Minifigs and the Building,but i don`t really like the Batmobile in this Set. So i thought about "hey,why not designing your own Offroad Batmobile?" And a few Minutes later in LDD,the new Offroad Batmobile was born.Kinda looks like a Tank or an APC.I was inspired by the Hydra Tank from "Hydra Fortress Smash" but made the Vehicle smaller.The Design is very sleek but the Car still looks sturdy enough to burst through ancient Walls or Concrete. I reused the Stud Shooters from the Original Vehicle. So,what do you think of it?
  13. Hello all, I present to you my newest MOC, a trophy truck, called Firestorm. I started this project recently, and decided to share it on EB. It is still a work in progress, so not everything on the truck is final. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. The model has: adjustable caster angle (thanks for the idea Sariel), connected independent rear trailing arms, a Servo for steering, and 2 L-motors for drive. I am also working on 2 other chassis that are still in development.
  14. Hello! Today I am pleased to present to the general public of the two brothers - Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trial Custom and Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trophy Custom. They are united, above all, not just a long name, but also a common chassis, all-wheel drive and compact size. I was inspired to build a Suzuki Jimny sample 2001-2010 years. They are often prepared to take part in various off-road competitions, and that I thought - why not? And that's what came out of it. Enjoy ;) Models are made in the off-road style, and have all its attributes - extra lights, safety railings, stingers high clearance More photos and building instructions you can find on my lego technic blog here
  15. Hi, I haven't posted anything here for a long time, because nowadays I build very rarely due to health issues. But finally I managed to complete this model - the Rock Crawler. The idea was to improve the perfomance of the 9398 set while retaining the same power scheme: a L-motor on each axle for driving and one servo to steer both axles. I also wanted to bring model's appearance closer to reality (9398 looked more like a monster truck to me). However I wasn't sure until the last brick placed if fixed gear ratio 5:1 would be enough to achieve rock crawling capabilities. And, as you can see in the video below, it seems that the model is slightly heavy for this setup. Well, at least it looks like a proper rock crawler (note: the overall simplicity of design and heavy use of panels was determined by the effort to keep model strong). Oh, and that black panel 5x11 at the back should be white (no more left in my stock). So, what do you think about it? LDR file can be obtained here (please read notes there before downloading). And some more pics:
  16. Full Album: Specifics: 4x L Motors RWD (Geared Up 1.2x) Full Independent Suspensions 6x Shock Absorbers 2x AA Battery Box 2x V2 IR Receivers Frontal Led Lights Differential Weight: 1250g (with batteries) The Idea is to create an Heavy-Weight Buggy with good performances using no expensive pieces (Buggy Motors, SBrick..). The final speed is acceptable, the torque has some difficulties in uphill but for the plain is sufficient, and the maximum speed is reached quickly. I called it Fury Road because it reminds me so much the style of Mad Max vehicles. I know it's a little be "naked" but I like it in this way. I putted in it some lateral exhaust pipes, a little spoiler, a cabin and some lights to improve the aesthetics. I tried to put the IR receivers in a position that seems a big engine that comes out. Hope you like it! ;)
  17. legotechnicus

    WIP Tatra T-815 8x8

    Hi guys, I waned to show my latest creation a 8x8 tatra truck. It's still a wip (for a very long time now) but I bought 2 new sets with some piecies I needed. Right now I'm going to focus on the cab to make it better looking. Will post updates when I've had some progress Here are the pictures ]
  18. Hi there folks, thanks for taking a look @ my creation. When I started driving (real) cars I loved to lower them, coilovers, airride, I tried everything! Now that I drive a real life Subaru Forester (1998) and take it off road occasionally, I am starting to like off roading and their techniques a lot! So I wanted to create a (small as possible) Lego off road chassis with these elements built in: -Front wheel steering system -Rigid axle with free suspension movement front and rear. Capable of off roading and some rock crawling. -4x4 connection with center diff. Front and rear axle locked. -Turning engine concept. After trying a lot of concepts in LDD, I figured its quite hard to put these elements into a very small working chassis. I tried to fit a Boxer engine (Subaru) in there, but it just wouldnt fit. I came up with a chassis wich I wanted to order @ Lego 'pick a brick', but figured that 'pick a brick' does not have enough bricks available I checked some more shops, but lost hope to order the separate bricks. So I wanted to show you guys my concept wich is not complete. Also LDD has some issues with the hinge tool. Its a very nice piece of software, don't get me wrong What do you guys think? (More pictures coming, photobucket is acting a bit strange, sorry)
  19. Hello, everyone! I built 4WD off road pickup truck being inspired by the set 42029. It is not a copy of actual truck, but some details look similar to Ford Raptor and Toyota Tundra which I referred to. Weight: 1570g Features, 4 wheel drive with 3 differentials 2 XL motors for driving Servo motor for steering Working V8 engine Working front and rear LED lights via power function switch Suspensions Front: independent Rear: live axle Openable hood, doors and glove box:) Lockable tailgate Detachable bull bar and roll bar Double wishbone front suspension is the same as 42029. Which means that front axle has a differential and CV joints without portal hub reduction. They cannot handle much torque for offroad driving. So I put portal hub on rear axle. Gear ratio is 3 : 1. That can handle enough torque. This setting enables central differential to act as torque vectoring diff. Front wheels recieve 25% of torque and rear wheels recieve 75%. Thus this Truck has good offroad capability. Three differentials and pairs of CV joints works smoothly, and they did not break or snap. You can change body color, and choose the type of battery box: 8878 or 8881. Video: Building instructions and more pictures: I hope you will like it! Edit: I forgot exhaust tailpipe in all pictures. This is the final version!
  20. Hey everyone! After thinking about this idea for about a week, I have decided to do something no one as ever done before, as far as I know. That is to make a 2 L motor, 1 Servo motor, V2 Receiver, 1 Rechargeable Battery Box, Full Independent Suspension, interchangeable chassis. The idea is to use this chassis as a base for both a Dune Buggy and Stadium Truck, all you have to do is swap different tires and rims and bodywork. Now I figured since many people like instructions I might as well make them for this project. What I will do is make an LDD file for the chassis and then another LDD file for the bodywork. Also the chassis instructions will cost about $5. That way you can buy the chassis instructions and get the bodywork instructions for free. To switch the bodywork you will most likely have to take off a few pins and swap the tires and rims according to the bodywork that you have. I'm thinking of basing them on 1/10 scale RC vehicles, so in truth I guess they could be 1/1 scale if the proportions are correct. Here's what I would like to model or something close to it: These are the kinds of body styles I want on the vehicle. The Stadium Truck will have the 42000 tires while the Dune Buggy will either have tires from 9398 or 8110. Also I will not be able to start the actual building of these vehicles until I finish making videos for my Trophy Truck, Tracked Arctic Explorer, and Kamaz 4326 4x4. Stay tuned for the beginning of this project!
  21. I'm not really a regular truck builder, but I like to think of new systems that do not exist in real life yet but that do improve the life of, for example, truck drivers. When something like a big tarmac machine has to drive onto a trailer to go to the next building site, the slope of the trailer should be very small. That small slope is nowadays achieved by making very large ramps that fold up vertically for transport, causing massive air resistance and therefore unnecessary fuel consumption. A way to make these ramps shorter is to decrease the bed height, because that asks for smaller vertical ramps. The second option is making the wheels below the bed smaller. But decreasing the wheel diameter increases the rolling resistance. Another way to solve the problem is placing the bed betweeen the wheels, so that it can be much lower, but that limits the cargo width: the tarmac machine can never be wider than the bed width, which is not handy if truckdriver x has to transport many different tarmac machines. Read the rest of the story and how I solved these problems with my my DAF CF with 3-axle trailer on Or watch the video here: To give an idea of the model, I have posted one photo below, the others can be found on http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=560197 in a better resolution.[/font][/size]
  22. Block_Smarts Lego Technic

    [WIP] Offroad SUV

    Hello EuroBrickers! I am working on a Offroad Suv (NEEDS NAME!) Here are some WIP Pictures, sorry for the flash, it was at night! Here is a better picture, TMNT Cup for scale Still needs batterybox and a better roof. AND A NAME! I will accept name suggestions! More updates soon!
  23. Hey, this is my first post on Eurobricks so if there is anything that I am doing incorrectly in this post, please let me know. I am presenting my Rock Crawler, or more specifically, my Carrot Crawler. Features: -Triangulated 4-link suspension using the Lego soft shock absorbers. -One PF XL motor per axle (a total of two), each geared down 1:2.779. -Custom portal hubs for each wheel. -Ackerman Steering with slight caster angle powered by PF M motor geared down 1:3.333 including a worm gear. -Rechargeable LiPo battery box as power source. -Controlled by a SBrick and an iPhone 6. -RC4WD 1.9" Super Swamper crawler tires. This has been a work in progress for a long time and I feel that it is finally polished enough to showcase on the Eurobricks community. My plans for fixing and editing this crawler (Some of which, I have already begun working on) include: -Building a better chassis (the angled pieces on top of it don't REALLY fit, but I made them fit! ) -Eliminate gear slippage caused by the perpendicular bevel gears. -Mount the XL motors parallel to the axles which would both eliminate gear slippage and provide more ground clearance. Here is a picture: And here is a video: Please give my any suggestions for my post and more importantly, my crawler! Thanks
  24. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC] Mercedes G-Class SWB

    Hello everyone, Here's my newest MOC, a Mercedes G-Class. After months of hard work, and bugs and fixes, it's finally finished. It was built to incorporate all of the best elements of high-torque gearing with a compact bodywork. It features: -Drive - 2 x XL, geared 4.5 : 1 -Steering - 1 x Servo -Lights - 6 x LED with hidden switch -Suspension - pendular A video showing all features: Pictures:
  25. Zerobricks

    WIP AMG G500 4x4²

    I started working on this beast: Front axle so far: Its a portal axle with extremely close steering point of the wheels, which lies on the inner edge. This means axle can be steered with RC unit's mechanical ouput.