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  1. I was already over the moon about version 4.3.11 and then I stumble on this.... Been waiting AGES for this to be fixed. So, confirmed here also: v4.3.11 working beautiful on GTX 1060 (6GB). I hope Lego keeps it up, LDD is just too good to abandon. Wonderful!
  2. Hi, sorry to kick this rather old topic, but did you ever receive an answer ? I just updated Geforce drivers, problem is still there. Perhaps anybody have some clue on this?
  3. Would be nice to get some feedback from LDD users who invested in the new AMD RX series. Would be weird if it was just an Nvidia problem...
  4. Sorry for the late respons, busy times at work. With updating my drivers to 376.33 I also reset everything from changes and now I'm able to alter all the settings. However, the problem still isn't fixed. I'm afraid it'll be up to Lego ?
  5. If I go into my Nvidia settings, Antialiasing Mode is greyed out for LDD. How did you manage to change that ?
  6. Hi, I just installed a GTX 1060 and experience the exact same problem. This is the first forum I read about other people having the same issue. I also reinstalled my drivers two times but it didn't solve anything. The only work around for now is turning off 'Outline on bricks' and I increased the level of advanced shading to "compensate". I hope it gets fixed as soon as we find out where the problem lies because I design 10.000+ bricks models and I bought the graphics card to help LDD. Working without the outlining is difficult in large designs.