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  1. Le_petitcastor

    Winter Village: Friends Dunk Tank (Contest Entry)

    A LEGO Friends heated dunk tank. I love it! This made me laugh. I needed that today! Thanks!
  2. Le_petitcastor

    Elevated Modulars and Subway

    This combines two of my favourite things... the study and design of public transport on rails and LEGO ! Amazing.
  3. Le_petitcastor

    [MOC] Waiting for Christmas

    Very nice. Is someone about to attack Santa?
  4. Le_petitcastor


    Epic! Nice details such as the fountain and eagle!
  5. Le_petitcastor

    Seasonal 2015

    None left in France already.
  6. Le_petitcastor

    MOC: Studdington Station

    I am using my first ever post on Eurobricks to say that you are, by far, the best builder, anywhere, ever. The attention to detail, the choice of colours, amazing! This model is smaller than your others yet looks charming, perfectly balanced, realistic enough but yet still very LEGO. Kudos.