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  1. Disabella

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    @FaladrinThank you! Regarding to pics size I wanna say I'm sorry. I've read the recomendations and know that it's better to use 800x600 size and thought I was uploading this size here, but... Again, I'm sorry. @rock raiderThank you! I have Studio and I did upload model and I do usually check prices. Anyway, thanks for advice.
  2. Disabella

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    @kurigan Thank you for positive feedback and for the help with bricklink!
  3. Disabella

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    @Brickander Brickumnus Thank you! This model belongs to russian ship modelist. Here is the album of his model: https://flic.kr/s/aHskg6L7rS
  4. Disabella

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    @Anders T Thank you for positive feedback and for answering my question! Actually I found this plan on russian ship modelists forum where I collect really huge amount of information about technical aspects. @The Neighborhood Merchant Thank you. I'm satisfied with cost and the only question was only about shops quantity. I have actually built a stand but wanted to render ship without it.
  5. Disabella

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    @The Neighborhood Merchant Thank you! This is gonna be my first purchase on BL and that's why I have a question: Is it ok if I buy pieces from 10+ amount of shops?
  6. Disabella

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    Erm... Nothing to say really. Plan to buy pieces for it on bricklink.
  7. Disabella

    [MOC] Late Renaissance Carrack

    Wow! That's outstanding ship! I really love the idea and the realisation of the bow using a viking ship piece! And the whole build has no holes and gaps which is pretty tricky thing to do!
  8. @kurigan You inspired me to change my view about some things. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for positive feedback but colorfulness is truly a big problem. And flags: IMG_20200412_124704 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr
  10. I'm not trolling actually. My lego pieces collection is not big enough to create my ships not colorful keeping the same size and that's why I sort pieces not by colour but by the piece type. Since I've found that this problem is too disturbing I'll put whole my effort to make proper coloured ship next. I think I'll use bricklink for it because now I even don't have any flat parts 1 pin width.
  11. Thank you! I actually know about bricklink service and hopefully will use it to make next ship. I guess I've almost completed rigging and wanted to ask if there is something that I forgot or could add. Rigging progress by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr And next step is sails!
  12. The reason why it is colorful is just I don't have enough bricks to make a sailingship of normal size and make it not colorful. Yeah, count of bricks is pretty poor. Actually all flat parts with 1pin width are gone to this cutter and another my ship, so I don't know how to build something more xD. I guess, tomorrow I'll be at my granny's where I'll choose fabric for sails and start twisting ropes. And of course, thank you for complimentary comment!
  13. Greetings! I think I've already finished constructing this cutter and soon will start placing rigging, red sails and flags. If you have some ideas what i can add there or critics I'll be glad to see them! IMG_20200407_225441 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr IMG_20200404_183041 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr IMG_20200404_183048 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr IMG_20200404_183056 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr IMG_20200407_225447 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr IMG_20200407_225454 by Ramazan Abdullayev, on Flickr
  14. Disabella

    Holland fleute kinda ship

    So, the last flag WIP
  15. Disabella

    Holland fleute kinda ship

    Thank you!