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  1. LAKAbricks

    Ballabreek 2018

    Officer Bill Und... As always you manage to make a story of new sets and trends in LEGO. I like the moderne remake of the 600 "Copcar". Such a shame I missed the show back then Is it available on Netbrix? Actually it is funny to see that 600 Police Car - where the minifig is not able to be seated in the car - was release the same year as 621 Police Car which both seats the police officer and has doors that open. - These two types of cars were release side by side until 1981. Hereafter only cars that did seat minifigs were released.
  2. LAKAbricks

    LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    Well... I think I like it. Normally I am not too crazy about the big nose parts, but this could be a better one. Not least with a windshield that looks like LEGO. It is nice to see that there is an onboard bistro or maybe even restaurant. It is not often we see that nowadays. I hope it has a different interior compared to the passenger coach. The train is quite AFOL friendly, as you just have to buy two sets in order to have a full train with four coaches and two locomotives without any MODing needed. This is also a double-edged sword, though, as most AFOLs most likely cannot accept half a train and hence have to boy two sets I look forward to see more pictures of this - and the other new trains.
  3. LAKAbricks

    Ballabreek 2018

    You always see the potential in new sets, Greg3. Balloon Bash... Great use of the balloons - in all shapes and sizes.
  4. LAKAbricks

    MOC: Corporate Plaza

    I can only agree with the others. You have (once again) made a fantastic looking skyscraper. And that being said by someone who is not that crazy about those high buildings. But, Wooootles, you have an for making architectural details that make the buildings interesting. I look forward to seeing the interiors.
  5. LAKAbricks

    What Causes Lego Bricks to Deteriorate?

    Many of the clips on my flags from Castle and Pirates (80s/90s) broke already in my childhood. I remember attaching them with sticky tape and maybe even glue to continue using them. From what I have been reading about storing LEGO in plastic bags, I consider stop using it. And for the plastic bins I mainly use, I thing about making some air holes for ventilation. I do not know if the problem is existing, it just to be on the safe side
  6. LAKAbricks

    [mod] A more streamlined Diner

    Oh! This is how Downtown Diner should have looked from the beginning! I like the Modern Streamline part of the DD, and I also like the façade of the main building. But I do not think they fit together and wish the whole building was designed in Modern Streamline. You have made it a complete building, cimddwc. This is so much how it ought to be. Besides that, I am with the others - I also prefer the three storey version of the building.
  7. LAKAbricks

    Ballabreek 2018

    It is nice to see that Ballabreek has made it through the holidays. It is nice to see an updated overview of the village. Much have changed through the years. I do not think there is much left of the Ballabreek I started to follow years ago, Greg3 And even though it has grown from the original six baseplates, you manage to make the village such a lively and vibrant place on such a (relatively) small space due to all your updates and stories. I just wonder how I can have missed the 2018 updates on your lovely little village, Greg3. I guess I have not been visiting Eurobricks that much... Looking forward to see what 2018 will bring Ballabreek.
  8. I do agree that the selection of Castle and Pirates and "compatible" sets has been rather small the last years. Luckily the sets from The LEGO Ninjago movie gives us a few that are interesting in this way. I am for example planning on getting 70608 Master Falls which I think almost screams "Pirates". - I also think the buildings from Elves can provide a good base for houses for Castle and Pirates, though you will have to find use for quite a few alternatively coloured bricks... I did mention some of the "older" themes as examples of themes/sets you can buy even though you have no interest in the theme itself. As newer examples it could be Ninjago or some the superheroes' sets, they often provide small shops or parts of bigger places, like factories. Friends is also good for this.
  9. The economic downturn is not applying to TLG alone. According to Danish news sites, also American giants Hasbro and Mattel have experienced economic downturns. It seems it is more of a trend in the industry. Whether customers have found out they have toys for the next decades already, are beginning to buy second-hand, or they are turning to alternatives, that is a question to be answered. When it comes to the themes of LEGO, I see themes - and I do not see themes. What I mean is that I buy sets I find interesting whether or not they are part of a theme I find interesting. For example I bought 7985 City of Atlantis with its giant crustacea, even though I had absolutely no interest in the theme itself. But the set provided so many great bricks for building a Roman/Greek/Hellenistic or other classic building, I just had to have the set. In the same manner, I have sets from themes like Indiana Jones (Oriental market), Prince of Persia (Middle Eastern buildings), Friends (lots of shops and details), Ninjago (great details and super for Asian buildings) and Marvel Super Heroes (details). So even though I am only into classic themes like town/city, castle and pirates, I find sets from other themes interesting, even though I do not find the theme interesting in its own right. So still plenty of sets to put on the wishlists. I cannot buy them all
  10. LAKAbricks

    What did you buy today?

    "Create The World" has hit The Danish Coop stores. Connected to this the stores offer a handful of polybags at DKK 20 which is even lower than the standard rate of CFMs. So I bought myself - not the Create the World set, but two polybags: - 30351 Police Helicopter (I want a modern version of a police helicopter) - 30353 Tractor (always nice to have, not least with a snowplough) Both sets I find are decent builds with a nice selection of parts. Not least for the price.
  11. LAKAbricks

    10259 Winter Village Station

    The Danish price is DKK 649 which equals €87 - and LEGO even comes from here... Even without VAT it is still more expensive than in the UK. Besides that, I like the station. I think it is a nice building, I like the corner tower. I agree it is rather small, but I think it fits a village. It might also work as a revived station for a modern tram line. The bus is a very well made vehicle.
  12. LAKAbricks

    Custom LEGO Music Shop

    Looks like a mini version of JANGBRiCK's music store (WIP). I like the size of your store, though. It is good for those of us not having the same amount of space as some famous MOC'ers have got.
  13. LAKAbricks

    Dealing With Burn Out........

    I can easily imagine how working on the same project 6 to 8 hours every day for a year can burn your energy and wish for building. When at the same time, you avoid to build other sets/MOCs that could have served as breaks from the big project, it is no wonder you got fed up. As you already imply yourself, and also agreed upon by fellow EB'ers, selling your collection is not the answer. Most like you will regain your energy, creativity and want for building LEGO again. Your new hobby is a way of removing you from want burns you out and rebuilding your energy. So, put your bricks and big ideas/projects away. Eventually keep a small "emergency kit" within reach, should your wish for building return for a while. With just a small portion of bricks (e.g. a smaller set), you are not "obliged" to dig up big ideas or get involved full time again, you can just sit down, relax and build a little. Go out, enjoy your new hobby and let bricks be bricks.
  14. LAKAbricks

    Worst instructions

    It also bothers me when each step adds too few bricks. It also has the side effect that the instruction booklets get bigger and thicker. Growing up in the 80s, I have seen relatively big models being built with rather few steps. - Of course we have to take into consideration that models have become more complex since then. But still. Furthermore it annoys me that the booklets come in so many different sizes. It even happens within the same set. It makes it more difficult to store the booklets together in the same folder.
  15. LAKAbricks

    What set do you take on vacation?

    What you should bring on your holiday depends partly on which themes interest you, partly on the time you have for building. Do you have 14 full days or an hour now and then? If you are into Creator, I would definitely recommend one or more (depending on the size and space available) 3-in-1 sets for maximizing the options of building and inspiration. Once you have built the official models, you can mix the bricks and go MOC'ing. Modulars and equally sized sets are also good time consumers. But be aware sets with fewer and bigger parts might not be that MOC-friendly. I have tried this a couple of times. It brings the most fun and memories if you can find something to remind you of the trip. First time I bought a LEGO set as a souvenir, it was in Finland. I had never thought of buying 60059 Logging Truck, but after driving around in the forests it was the obvious choice. And I am glad I bought it.