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Found 12 results

  1. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E04 'Parker's Shipyard' We ended our story at Alexandre's basement: "Edmund looked at Alexandre: "What do you think, are all these costs (ship level upgrade) worth this expedition? A new vessel is already costing us a lot of money, and we haven't even left the harbor yet!". Alexandre shrugged: "I don't know, my friend, but sometimes an experience makes you happier than money..." Edmund nodded: "Okey, let's go! Arrange the extra contribution for our new vessel! We're going to Parker's Shipyard!" The story now continues... Click here for previous episodes: Click here for more info about the characters: A few days later, Edmund, Alexandre, Bernard and Jim went to Parker's Shipyard in Arlinsport. Parker's Shipyard was owned by the very talented shipbuilder William Parker (@boeing_787_8_dreamliner) Many vessels in Corrington's current fleet came from one of his shipyards. The foursome had arranged an appointment with the famous William himself. He was already present at the shipyard and gave instructions to his employees during the construction of a number of ships. There were a number of small vessels under construction, but they were also working on a larger vessel. It was build on a rail so it was easier to launch the finished vessel into the water. "Good morning, you must be William...", Alexandre called out. "We've heard a lot about you!". "Correct...", replied William, "the one and only!" "Welcome to my shipyard in Arlinsport, what can I do for you?" "We are looking for a large vessel that can take us across The Great Northern Ocean safety," Alexandre replied. "We want to go on an expedition to the Kingdoms of the Great Raider!" Edmund added enthusiastically. William frowned at the foursome. "To the Kingdoms of the Great Raider?" "No one has ever come back from that alive..." Jim got a smile on his face: "I love the smell of adventures in the morning". "I have to disappoint you guys," William continued the conversation. "At the moment I have no possibilities to build a ship. I am working on a large vessel for the Royal Fleet." Edmund looked at Alexandre: "What do we do now?" Alexandre beckoned Bernard closer, who was carrying a sack. "How much does the Royal Fleet offer you for this vessel?" Alexandre asked William, pointing to the vessel under construction. "Not that much," admitted William. Alexandre took Bernard's sack and shook it. "Ka-ching, ka-ching". It sounded like a well-filled sack of golden doubloons. "But... maybe I can sell that little boat there..." and he pointed to a dark blue rowing boat, "to the Royal Fleet. I'll get this big vessel ready for you, come back soon." To be continued... --- Will be licensed by @Ayrlego as a Royal Factory in Arlinsport. No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... @Ayrlego After my next episode I would like to get some input (3 choices) from a gamemaster. Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 140 x 98 studs Total parts: ~28,800 Credits: None --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 4 A-MRCA builds (all from 'The Adventures of Edmund Cooke) - a total of 11 Royal sized builds (55% of all Corries Royal builds) - a total of 6 Factory builds (16% of all my builds) - a total of 4 builds in Arlinsport (9% of all my builds) - a total of 1,000+ db’s yield per MRCA for the Crown/settlements (1,083 of a total of 1,264 db)
  2. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E03 'The Basement' We ended our story at Edmund Cooke's house: "You need an ocean-going vessel to make a voyage to these western reaches of the Great Northern Ocean!" replied Jim. Edmund looked at Alexandre. He gave a little nod and said, "I know the right person in Arlinsport for this job... His name is Parker." The story now continues... Click here for previous episodes: Click here for more info about the characters: A few days later, Edmund and Bernard came to Alexandre's basement in his house in Arlinsport. Alexandre had a man cave in his house where he spent many hours devising strategies, preparing new expeditions, enjoying a good glass of whiskey or dusting off his trinkets. Alexandre was bent over the table. The table displayed an image of the map of the Northwest portion of the continent of Halos. Alexandre pointed with a stick at the white cross on the map. "Here," he said. "This is the area we're going to, the Kingdoms of the Great Raider. According to Jim Corbett, there should be polar bears. As I mentioned recently, I know someone who can build us a vessel to brave the Great Northern Ocean." "As I mentioned recently, I know someone who can build us a vessel to brave the Great Northern Ocean However, I recently spoke to the Arlinsport Harbor Master, who indicated that we have reached the maximum number of vessels in our fleet. We will have to pay an additional fee of 250 db to expand our fleet!" Edmund looked at Alexandre: "What do you think, are all these costs worth this expedition? A new vessel is already costing us a lot of money, and we haven't even left the harbor yet!". Alexandre shrugged: "I don't know, my friend, but sometimes an experience makes you happier than money..." Edmund nodded: "Okey, let's go! Arrange the extra contribution for our new vessel! We're going to Parker's Shipyard!" To be continued... --- Will not be licensed, because I've reached the maximum for this month. Build is made to increase my ship level from 10 to 35. (+25) No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Property type: Medium Residence (but wil not be licensed) Dimensions: 50 x 34 studs Total parts: ~3,700 Credits: - Design minifigures: @ Ktownbricks, @ Theminifigco, @ Brickmaniatoys and @ Lego (Instagram) - Design furniture: @ Nortonsevenfour, @ Brickdesigned, @ Marinbrickdesign and @ bricksbypidy - Design custom parts (carpet): @ Briquestore_officiel (Instagram) --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 13 unlicensed builds (mostly because of reaching the maximum for each month) (36% of all my builds) - a total of 7 Medium sized builds (22% of all my builds) - a total of 3 Residence builds (9% of all my builds) - a total of 3 builds in Arlinsport (9% of all my builds)
  3. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E02 'The Book of Knowledge' After we recently met our main characters in tavern 'The Drunken Fish' in Arlinsport, the story now continues... (click here for S01E01) Characters Screenshot S01E01 Edmund Cooke quickly finished his drink... "Hey Jim", he asked, "are you interested in talking about these 'deadly predators' at my place". Jim Corbett accepted the invitation, but indicated that he first had to stop by his house to pick up something. In the meantime a number of hours had passed and it was already starting to get darker and darker... *knock - knock*, there was a 'knock' on the door. Bernard Claesen Speirdyke looked with his small sleepy eyes through the window in the door . "Who's there?" he asked. "It's me, Jim," came the voice from the other side of the door. Bernard unlocked the door and escorted Jim to Edmund's office. Here Edmund was already sitting at a long table, waiting for his guest. Alexandre Bras-de-Fer was also present. Edmund's good friend and advisor was also very interested in what Jim had to say. Bernard closed the door behind Jim and stood at the door. He half listened to the conversation between the three gentlemen, while he had to make an effort to stay awake. Jim pulled a large, old book from under his arm. "This, gentlemen, is 'The Book of Knowledge'; I affectionately call it 'Wiki'... It contains everything you need to know about the white predators we talked about earlier today - well, yesterday... Jim put the book on the table and opened it at the letter "P." "The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a hypercarnivorous species of bear. Its native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Great Northern Ocean and its surrounding seas and landmasses, which includes the westernmost regions near the Great Alliance States. It is the largest extant bear species, as well as the largest extant land carnivore," Jim read. "The only other bear of comparable size to the polar bear is the Kodiak bear, which is a subspecies of brown bear. Adult male polar bears weigh 350–700 kg (770–1,500 lb) and measure 2.4–3 meters (7 ft 10 in – 9 ft 10 in) in total length," Jim continued his story. Edmund sat listening to Jim's story with an enthusiastic smile on his face. His mind wandered and he already saw himself on a new adventure, in search of this Ursus maritimus! "...and that's all there is to it about the infamous polar bear, in this 'Book of Knowledge'." Jim concluded. Edmund was startled from his daydream: "Okay, now what...?" "You need an ocean-going vessel to make a voyage to these western reaches of the Great Northern Ocean!" replied Jim. Edmund looked at Alexandre. He gave a little nod and said, "I know the right person in Arlinsport for this job... His name is Parker." To be continued... --- Will not be licensed, because I've reached the maximum for this month. No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Property type: Medium Residence (but wil not be licensed) Dimensions: 35 x 27 studs Total parts: ~1,700 Credits: - Design minifigures: @ Ktownbricks, @ Theminifigco, @ Brickmaniatoys and @ Lego (Instagram) - Design furniture: @ Nortonsevenfour, @ Brickdesigned and @evancelt (Instagram), @ Brick_Sanchez (Rebrickable) - Design custom parts (parquet floor, carpet & Mona Lisa painting): @ Briquestore_officiel (Instagram)
  4. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E01 'Beerhunters' This story begins in 'The Drunken Fish' tavern in Arlinsport, Tiberia. But before I take you into the story I will first introduce the main characters for this first episode: Characters Edmund Cooke Governor of the colony of Ethiopia, far away. Edmund is a War-veteran who recently fought in the Seawatch Campaign. In addition, he is a renowned captain who likes to conquer the raging oceans. Edmund had come to Tiberia to meet an old friend, Mayor Mason Denear. Bernard Claesen Speirdyke Edmund Cooke's right-hand man. Bernard is Edmund's personal security guard and assistant. Bernard is originally from 'Wullham, Panarium, a settlement/island in The Great Ocean. Alexandre Bras-de-Fer Navigator by profession. Takes care of Edmund's ship and navigates to the correct destination. He is also a good friend and advisor to Edmund. Jim Corbett Professional hunter and adventurer. He has seen many parts of the world and knows a lot about flora and fauna. No adventure is too crazy for him, no hunt is too dangerous for him! S01E01: Beerhunters After a long journey, Edmund Cooke, Bernard Claesen Speirdyke and Alexandre Bras-de-Fer have arrived in Arlinsport, Tiberia. They had already explored the city and finally ended up in tavern 'The Drunken Fish' for an alcoholic snack. Edmund entered the tavern first, looked around, and nodded in agreement: "Good people here." The tavern was filled with redcoats enjoying a beer. The room was filled with 'Highland' music, blasted into the tavern by the redcoat in the checkered kilt. Upstairs from the gallery stood behind the curtains a smartly dressed gentleman and lady surveying the spectacle. "Hmm, maybe the owners", Edmund thought. There were few places left. At the very back, a man sat alone at a large table. The man was dressed in brown clothing and wore a raccoon skin cap. Although the person looked a bit strange, there were few other options. The trio sat down at this table. Well three..., Bernard stopped just to be sure so that he could have a good overview of the situation. You never knew... While the men were enjoying a beer, their eyes fell on the white rug on the floor in front of the stairs. It looked like a bearskin, but they had never seen a white one before. The man across from them overheard Edmund and Alexandre arguing and joined in the conversation: "Never seen a dead polar bear before?" Bernard looked at the man suspiciously. What was this eccentric fellow meddling with? Alexandre looked at the man and indicated that he had never seen a white bear. "Jim Corbett," said the man. "My name is Jim Corbett, hunter". Confused by this sudden turn in the 'conversation', the trio also introduced themselves. Jim nodded in agreement and continued the conversation: "The polar bear lives in the cold colonies with a lot of snow." Alexandre nodded at Edmund as if to say they had never been there. "The polar bear is a deadly predator, and this skin was taken as a trophy by the owner of the tavern," Jim continued. "The story goes that these bears live in the far western colonies, beyond the Great Alliance States. The bears are rare and rarely seen." Edmund, an adventurous man, was mesmerized by what Jim had to say. His interest was piqued. He wanted to know more about this... To be continued... --- Will be licensed as a Large Artisan building to Arlinsport for the Crown (@Ayrlego). No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... Completing GoC task 4.1 Purser's Network (license type 'Artisan') with this build. Property type: Large Artisan Dimensions: 72 x 52 studs Total parts: ~6,000 Credits: - Overall concept: based on a design by Damian Bonczyk (see picture below):
  5. =========================================== THE THRONE OF GONDA =========================================== Resources: Characters: Maps Goals Chapter 1: Homecoming In gonda by North White, on Flickr The ships had been anchored in the bay of Gonda, since the port was officially closed to all traffic. Scratches, their rower, guided them towards the docks. "The Great whaling ships of Gonda sail no more." Remarked Delilah, seeing the wreck of a ship against the dock. In gonda by North White, on Flickr "Things have gotten worse since we left." Said Isabella "Well, the WTC is here to fix things!" Said Agnes In gonda by North White, on Flickr The crew disembarked onto the remains of the pier. Old crates and bottles were scattered everywhere. "They're late." Said Delilah In gonda by North White, on Flickr They waited in silence for a few minutes before the carriage arrived. In gonda by North White, on Flickr They loaded in, and were off, leaving the docks behind. The Palace awaited! In gonda by North White, on Flickr To Be Continued... Thanks for viewing my build! This launches my new AMCRA, which will attempt to flesh out Namere, and tell a new story in the old world. C&C appreciated!
  6. INDEX Summary Prelude Chapter I - An unexpected diversion Chapter II - This is no moon island Chapter III - Further North (?) Chapter IV - The Great Unknown Chapter V - A change of plans Chapter VI - Parting ways... for now Chapter VII - Intermissions =============== SUMMARY Status: Chapter VII - Intermissions Participating members Drunknok Participating vessels Cranky Parrot, Nipper Point of start: Elizabethville Characters WTC Operator Aryana "Pip" Irving Gunnery Sergeant Gerard "Old One Eye" Wilton and his "Black Squad" of the WTC Marines Captain Cassidy Riley and the crew of the "Cranky Parrot" Wesbert Thaum Troops "Black Squad", 1 Platoon (10 WTC Marines) ========================================== Dramatis personae:
  7. -The Lost City on the Island that Can't be Found, Unless You Know Where to Look.- Lead Man: Captain Mason Wardell of Odin's Scorn( @Roadmonkeytj ) Other Key Members: Captain Lothario Fraunces of the Octopus( @Fraunces ) Professor Thaum aboard the Andromeda ( @Professor Thaum ) Lt. Donley Harris <Isle 21 mission leader> ( @Roadmonkeytj ) (Others may be introduced as the story progresses, as this is a Faction Adventure so any Sea Rat can join in) Ships: Odin's Scorn Stormbull Octopus' Andromeda Jolly Roger Thunder Our mission: To find the Lost City on the island that can not be found, unless you know where to look. Secret side mission: To establish a outpost and work with the natives on Mud Island per The Phoenix's instructions. Funding: 150Dbs _______ Links: Main Story Episodes: Phoenix Takes Flight at Dawn Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum Side Story Episodes: A Mysterious Stranger Marooned with a Mission _______ Phoenix Takes Flight at Dawn: It was a dark damp night when Mason heard a knock at his rented flat in Fatu Hiva. He opened the door to a very strangely dressed man. Are you Captain Mason Wardell? In the flesh … can I help you? I've come long and far to deliver this missive for you Sir. After taking the letter from him, the strangely dressed man let himself out. Mason bolted the door and opened the letter. After reading it he knew exactly who it was from even though it was not signed by sir name. Mason - I hope this letter finds you well my boy. I have a mission should you choose to accept. Included in this letter are a list of names, each of these are holding an item you will need to complete this mission. I want you to contact each of them with a letter stating the Phoenix Takes Flight at Dawn, this is the key phrase they will know to bring the item to you. Once you have all the items together you will need to use the legend I have also included to decipher the items. Once you have cracked it you will know how to reach the Island that no one can find unless they know where to look. The Map that no man can read is also with this letter. One of the names is holding the text to read the map. Make Haste me boy time is of the upmost importance. Signed - Your Long Lost Friend the Phoenix Mason set out at once and began gathering the items from each of the names on the list. It took several months but the visitors were mostly unnoticed due the all the excitement on the island. Once the items were stowed on board Odin's Scorn, Mason set sail and rendezvoused with the Stormbull and the Octopus (zone 35 just off Isle 21) The other ship Captains were all shown the course at which to sail and the convoy set out. ___ OoC: looking forward to the adventure with my fellow Sea Rats
  8. Index Part I, Receiving the Letter Part II, Fleeing Nova Terelli --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participant players: Bart Vessels: DMDR 6 Starting point: King’s Harbour just hours after the Great Ball. Main and recurring characters (as of chapter 1): Rodsh Derr, former Lieutenant of the Eslandonian Imperial Navy, captain of the Narwal. Cathy Derr, wife of Rodsh Derr, First mate / acting-captain of the Narwal. Jonathan Splicer, Skipper of the DMDR 6 (Derr Merchant Dispatch Runner no. 6) Crew of the DMDR 6 Gold: What Rodsh had in his pocket when he boarded the DMDR 6, about 50 db. Troops: None. Disclaimer: All my builds will be done in LDD (for the time being). < I intended for the next bit to be in a next post, but they got automatically marched > Part I, Receiving the Letter Rodsh and Cathy where on their way back to the Narwal1 after a very much enjoyed Ball, when they came across a disturbance on the jetty. I know that vessel Rodsh thought to him self while they just came within earshot. 1 recieving the letter. by Bart, on Flickr Soldier 1: .. I really hate horsemeat sausage too!…. Sailor: They are a pinnacle of evil, who would even think of eating a noble horse. King’s Harbour harbour master assistant (HMa): WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING! You can’t run past our inspection vessel! And just dock where ever you please! Eslandonian captain (EC): Yes I can. I’m carrying mail, can’t you see I’m flying a gold pennant.² HMa: I don’t care what flag you are flying, but every ship should allow the inspection vessel along side for an inspection! EC: but.. 1 recieving the letter 2 by Bart, on Flickr HMa: And WHY are you opening your hold! You aren’t cleared by customs yet, you aren’t allowed to load or unload anything, and your crew is to remain ONBOARD! EC: Just for ventilation sir. EC: First Mate fetch the cargo papers will you! Eslandonian First Mate (FM): Right away sir. 1 recieving the letter 3 by Bart, on Flickr EC: So, mister Harbour Master how do you propose to resolve this issue? HMa: You slip those moorings and sail out in to the bay! There you anchor and await inspection tomorrow morning! EC: I can’t do that sir, the tide is rising I’ll never get out of the bay. And I have rights, I’m carrying mail. 1 recieving the letter 4 by Bart, on Flickr Rodsh couldn’t help himself, he had to join this argument. His curiosity about the vessel had got the better of him. Rodsh: Mister harbour master, the fair captain is right. If he indeed is a mail carrier he has the right to dock instantly. The custom is to fly a gold pennant from the mast top to show this. And as you can see, she is flying such a pennant. FM: Here are the papers sir. EC: Check for yourself mister Harbour master, our cargo is mail. HMa; This is outrages, I’ve never heard of this! Rodsh: What is the docking rate for small ships this evening? The harbourmaster fell silent, as his mind jumped to conclusions. HMa: 10 quarter-doubloons sir! All there knew it was just 2. EC: First mate, pay the harbour master please. As the harbour master marched his marines off the jetty to waste the cash in the pub, the captain of the ship asked Rodsh: Sir, do you know if the Great Ball has already ended? I’m looking for someone whom may be among the guests. Rodsh: Yes we just came from the Ball ourselves. EC: Do you perhaps know if a lieutenant Derr was there? Rodsh: Yes he was there, he is standing on your deck now. EC: You are Lieutenant Rodsh Derr? Rodsh: It’s former lieutenant, to be honest. I’m captaining my own ship, the Narwal, now, she is moored at the end of this jetty. 1 recieving the letter 5 by Bart, on Flickr EC: I’ve got a letter for you. Rodsh handed the letter to Cathy, and after she read it he told her: Take the Narwal for the necessary careening and replace those leaky planks in her hull. Then take her to cousin Jacob in Nova Terrelli, await any news from me there. I’m going with skipper Splicer. Cathy: Why not take the Narwal? Rodsh: Because the DMDR 6 is much much faster than the Narwal, and she desperately needs the maintenance. You take her, you’ll captain her in my stead. Skipper can we take the next tide? EC (skipper Jonathan Splicer): I believe we can sir, I still have a man ashore but he should return before sunrise. Cathy: I thought no one was aloud off your ship? Splicer: He left before that rule was spoken. (Spoken on such a tone that Cathy knew not to ask more) Rodsh: Straight to Eslandonia? Splicer: I first have to dock in Nova Terelli. I picked up some messages along my search for you that need delivered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ note 1 The Narwal is the ship I’m building for Captain Rodsh, story wise that is the ship he’s been off to all those time. (You’ve already seen the cabin interior.) I just never build her. She is in progress though, you can see a sneak peek on flickr. So story wise I send her off careening for now, maybe she gets added to this story, or maybe not. note 2 The gold pennant is an invention of mine, I’ve no real world base for it. (Although there may be, but I didn’t look into it) I hope this answers the questions on why the DMDR 6 was racing across the sea’s the way I presented her :D Questions: How do I license or report this or do I not for an amrca? Does this work for the game masters or do they require something else to make a game from? Do the stat’s of the ships chosen when licensing come into play at an amrca btw? Is it even possible to add the Narwal later? I like to build her proper and not rush her, just to get this amrca started.
  9. Participants: Mesabi Vessels: WTC Aurora; WTC Copperhead Coffers: 10 Dbs Troops: 10 WTC Marines, 20 WTC Volunteers Purpose: To boldly go where no Corlander has gone before, the south Characters: Madin disappeared into the Horizon as the two ships sailed around the peninsula. Southbound and down by North White, on Flickr The Copperhead had been adapted into the flagship of the expedition, well most of the men stayed aboard the Aurora. Southbound and down by North White, on Flickr In the Cabin of the Copperhead, Count Mesabi, Darby, Dmitri, and Samantha studied the maps. Southbound and down by North White, on Flickr "You know, I'm just happy to get away from Agnes for a while." Said the Count. "Did I ever tell you she once challenged an Apple tree to a duel? Then she blew it up with a cannon." "Eye two am fleeing from my wife." Said Dmitri, "She is much liek your woman." "I'm still not sure why you need an accountant to travel to the new world." Muttered Darby. "Well, someone needs to count the amount of TNT we have." Said Samantha wryly. "I did. It's a lot. Why do we need TNT to discover a new world?" Asked Darby "Darby, I think you know why." Said the Count. Darby did not, but realized he would never get an answer. FIN
  10. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Small Commercial Adventure Purpose: To hunt down the Red Rascal Pirates of zone 35. Troops: 10 WTC Marines- Red Squad Coffers: 10 Dbs Character List "You gentlemen are some of the WTC's finest. The Smartest Captain. The most Decorated Marines. And Tony, who's just a cool dude." Said Agnes. Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "Thank you Madam." Said Tony with one of his famous grins. "Now unfortunately, We have a problem. There are pirates in the area. They attacked our ships a few months ago. And now they're based somewhere in the vicinity. Hiding..." Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "They're the Red Rascals. Former Corrington soldiers who turned to villainy. Kinda like us actually. Anyways they're lead by Big Hat Barry. They have a basecamp on one of the islands in zone 35. Here's a convenient list! Isle 14: Argentia (I think we would have noticed if they were on our own island!) Isle 15: Cacadia Isle 16: Uncharted... Isle 17: Uncharted... Isle 18: Celestia Isle 19: Garma's Key Isle 20: Uncharted... Isle 21: Uncharted... Isle 22: Uncharted... Isle 23: Ile d'Ore (Let's hope they ain't here. I don't want to deal with Oleon as well) "So, while we have our Gunboats on patrol, you fine gentlemen will search each island by row boat, to try to locate the camp, and deal with it. That clear?" Mesabi Landing AMCRA by North White, on Flickr "Yes Ma'm!" They said in unison. FIN C&C appreciated. This will be licensed as a commercial by Mesabi Landing, and I plan to use it as Agnes's office for the future. Yes, it's a modified version of the Dr. Strange Set. So, it probably looks better than most of my regular builds.
  11. Terelli Tell-All Est. 400 Welcome to the Terelli Tell All, your 'New' Source for adventures on the Brick Seas, since the unfortunate refusal of the Eltina Courier's editors to raise our salaries! RNTC Stalls! In Terraversa, the RNTC continues to refuse to choose a side in the struggle for Terraversa's government. Instead, they apparently are searching for some ancient Relic, and other frivolous activities. Perhaps Eslandola will soon gain the upper hand on Terraversa. Eslandola lands in Terraversa! Eslandola has landed diplomats in Terraversa, along with several large big cats. What are their intentions with the Island? We'll soon find out! Pirate Hunt Concludes! The WTC was victorious over the Red Rascal Pirates, and destroying their massive pirate fortress. One can expect safer travels in zone 35 as a result, and a boost in harbour traffic as a result. Our Sources say most of the work was done by someone named Tony. Chaos in Kemblar? Sources from the Brick Seas say there was an attack on the palace of Kemblar, but details are forthcoming. Could Count Mesabi be involved? Storms in the North! A large tropical storm hit Serentia, heading east, causing worry for families of whalers, and adventurers in the North Seas. We can only guess what happened to the WTC adventure in the region. Red Oktober in Altonia: The mysterious 'Red Oktober' now lies safely in the hands of Altonian officials. While we still don't know exactly the Red Oktober is, or what it does, we can assume that Altonia will keep it safe from the prying hands of the mad Professor Thaum. Mokolei Expedition Goes Underground! The Mokolei Expedition has been reported as discovering a massive ancient underground city in the deserts of Mokolei. What treasures lie within will certainly be revealed after some excavation. Stay posted readers! Progress in the New Haven Sea! Reports back from the New Haven Sea reveal that the first Island is home to a tribe of blind natives who speak in clicks! Now the Eslandolan fleet sails for other islands, in an attempt to map out the newest of the Brick Seas. But what will they find? Rodsh Derr: Wanted in Nova Terreli! Rodsh Derr is wanted by his former navy officers for questioning, and a good beating in Nova Terreli. If he is sighted, please report to your nearest Navy official. Editorials: Taxes are too darn High! It seems like everyone is raising taxes on the Brick Seas now, and it's getting annoying having to pay for all that! Only Corrington seems to be refusing to raise taxes, keeping the Brick Seas somewhat tax free. University of Tiberia constructions stall! The University of Tiberia's new constructions continue to stall out, and little seems to be being done to finish them. The December deadline for the improvements continues to look further and further away. Prio! Bullied no Longer! Prio and the Sea Rats conflict seems to have reached it's climax, as talks begin. But one thing is clear, Prio will be bullied no longer by the vicious Sea Rats. Ads: WTCM: publishing the truth! The WTCM continues to be the most reliable, and prolific new source on the Brick Seas. Their constant exposés on Governor Cooke and King's Harbour have helped bring the truth to the Brick Seas. We are in their debt! Countess Mesabi Seeks Information! Do you have secret information you're willing to part with? Island Information, Troop Placements, and other secrets that you are willing to provide the Mesabis will be well compensated. Contact @Mesabi for details. Mesabi Landing constructions subsidies! The WTC will pay 200 Dbs for the next large build that's an Artisan, Factory or Commercial, in addition to any subsidies already offered. For Sale: Big Cats from King's Harbour! Do you need to compensate for something? Do you feel that regular cats are boring? Or do you just want a blood thirsty predator as a house pet? Contact Governor Cooke for a hook up in King's Harbour Terelli Tell All Positions! Do you want to help write the news of the Brick Seas? Contact @Bregir, @Legostone, or @Mesabi or a position Gming AMCRAs.
  12. June 618 "More than just fake news!" Excitement continues on the Brick Seas as various adventurers continue to explore the world, new and old. We here at the Eltina Courier bring you a sample of what's happening on the Brick Seas, for only half a Db! Bastion is Busy! Corrish Warships, Eslandolan Warships, and a lot of pirates have found their way to Bastion recently, and just before the World Football cup! Will peace be brought with some good old ball kicking, or will this be the final spark to a powder keg? Terraversa is getting crowded! Our sources inform us a new ambassador to Esl is in the works. A dock worker informs us that he overheard Guilder discussing plans for the ambassadors arrival in Kings Port. The Capitan of the Valiant Phoenix was seen toting a large packet with an official seal. But the plot thickens as an unknown man made quite the show as narrowly lept from the dock landing on the phoenix's decks. We will keep you updated. Dialogue of the blinds! Thaddeus Calvo's expedition reached its goal only to find the island inhabited by blind but not deaf natives. A subtle dialogue is about to arose. Now the choice is clear : a tap dance or let the bullets do the talking. Whatever the choice, we're listening alright. Andromeda to Altonia! Professor Thaum's hunt for the mysterious "Red Oktober" took another turn as the item was salvaged by Altonians, and taken to the capital of the Kingdom of Windmills, Ulric. With new studding sails installed, and instruments to explore both sky and sea, the Andromeda might be the best equipped ship on the brick seas. But will this be enough to reach their goal? Mesabi at the gates! According to our sources, Count Mesabi has reached the mysterious and far off southern kingdom of Kemblar, but is now trapped outside the gates. As the Count has packed a large collection of explosives, it can be presumed he might blow up the walls potentially sparking a war between the far off kingdom and Corrington WTC off the gates! According to sources, the Cranky Parrot has reached far off northern seas. The instruction of the Count were clear "Join us to reinforce" . As the Cranky Parrot's crew has packet a large collection of booze, it can be presumed that the Count's instructions will be followed to the letter. Sure after a whaling interlude, will the Cranky Parrots ends its round the world trip southbound and down. More Terraversan Drama! The RNTC adventures in Terraversa continue to become more complicated and they seem to be faced with a choice of who should control Terraversa. As Eslandola sails quickly towards the isle, they might find their own options complicated. Damaximous leaves Tendorn!The Prince of Stedor has reportedly left the island nation of Tendorn, and is now sailing into Loti waters. Our sources report the waters are heavily patrolled for Madrician vessels, So we can only expect that he might meet a patrol. How he reacts is another question. Pirate Hunt Nears Conclusion! The Hunt for the Red Rascal Pirates nears its conclusion, as the location of the Red Rascal Pirate Hideout has been located. As the WTC prepares to assault the fortress, we can only expect the conclusion will involve a ton of explosives and shenanigans! WTCM: Fact or Fiction? The WTC Monthly continues to be fiction according to our sources. Not only does it provide fake news, but it also posts terrible recipes. 'I burned my house down making that spicy tortilla thing!' said a poor reader of the magazine. 'Now I live in the outhouse!' We can only hope the mad fiend Drunknok starts publishing real news and better recipes. This edition of the Eltina Courrier brought to you by the WTC- Corrington's best trading company after the ETTC. W.T.C. Your solution to chaos. Thanks to @Professor Thaum and @Roadmonkeytj for help writing this. Looking to help out with the next round of AMCRA writing? PM @Legostone or @Bregir