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    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Hello fellow EB members. Long time no MOC! I've had a bit of a break due to house moving and having to put all my bricks into storage - that sucks and I never want to have to do it again! Anyway I've eased myself back into building with this relatively speedily built Art-Deco hotel I've had drawn for a while now. An excuse to have another go at building with the curved glass pieces. Anyway onto the pics, 5 in all. I've been influenced by many Miami based hotels so this is not a direct replica of any particular one. Any questions about techniques, comments or suggestions welcome. Cheers!
  2. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Thanks very much @TheL390Man and @Hobbythom! Thanks @greg3 I do love Art-Deco, might have to have a break from it for a while now though and build something else! Cheers @lifeinplastic, sadly they are all long since dismantled but yeah they'd probably look pretty good all together! Thanks @Pate-keetongu, Paradisa was one of my favorite themes when I was a kid! Thank you very much @LegoModularFan It's a bit flimsy on the corner but had to use those large window panels somehow! Appreciated @Reaper @marvelBoy123 @eliza!
  3. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Thanks @gabrielerava! Thank you @Kristel @LEGO Train 12 Volts. Glad you liked the curve on the facade! I wish I had some of that new Coral colour! I wish TLG made more curved pieces in pastel colours too. I've experimented with zig-zag floor patterns before and its difficult to achieve without added excess pressure to the surrounding bricks so having a gap was not what I wanted but I don't think it looks too bad! Thanks guys! Cheers Hinckley! I'd wanted to do a MOC based on the Crescent hotel for years but the pieces just didn't exist to make a convincing curve down the front. Eventually the pieces have arrived from TLG but I preferred to make something original after seeing so many other interesting hotel facades. I'd love to have used more colours in the corner curving of the building but sadly TLG don't make those large arch bricks in many other than primary colours. Thank you very much! Thanks Jimmynick! The interior was more of a token gesture as a previous build was a hotel lobby based in the 1930's so didn't want it to be too similar. I've had those shells for ages and never knew what to do with them until now! I'm not really a car builder I just do what I can with what I've got, but thank you!
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    My second modular MOC: Sand green

    A very smart smaller build! A good use of colour and the inclusion of a car port is pretty neat although If i had a Veyron I'd probably want a garage with a very thick door!
  5. snaillad

    [MOC] Cheese Shop

    Very nice work! I'm a fan of Art Noveau in all its forms especially Lego! I really like the building facade for the cheese shop. A White trim always pleases me, even more so with those curves.
  6. snaillad

    [MOC] High Society Corner Building

    Very classy facade indeed! I really like the use of the 'ingot' pieces in grey. It adds a realistic texture and breaks up the facade nicely. The roof is also a very interesting design - I really like it
  7. snaillad

    10264 Corner Garage

    Certainly has been a lot of discussion on the new modular. I thought I'd give it a few days to see if I felt any different. On the whole I find the best way to describe it is a 'solid' modular. I don't think I could describe it as 'great' or even 'outstanding' - I find it sadly doesn't really stand out at all visually on the boxart with the diner and assembly square beside it. If anything the diner still catches me eye more! Nevertheless on its own I find the design quite pleasing even if there were a few things I would change. The genre is my preferred era to create my own buildings, after all Lego lends itself well to straight lines! The things I like are the corner shaping, the garage exterior colour combination and design, some really useful new parts, the new colour moped and for once a vehicle I actually like - yay! The things I am less than impressed with are the choice of colour, I would of much rather had a new colour or something we haven't seen before in a modular series. The minifigures to me are a little underwhelming as I already got most those torso's already from BAP this year, I was hoping for something exclusive or new for 2019. Lastly I find the interior a bit uninspired, admittedly these kind of buildings don't have chimneys or much in terms of internal decoration so perhaps not realistic to expect something full of charm. As for the price 'increase' - it's perhaps a little on the high side. I won't be rushing out to buy this modular, I'll look to purchase on sale if possible. What I find amazing I've seen people say they don't like it but they will still purchase it anyway - TLG financial people will be laughing all the way to the bank with that one! A few other thoughts I had on this modular; Maybe this modular has been brought forward from 2020 to compliment the diner. When the diner came out many people said it doesn't fit in with other buildings etc. TLG have put out a similar age property which 'blends' in with the street scene in this new CG. Looking at previous interviews and blog posts quoting various members of the design team they were going to be exploring other styles. Maybe something a bit more old fashioned wouldn't of looked good on the box art next to last years diner so they put what would have been the new model back and brought another forward. I believe they are planned quite far in advance! I'm not sure who the designer(s) is/are on this modular but I can imagine more than one person having input. Even though Jamie is seen as very popular in terms of a modular designer, if he didn't do this modular from scratch then being head of the creator expert series surely every set must meet his approval/expectations before going out for sale. I'm not sure if designers take the negativity personally for any set they make, but since peoples expectations are so high - especially with the modulars it could become somewhat of a 'poison chalice' and some great designers may not want to get involved with a project that is so divisive. That would be a shame. Lastly I don't know if other people have found this but I have sometimes built a modular and found the building process a bit dull but have loved the finished appearance, other times I really enjoyed putting it together but felt a bit deflated when putting it up on the shelf. Separating the building from the appearance, I think there is only a couple of models that have been excellent on both fronts. Does anyone else find this? Cheers!
  8. snaillad

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Thanks for the big-up! On a slightly similar note - maybe I can claim to have beaten the designer to it on the circle windows on the Modular Diner from last year. Keep up the good work with the thread!
  9. snaillad

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The blurry video I saw yesterday from the retailers catalogue wasn't great but there were some pages either during or after the 'creator' section which were just a grey box as the box art must still be under wraps. Unfortunately can't get in close enough for a description and someone whom knows the language would have to translate. I would think its a retailers catalogue though and usually a modular is D-2-D, well at least in the beginning. But it may of had some hints for other creator sets!
  10. snaillad

    [MOC] Galeries Lafayette, a french mall

    Some really good work here. There is plenty of tecture to break up the facade considering its only really 3 colours. For me the interior is very stylish with the clothing concessions. Great job and I hope to see more like this!
  11. snaillad

    MOC - Waibriki Beach Hotel

    This takes me back! Well done for making it modular to fit into your layout. The cool yellow definitely works better than the normal yellow I used! Nice work!
  12. snaillad

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well I suppose they could change the colour if it has those connotations. Probably a bit too soon for Lego to make a dispensary part of their town
  13. snaillad

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am predicting at some point we may get a small pharmacy as part of a double building in the same fashion as the bank. The 'illuminated' green cross is seen almost everywhere around the world, probably not enough material to fill a huge room though.
  14. snaillad

    MOC: Sun 'n' Surf

    Hello fellow EB members; I've made a small MOC to experiment with different techniques and see what I can do with narrower buildings to what I'm used to. This is a Mediterranean influenced street with a Surf shop, restaurant and place to buy ice cream. It's taken a month or so to put together, no interiors but 3 pics to show you what I've come up with; If you have any comments or questions about techniques etc, please ask! If you wish to view them at Flickr you can find them here: Cheers!
  15. snaillad

    MOC: Sun 'n' Surf

    Thank you @eliza! It gets harder every time to try and come up with new stuff and techniques I've not made before but I'll keep doing it! Thank you @supertruper1988 you beat me to it! Thanks @LEGO Train 12 Volts
  16. snaillad

    MOC: Sun 'n' Surf

    Thanks @paupadros I picked a mixture of roof's just to show a bit of variation in texture, they were never meant to be a focal point, but I agree plain roof tiles are a bit dull! Its an interesting idea with the single floor with a roof terrace, maybe in the future i'll dabble with that idea. Thank you @peedeejay I had it on my desk for a while waiting to be used, although my other have can take the credit for arranging the flowers! Cheers @RogerSmithGlad you've spotted some of the smaller details! I agree the orange is yak, I edited those first but did it with flux operating on my computer but it looked much worse in daylight but I didn't bother re-editing them. Probably should have! Cheers @Vindicare! Thank you @Bricked1980, I'd like to be able to put them in a bigger scene together but sadly just don't have the room, here's hoping when I move I can get them together for a better shot! Thanks @scottwb2010 Glad you like the mix of colours! I originally wanted to have bigger scene with a tram and a beach. Maybe I'll have to save it for a future MOC.
  17. snaillad

    [MOC] Bus Stop

    Really nice build! The pavement is done very well with the mix of ingots and jumper plates and I like how you've duplicated the glass effect from the real thing. The bus also looks pretty slick from what I can see. Well done!
  18. snaillad

    [MOC] Art Nouveau Modular Corner Building

    I really like the upper floor facade, the framing of the windows and colour choices are very good! Yuo can never have too much sand-green. I like what you've done with arches and gold surround on the lower floor but if I had one criticism it would be that I find the black perhaps a little harsh against the white but it might just be that its a render and a building with real bricks would show slightly differently. I've been experimenting with using gold elements in a similar way and black is definitely the most effective. I'd definitely like to see more in this style from you! Well done!
  19. snaillad

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I don't think anyone can say for sure it'll be a straight or cornered, public/pleasure building, I don't believe TLG works to a pattern in this way. TLG has dabbled in buildings with a story for a few releases then a couple without so I expect them to maybe try again with a story MOC/combine it with a license/try something new. They'll probably look at how well the previous modulars sold over a period of time and use that as a benchmark for what style/theme to go with for the future. I think there will probably be less single use buildings in the future such as a fire station and more shoeing in a use for every floor, your can see evidence of this in the last two buildings, the diner has a diner, gym and recording studio. The Assembly square has 8 separate uses over the 8 floor areas. I can't remember where I read/saw it but I do recall Jamie/Mike or one of the creator expert teams saying that they were looking at styles of architecture that hadn't yet been done in the series. I suspect Art noveau should be the obvious choice with the much bigger selection of curved and arch bricks available compared to even 5 years ago, gothic and modernism should also have their place in the series I say! As for who designs the building, I think there are many designers who would probably love to have a go at TLG. I'd prefer perhaps someone with an 'artistic' background as aesthetics is the most important thing to me as it is a 100% display piece. I know Mike did the last one according to the designer video, can't say I felt his particular love for modulars from the video but that might be just the way it comes across on video. Don't get me wrong he's obviously very clever and the functions of the new Aston Martin are fantastic, seems like he's be a obvious choice for something like technic since he's into maths and geometry and already made the Beetle and DB5! Our own EB member Marcos Bessa started by making some modular buildings and is now a senior designer, maybe he'll have his own set one day!
  20. snaillad

    MOC Handbag Store

    Interesting mix of styles in one scene but I like it! I also like the arch windows, they have a good amount of texture.
  21. snaillad

    Mrs Miyagi's Flowers

    I like the use of the tile and flower placed on the underside above the doorway, simple but effective! The interior details are also pretty nice, well done!
  22. snaillad

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    Hello EB members and all! I put together a quick build (Quick for me - 1 month!) whilst I was waiting for a delivery for another project and got pretty into this 1930's Art-Deco themed hotel MOC. I very much enjoy doing interiors and this was a good excuse to have a go at some new SNOT techniques - for me. The new rounded tiles were a great alternative to an otherwise straight patterned floor. It was also fun to go with some darker colours for a change, although I found them very difficult to photograph with all the reflections. Shout out to @timmyc1983 - I stole the name for the hotel after your town layout, I suppose every town needs a hotel though! Thanks again! Anyway on with the pics, all 3 of them; You can view them at Flickr here if you prefer: Comments, questions about techniques etc all welcome! Cheers!
  23. snaillad

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    Thank you @AFOLguy1970 I'm not sure about that, the Bellhops uniforms were originally white! Thanks @paupadros I'm glad you noticed the round tiles above the desk, it would probably look more effective from a front on view rather than the angle shown! Cheers @LegoModularFan Maybe art nouveau is next, now that I've got some interesting pieces, see what I can come up with! Cheers @LEGO Train 12 Volts and @Man with a hat much appreciated!
  24. snaillad

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    Thanks @Nightfall Cheers @peedeejay I'm flattered you find it inspiring! Thank you @eurotrash The step-down lounge area is probably more of a 'modernist' school of design a couple of decades later but it was a good way of getting some texture into the build. I've wanted to do that style of elevator with the mesh grille on the front for some time! Much appreciated @Bricked1980! It my first foray into a patterned floor that's not a normal placed tile! I wouldn't of really attempted it but discovered those new half 2x2 tiles fit nicely into a newer 2x1x6 arch. Geometry being a heavy influence in Art-Deco it was a no brainer it was going in the build! I'll definitely experiment more with it in the future!
  25. snaillad


    Alot of Britishness going on here so of course I approve! A very interesting design! I really like the variation in the window surrounds, the corner door and staircase which helps break up the buildings nicely! The roof and van are also very well done! I planned to do a post office someday but this one will take some beating - maybe I won't bother! I would like to see it in real-life bricks! I expect to see an 'offy' and a 'bookies' in the future to add to your growing street! Well done!